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Legal Studies Academy Senior Project Proposal

Abigail A. DeMartini


The Lack of Quality Education in Developing Countries


I have selected the overarching topic of the lack of quality education in the world.

My specific topic will be focused just on the lack of quality education in developing

countries. The reason I have selected this topic is because I do many mission trips with

the organization, Operation Smile, and I have seen this issue first hand in different

developing countries. In order to begin the research process the driving questions to guide

my research are as follows;

● Why are children still coming out of high school with an insufficient education?

● What defines a quality/sufficient education?

● What is the difference between quality and quantity?

● How can we help improve the quality education rate?

For my project I want to start a buddy program between First Colonial HIgh

School and Betty F. Williams Elementary where students at FCHS can sign up to be pen pals

with kids at Betty F. Williams. They will send a series of letters to each other, and at the end I

will hold an event for the buddies to meet. The letters will be focused around discussing the

appreciation they have for being able to learn in the United States and receiving a good

education. The pen pals will talk about what they love about school and discuss what they are

learning. The event will be a literacy night with various games the participants can participate in

to raise awareness for an organization designed to help developing countries improve education

and the wellbeing of their children. I will hold the event at Betty F. Williams Elementary school

with the help of my advisor, Mrs. Disher. The success of my project will be evaluated based on a

survey sent out to all participants after the event. The materials I will need to make this project
successful are, students from each school, signs, materials for the games, and light snacks and



New Skills
● Event planning
● Problem Solving
Enhanced Skills
● Interacting with children
● Research
● Organization skills
● People skills
Areas of Growth
● Not procrastinating
● Creativity


I will use Betty F. Williams library as my event venue. I will use this event for the

pen pals to meet and play games with each other. The games will be games used to

improve literacy and english skills. I will have students at First Colonial sign up and pair

them with a student at Betty F. Williams. The program will be counted as community

service hours if students sign up to participate in the program and attend the event which

will provide incentive to join. I will talk to the Betty F. Williams teachers to select

students they think could benefit or would like to do the program. My target audience are

seniors at First Colonial and students at Betty F. Williams. I will work closely with the

administration at Betty F. Williams to get this program running and have as many kids

participate as possible.

Preliminary Steps -Set up buddy system at Betty 5 hours
F. Williams
-Get Students to sign up at
-Talk with principal and
teacher at Betty F. Williams
to secure event venue
-Research, phone calls,
-Find games for event

Midway Steps -Confirm venue 10 hours

-Confirm pen pals
-Pass letters between buddies
-Send out event invitations
-Gather materials for event
(games, snacks and

Later Steps -Final letters to pen pals 8 hours

-Set up all games and
activities for event
-Create signs and decorations
for event
-Create sign-in sheet to make
sure the buddies meet

Follow Up -Clean up 2 hours

-Survey out to participants
when exiting event

Total 20 hours


● Screenshots of emails between any communications regarding the program and event

● Phone log for calls

● Screenshots of the sign up sheets for the program of First Colonial kids and Betty F. kids

● Pictures of some of the letters sent back and forth between the pairs

● Screenshot of the RSVP’s for the event

● Pictures of event planning and set up

● Photo booth that the buddies can take pictures in

● Receipts from any purchases

● Photos from the event

● Surveys completed after the event


This project will be beneficial because it will allow students from both First

Colonial High School and Betty F. Williams to be appreciative of the education we

receive in the United States and become informed about the lack of quality education in

developing countries. They will have the opportunity to connect with someone and

discuss the topic as well as express their gratitude for their education and things they love

about it. It will also allow them to participate in games designed celebrate literacy and

education. The lack of quality education is a global problem and my project raises

awareness and gives kids an opportunity to learn about the issue. I have minimal

experience with event planning and enforcing communication between two groups of

people. By successfully completing this project I will expand my skill set and

demonstrate growth.


My paper will focus on answering my driving questions and doing my research on

the quality of education is developing countries. This includes defining a sufficient

education and understanding why students are coming out of high school with an
insufficient education. The purpose of my paper is to research the topic, and my project

will tie into it by helping raise awareness of the problem and helping kids have a sense of

gratitude for their own education. My paper will provide all the information necessary to

hold my event and teach all of the participants about the lack of quality education.


I understand that any academic dishonesty by me on any part of the project will result in
failure of the Senior Project and forfeiture of the Legal Studies Seal on my High School