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Malik Johnson

Professor Mcgriff

Composition 1

April 1, 2019

Texting’s Influence On The English Language

WYD?…Thats how you say “What you doing” in texting language . Most of us that

are avid textures , or someone what likable probably receive this text a lot , and probably re-

spond with their activity, followed by a HBU ? “HBU” meaning “ how bout you”, yes tats right

“bout” and not “about”; i see why it is a discussion wether if not the english language has been

compromised by texting .Texting definitely has worked its way into our everyday speech ; but i

believe that the English language is just evolving with time as all things do. Although texting is

seen as the cause of the demise of the english language, it has strengthened communication , ad-

justed the english language in a modern way , and it has made us as people more comfortable

with our personal vocabulary .

Texting has helped to strengthen communications in many ways , including “dumbing

down” the language into layman terms to drop the tension of ,the stigma in the english language

that using bigger words makes you smarter . Many people would see this as an issue , believing

in the cementation of old established english language “rules”. I believe that as long as there is a

general understanding , that whereabouts if there was perfect vernacular used or not shouldn't

matter . john mcwhorter states in the New York Times “ it involves the brute mechanics of writ-

ing, but in its economy , spontaneity and even vulgarity, texting is actually a new kind of

talking .” I could definitely understand how this could peeve the people that are fighting to keep

the enlist language alive , but it is not going anywhere . There has just been Meer minor tweaks

to it .

Another affect that texting has had on the english language is , it has adjusted it to e rel-

evant to the times . I know that is scary for a lot of people , because they are convinced that our

current generation is going to ruin us ,and that texting and social media were the start of it . In 2b

or not 2b ? David Crystal claims that John Humphreys refers to texters as “vandals who are do-

ing to our language what Genghis khan did to his neighbors 800 years ago. They are destroying it

;pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences ;raping our vocabulary” . I for one find that

to be a little extreme . what drives his passion for the hate that is the colorfulness of the texting

language . John Mchworter writes in the New York times ,” Lol signals basic empathy between

textures, easing tension and creating a sense of equality . Instead of having a literal meaning ,it

does something -conveying an attitude - just like the -ed ending conveys past tense of rather than

“meaning” anything . LOL. of all things, is grammar” (p.1).

comfort is another aspect that comes into play when speaking on texting . Texting has

made people more confident in they're speech or repertoire of words . There isn't a need to sound

like a thesaurus or dictionary to get your point across . David crystals writes in the New York

Times texters are deviant spellers, and they know they are deviant”. this is true but it doesn't

have to have the negative light shed on it that it has . this could be a beautiful thing evolving as a

language . This isn't just a few people protesting the english language , this is almost a culture in

itself . We have two be able to grow as a people where we can accept people expressing them-

selves , using their freedom of speech , in America . If there is an issue understanding someone

that is an issue that could possible be worked out depending on circumstances , but to just pa-

tronize a person for their choice of speech if not harmful or criminal; just abbreviated, is

wrong . How would you feel if you were judge on your speech, and alienated ?

in conclusion , i believe that texting did not destroy the english language, but help to re-

build it . Time moves , and we have to remember that , and continue to move with it.texting has

strengthen our communication skills, adjusted our language to a more modern form , and made

us more comfortable in having our own style of speech .

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