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My complete name is Jules Melquiades Lumagbas born on November 20, 1992.

birthplace is in Gen. Macarthur. The name of my mother is Jocelyn Melquiades Lumagbas
and my Father is Joaquin Igarta Lumagbas. I have four siblings. I started to go to school
when I was 7 years old in a kindergarten. In the next year I started my elementary at the Gen.
MacArthur Central Elementary School from 2001-2007. When it was 2007 on march I
graduated in elementary. In June 2007 I enrolled in Our Lady of Fatima Academy that’s
where I started my high school life. My siblings are also enrolled in OLFA so it’s understood
that I must be enrolled there. When I was finished my first year high school one my classmate
said that he’s parents is deciding him to enter the seminary in high school here in Borongan.
Also my other classmate know’s that. So we decided to take the entrance exam in the
seminary. After that exam the result is I didn’t pass. So in June 2008 I enrolled again as
second year high school in OLFA. When I was in my second year life it comes into my life
that I don’t enjoy going to school. I waste my time not to go to school but as I remembered it
is the time that I have a circle of friends. On 3rd year I begin to be concern for my academic. I
did not do again to always have absences in going to school instead I’m always present in the
attendance. As I started my fourth year again another school year to spend and a last year for
my high school life. In that it is my happy moments I spend in high school. When I was in
4rth year it’s the point where I decide to what I will do in college. What will be my future
career? I remember in my last year in high school I always pray. Many kinds of prayer. As I
wake up early in the morning I pray the chaplet of the divine mercy or the Holy rosary.
Sometimes I attend the mass before I go to school. It’s like I begin my vocation story. When
I was in my elementary it comes into my mind that someday I want to become a priest. So in
high school I take time in praying. But my future that I want someday become a priest is not
come again into my mind. As I graduate in high school after that I stop for the meantime for
the reason of financial problem it was in the year 2011 as I stopped my schooling. As I’m not
going to school my auntie said to me that I once said that I want to become a priest. She said
to me if you want to become a priest just said to so that he will support me in my financial
studies. And that I started to decide after the year 2011 I decided to enter the school for
priest’s. In 2012 I take the entrance exam in the Nativity of Our Lady College Seminary.
After the exam I passed it and it begins where I started to become a seminarian. It begins my
philosophy study until now as the Lord is gracious and merciful I’m already now 4rth year

For the Greater Glory Of God!

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