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Answer Key

American JETSTREAM Pre-intermediate Workbook - Volume B

Unit 7 3

Taking exams is awful.
Buying a car is expensive.
Lesson 1 4 I like learning about other cultures.
5 He doesn’t like speaking in public.
1 Down: 1 buffalo 2 crocodile 3 deer
6 Eating healthily is important.
4 scorpion
Across: 1 bee 2 cow 4 snake 5 hippo
5 1a 2b 3a 4b
6 lion 7 mosquito 8 jellyfish
9 elephant
Transcript 02
NARRATOR Do you know anybody with a
2 1d 2a 3b 4e 5c
phobia? People have phobias about
all kinds of unusual things. Here are
3 Possible answers
four of those unusual fears.
1 Whales are a lot heavier than dolphins.
2 Rats are a little bigger than mice.
SARA Hi, I’m Sara, and my phobia is
3 Elephants are a lot more intelligent than
the color yellow. Seeing the sun,
yellow paint, or yellow flowers is
4 A bee is a lot less dangerous than a
frightening for me. Even the word
“yellow” scares me!
5 Panthers are a little more graceful than
JAKE Hi, I’m Jake, and I hate walking
6 Crocodiles are a little less ugly than hippos.
through forests. As a child, watching
7 Brown bears are a lot slower than lions.
fairy tales and movies with scary
8 Deer are a little faster than horses.
forests in them may have caused my
phobia. I can’t walk through a forest,
Lesson 2 and I panic if I hear the word tree.
1 2 ladder 3 cell phone 4 icicle 5 bed
6 vending machine 7 lightning 8 tornado; CARRIE I’m Carrie, and I hate clowns! It’s
1h 2b 3f 4c 5a 6d 7e 8g quite a common phobia actually,
especially in children. Some famous
2 Possible answers actors, such as Daniel Radcliffe and
2 Trains are as safe as buses. Johnny Depp, also have this phobia.
3 Japanese is as easy as English. Seeing a clown is frightening for
4 Indian restaurants are as expensive as us. Watching movies is one cause
Chinese restaurants. of this phobia. Clowns are often
5 Dawn of the Dead is as frightening as Alien. scary characters in animated movies
and comics. Remember the Joker in
3 1 True 2 False 3 False 4 True 5 True Batman?

LUCA Hi, I’m Luca. I’m sure you all know

Lesson 3 somebody with my phobia! It was
1 2 open spaces 3 running across the floor named five years ago – nomophobia.
4 dying 5 scared of 6 gloves 7 driving the According to recent surveys, more
car 8 makes me panic 9 going red than half the people in the UK
10 never travel by plane 11 in an elevator have this phobia. Losing your cell
12 sliding 13 climb up ladders 14 go to parties phone, running out of battery, and

Answer key 1
being without network coverage is 4 1 horror 2 all-time 3 director 4 stars
terrifying. 5 scenes 6 takes place 7 set 8 plays the
role of 9 ghosts 10 plot 11 scary
NARRATOR Well these are just four unusual
phobias. Maybe you know some
more! Unit 8
6 1 True 2 False 3 True 4 True 5 False Lesson 1
1 1 hit 2 crash 3 forget 4 bite 5 fail
Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action 6 attack 7 hurt 8 make; look
1 1 dead 2 good 3 blind 4 fast 5 busy
2 1 anything 2 something 3 anything
6 strong 7 quiet 8 white 9 cool 10 cold
4 everything 5 anything 6 somewhere
Mystery idiom: as old as the hills
7 everywhere 8 anywhere 9 somewhere
10 somewhere
2 1 terrified; terrifying 2 amazing; amazed
3 fascinated; fascinating
Transcript 04
NARRATOR At a restaurant
3 Give me a second
WAITER Can I get you anything?
Just a minute.
AYSHE Yes, please. I’d like something to eat.
Let me think.
I think I’ll have the chicken salad,
Wait a minute.
WAITER Would you like anything to drink?
Transcript 03
AYSHE Yes, please. I’ll have an iced tea.
WAITER OK. Is that everything?
A Do you have a Martin Roberts working for
AYSHE Yes, that’s all. I might order a dessert
later, but I don’t want anything else
B It’s a big company. I’m not sure, but
the name does sound familiar. Give me
a second. Yes, I think he works in the
HANNAH Oh, no! I lost my cell phone.
marketing department.
AMANDA Really? That’s terrible. It could be
somewhere in the house.
HANNAH It’s not. I’ve looked everywhere for
A Good morning. Broadcast Magazine.
it. I don’t think it’s anywhere in the
B Good morning. Could I speak to Gabe
Hanada, please?
AMANDA It could be somewhere in the office.
A Yes, of course. Just a minute, please. I’ll
You could have left it there last
connect you.
HANNAH That’s true. I haven’t checked there
A Tim’s looking for a job, and I wondered if
AMANDA Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s under a
there were any vacancies in your office.
cushion somewhere. It’ll turn up
B Let me have a think. There are often
vacancies for sales reps. Would he be
interested in working as a sales rep?
3 1 must 2 can’t 3 must 4 must 5 must
A Look at the time! I have to go now or I’ll Lesson 2
miss my plane! 1 1 presentation 2 lecture 3 talk 4 topic
B Wait a minute. I’ll come with you to the 5 speech 6 deal with 7 problems
airport. 8 audience 9 occasion 10 aim

2 Answer key
2 1 helped 2 makes/made 3 lets Transcript 06
4 helps/helped 5 makes/made 6 lets ARTURO What makes a speech a great speech?
7 make 8 makes 9 let 10 let What do you think, John?
JOHN A memorable sentence.
3 1 You should include personal stories and ARTURO A memorable sentence?
funny stories. JOHN Yes, remember Martin Luther King’s
2 You should say it out loud. speech. He repeated the phrase, “I
3 Knowing your audience. have a dream” at the beginning of
4 You should practice using the microphone. each of his nine points. It was very
5 Imagining yourself giving the talk. powerful.
6 The audience is on your side. ARTURO Yes, I agree. Anything else?
JOHN A great speech should be organized.
ARTURO Organized? That sounds boring.
Lesson 3 JOHN Have you listened to Steve Job’s
1 1 font 2 cable 3 slide 4 microphone graduation ceremony speech?
5 flash drive; laptop 6 remote control ARTURO No.
7 screen JOHN It’s an amazing speech. In 2005,
Steve Jobs made an opening speech
2 2 yours 3 his 4 ours 5 theirs 6 hers at Stanford University’s graduation
ceremony in America. It began with,
Transcript 05 “Today I want to tell you three stories
1 from my life. That’s it. No big deal.
A1 Do you have a flash drive? Mine is full. Just three stories.” And that’s exactly
B1 Yes, here you are. what he did. It was very personal. It
was emotional, and it was full of good
2 advice. You can watch it on YouTube.
A1 Whose projector are you going to use? ARTURO What else makes a great speech?
B1 Can I use yours? JOHN A story. A good example of telling a
A1 Yes, of course. story is Barack Obama’s speech at the
Democratic National Convention in
3 2004. He linked his life story with the
A1 Whose laptop is this? story of America. You should read it
B1 I think it’s his. sometime.
ARTURO I will. But meanwhile, I’ve still got to
4 write my speech.
A2 Do you think these cables belong to us? JOHN Well, read these three speeches.
B No, I don’t think they’re ours. They’ll help you to write it. I’m sure.

A2 Do these coats belong to those two men Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action
over there? 1 1 stupid 2 quick to 3 comfortable to
B2 I’m not sure. They could be theirs. Do you 4 easy to 5 glad to 6 nice to
want me to go and ask them? 7 important to 8 impossible to

6 Transcript 07
A2 I don’t know who this charger belongs to. 1
B2 That girl over there was looking for a A1 I think he was stupid to leave his job. He
charger. It could be hers. was very well paid.
. B1 Yes, but he was unhappy.
3 Barack Obama; Steve Jobs; Martin Luther King Jr. A2 Don’t be upset. Mr. Winters is always very
quick to criticize people.
4 1b 2a 3b 4 a, c 5 a, c B2 1 But I’ve never made a mistake before!

Answer key 3
3 Transcript 08
A3 These shoes are really very comfortable to 1 icicle, bike, live
walk in. 2 online, surprise, reliable, statistics
B3 I know! I’ve got a pair of those. They’re 3 die, diver, high, kill
great. 4 worldwide, terrified, describe, film
5 accident, article, exciting, fish
4 6 hit, stupid, bite, wind
A1 What’s that woman’s name? I can never 7 communicate, time, invite, confident
remember it!
B1 It’s not easy to remember. It’s Ilknur.
Check your progress 4
5 1 1 bigger 2 taller 3 heavier 4 biggest
A2 Thank you, Steve. You’ve been a great help. 5 larger
B2 No problem. I’m glad to be of help.
2 1 everywhere; anywhere 2 Nobody; anybody
6 3 everybody; somebody 4 something; nothing
A3 It was really nice to see you again! 5 everything; anything
B3 Yes, it was. We should try and meet up
more often. 3 1 buffalo 2 jellyfish 3 deer 4 scorpion
5 snake
A1 I think it’s very important to be on time 4 1 yours 2 mine 3 his 4 hers 5 theirs
when you meet somebody.
B1 I agree. I hate it when people are late. 5 1 terrifying 2 terrified 3 annoying
4 annoyed 5 bored 6 boring 7 amazed
8 8 amazing 9 excited 10 exciting
A2 It’s impossible to be mad at Grace.
B2 I know. She’s so sweet.
Unit 9
2 2 the exam 3 the talk 4 the rain
5 the audience 6 a language 7 my projector Lesson 1
1 1 rent 2 central heating 3 mortgage
4 1d 2g 3c 4e 5h 6b 7f 8a 4 electricity bills 5 food bills 6 solar panels
1 central heating 2 rent 3 mortgage
5 Last, First; there tomorrow, here today; 4 solar panels 5 electricity bills 6 food bills
hear, see; good, well; future; past;
answers, questions; beginning, end; 2 1c 2d 3b 4a
online store, website
3 2 (Kevin) regrets buying his house.
3 (Sandra’s) higher salary means working
Review quiz 7–8 longer hours.
1 1a 2b 3b 4a 5b 4 (Carlos) can imagine living on a houseboat.
5 (Antonio) has stopped getting big phone
4 1 makes 2 helps 3 makes 4 help bills.
6 (Lin) suggested going to the movies this
Transcript 27 evening.
ice it

2 1 bike 2 statistics 3 kill 4 film Lesson 2

5 exciting 6 bite 7 time 1 1 farm 2 keep 3 fields 4 feed
5 traditional 6 feeding 7 produce
2 2 live; Chile 3 is grown; India
4 grows; Holland 5 are found; Mexico

4 Answer key
Transcript 09 4 Which medicine did James take
A Mom? Can you help me with the answers 5 Who doesn’t believe in alternative medicine
to these questions? It’s for a geography
quiz. It’s multiple choice. 5 1 back 2 muscles 3 acupuncture
B OK, yes. I love geography. 4 alternative medicine 5 osteopath
A First question then. Where is cotton 6 homeopath 7 homeopathy
produced? 1 Jake has back pain.
B Well, it isn’t produced in Africa. It’s 2 He suggested that Jake try alternative
produced in Turkey and Brazil. medicine.
A OK. Where do leopards live in the wild? 3 She’s tried homeopathy.
B In Pakistan and China. They don’t live in
the wild in Chile. Transcript 10
A Where is cocoa grown? JAKE I have really bad back pain. All the
B It is grown in Ghana and Brazil. It isn’t muscles in my back are aching.
grown in India. ELLIE Have you tried acupuncture?
A Where does tea grow? JAKE No, I haven’t, but my regular doctor
B Well, it doesn’t grow in Holland. Tea grows suggested that I try alternative
in Sri Lanka and Turkey. medicine.
A OK, final question. Where are tigers found? ELLIE What did he suggest?
B They are found in India and Malaysia. There JAKE He told me to go and see an
aren’t any tigers in Mexico. osteopath.
A Thanks, Mom. ELLIE I’ve been to a homeopath, but I’ve
never been to an osteopath.
3 1 were (first) exported 2 was opened JAKE Did the homeopathy treatment work?
3 was introduced 4 was opened ELLIE Yes, I think it helped, but to be honest,
I’m not sure. Let’s just say I got better
4 Llama, South America anyway.

5 1 Peru, Bolivia, and Chile / Where are llamas

Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action
2 by the Incas (in) 4000 BC / When were 1 1 headache 2 earache 3 toothache
they domesticated? Who were they 4 stomachache 5 backache 6 arm hurts
domesticated by?
3 transport goods and materials / What were 2 2 3 5 1 6 4
they used for?
4 guard other animals on the farm / What Transcript 11
else are they used for? A What’s the matter?
5 sold by British farmers / Who are ostrich B I think there’s something wrong with my
feathers sold by? arm.
A What do you mean?
B I have this terrible pain.
Lesson 3 A I’m sure it’s nothing serious, but you should
1 acupuncture, painkiller, homeopathy, doctor, go and see your doctor.
illness, conventional medicine, cold, B No, I think I’ll just take a painkiller and go
osteopathy, temperature, alternative medicine, to bed.
flu, pill, get sick, headache
3 Possible answers
3 1 ‘m sneezing 2 temperature 3 cold 1 You should go and see a doctor.
4 headache 5 painkillers 2 Why don’t you relax in a hot bath?
3 I think you should go home and rest.
4 1 Who did Dr. Berridge visit
2 What did Susie take for her backache 4 1 saying 2 interrupt 3 something 4 else
3 Who did Martin visit for his headaches 5 To 6 I’d like

Answer key 5
5 1 Can we talk about something else? Lesson 3
2 Sorry to interrupt, but … 1 Across: 4 patient 5 reliable 6 charming
3 As I was saying, … 7 amusing
4 Can I say something? Down: 1 curious 2 mean 3 pleasant
5 Anyway 4 positive

2 2 She asked if/whether he could speak both

Unit 10 Spanish and Portuguese fluently.
3 She asked which college he had gone to.
Lesson 1 4 She asked if/whether he had studied
1 1 pulled 2 threw 3 ran 4 carried 5 climbed engineering at the university.
6 hung 7 fell off; caught 8 walked 5 She asked what his first job had been.
6 She asked what he did at that moment.
2 1g 2d 3e 4f 5c 6a 7h 8b 7 She asked if/whether he still liked his job.
8 She asked what had been the most
3 1 challenging project he had worked on.
B 2,1 had (already) eaten
2 3 1b 2c 3a
A 1,2 saw
B 2,1 had (already) rescued 4 1 They spend a long time on the road or
3 traveling overseas.
A 2,1 had (already) heard 2 You need to be confident, reliable, and
B 1,2 found out ambitious, with good communication
skills. You also need to be able to handle
4 1 were climbing 2 carried 3 survived rejection.
4 had broken/broke 5 discovered 6 had died 3 He meets different people and travels to
7 decided 8 heard 9 stayed 10 gave different places.
11 spoke 12 rescued 13 had heard/heard 4 He started at $55,000 a year.
14 helped 5 It can be lonely and you spend a lot of time
away from family and friends.
Lesson 2 6 You have to sell as many of your company’s
products as possible.
thief robbery HOST Welcome, everyone. Today, our guest,
bank robbers smash-and-grab Alan Smith, is going to talk to us about
criminals theft working as a sales executive. Let’s give
him a warm welcome, please.
2 1 thief 2 robbery; bank robbers 3 theft ALAN Hi, everyone. It’s nice to be here to
4 smash-and-grab 5 criminals talk to you today. I’ve worked in sales
for most of my career. And I’d like to
3 1 worked in a bank say it’s a very rewarding career. It’s not
2 yesterday, there had been a robbery at the a regular office job. You will need to
bank across from them work long hours. Many sales executives
3 nobody had been hurt spend a lot of time on the road or
4 everybody was scared traveling overseas.
5 she was looking for another job HOST What skills and qualifications do you
need for the job, Alan?
4 1 told 2 said 3 told 4 said 5 said 6 told ALAN You need to be confident, and you
need to have good communication
5 1 True 2 False 3 True 4 False 5 True skills. You need to be reliable, and
6 False you need to always be on time for all
your appointments. You need to be
6 Answer key
ambitious. And you also need to be 3 1 news 2 piece of news 3 good news
able to take rejection. 4 on the news 5 in the news
HOST Do I need any special qualifications?
ALAN Your personality is the most important Transcript 13
qualification. However, if you have a A Do you have any news on the suspect?
degree in business or management, B Yes, we had an interesting piece of news
that will look good on your resumé. yesterday. A witness came forward, a Mrs.
HOST What do you like about the job? Donna Pierce. She saw the suspect enter
ALAN You get to meet lots of people and the building. We’re going to interview her
travel to many different places. One tomorrow.
day I’m in the Midwest in Chicago A That’s good news. I hope she’ll be helpful.
and the next I’m on the east coast in Oh, by the way, I saw Detective Jones on
Boston. the news on Monday evening asking for
HOST What’s the salary like? witnesses to contact the police.
ALAN Well, it depends on the industry, but it B Yes, the story’s been in the news a lot
can be very good. I started at $55,000 recently.
a year and my salary rose to $70,000,
plus bonuses. But I had to work long 4 to clone – to produce an exact copy of a plant
hours. or animal from its cells
HOST That sounds good. Does the position to fool – to make somebody believe something
have good career prospects? that isn’t true
ALAN Yes, it does. There are good career realistic – seeming as if it’s real or true
prospects for talented sales executives. fake – not real/genuine
You can look forward to a career as a fossil – parts of a plant or animal that have
a sales manager, an area or regional turned into rock
sales manager, and eventually a sales
HOST What are the disadvantages of the job?
Review quiz 9-10
ALAN It can be a lonely life because you’re 1 1a 2c 3b 4b 5c
traveling a lot of the time. You spend a
lot of time away from your family and 2 1 jewelry 2 gangs 3 thefts 4 robbery
friends. 5 steal 6 security guards 7 Thief 8 criminals
HOST What are the main tasks of a sales 9 crime
ALAN Well, I’ve prepared a handout for 3 1 He said that the police caught/had caught
you, but I’ll just run through the main the bank robber on Monday.
tasks with you now. In a nutshell, 2 He said that he was a 30-year-old father of
you have to sell as many of your three.
company’s products as possible. This 3 He said that it was the first time he had
means visiting customers regularly robbed a bank.
and finding new markets and business 4 He said that he had lost his job five months
opportunities. You also have to before and that he couldn’t pay his mortgage.
represent your company at trade fairs
and other events. Transcript 14
log, taught, piece, left, row, blue

Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action 2

1a 1 push 2 drop 3 put down 4 lie down Transcript15
1 robbery, boss
1b 1 pull 2 pick up 3 pick up 4 get up 2 caught, reporter
3 thief, treat
2 1 police 2 crimes 3 criminals 4 police officers 4 theft, headache
5 Robbers 6 rob 7 Thieves 8 take 5 romance, cold
6 flu, toothache
Answer key 7
Check your progress 5 2
1 1 imagine not having A What are you reading?
2 suggested going B It’s a book of poems by the war poet,
3 don’t regret leaving Wilfred Owen.
4 spend three hours a week watching A I don’t read a lot of poetry. I prefer reading
5 started paying novels. Have you heard of the novelist,
Isabel Allende?
2 1 Ali said that she had just seen something B Yes, I have. She’s incredible.
strange in the backyard.
2 Jack told Ali (that) he was going to call the 3 2 If you have an exhibition, you might sell a
police. lot of paintings
3 Jack said that the police had arrived. 3 If I have some free time, I go out with my
4 Ali told me (that) they had caught a man in friends.
the street. 4 If the weather is nice, I usually go
5 The police officer told them (that) the man swimming.
was a thief and that he had some stolen 5 I usually watch the game if our team is
jewelry. playing.

3 1 rent 2 mortgage 3 gas bills 4 low 4 1 is; will go 2 rains; ‘ll visit 3 ‘ll go; can
5 central heating 4 find; ‘ll buy 5 ‘ll wear; have 6 tell; ‘ll want

4 1 I’d like to say something Lesson 2

2 Can we talk about something else? 1 1e 2a 3d 4b 5c
3 As I was saying, / To continue,
4 Sorry to interrupt, but … 2 1 novelist 2 published 3 takes place
5 To continue / As I was saying, 4 characters 5 plot

5 1 One day 2 this 3 Anyway 4 and 3 2 If I could be anything, I’d be an artist.

5 here’s the thing 3 If you lost your job, would you travel
around the world?
4 If I could play for a soccer team, I wouldn’t
Unit 11 play for Real Madrid.
5 I would work for Oxfam if I could work for
Lesson 1 a charity.
1 1 musician 2 artist 3 poet 4 painter 6 If you could buy something valuable, what
5 talented 6 review 7 novelist 8 poem would you buy?
9 Mystery word: creative
4 1 False 2 True 3 False 4 True 5 False
2 1 artist 2 painted 3 poems 4 novels
5 novelist
Lesson 3
Transcript 16 1 2 author 3 cover 4 reviews 5 prizes
1 6 short stories 7 novels
A I’m going to an exhibition. Would you like
to come? 2 1d 2e 3a 4c 5b
B What are you going to see?
A It’s an exhibition of the Norwegian artist 4 1 She won a prize for her new book.
Edvard Munch’s paintings. 2 A picture of a fox.
B He’s the artist who painted The Scream, 3 It’s called Life After Life.
right? 4 There’s a review in the weekend paper /
A Yes, that’s right. online.
5 It’s a collection of magical realist short
8 Answer key
Transcript 17
A What are you reading at the moment?
Unit 12
B I’m reading Kate Atkinson’s new book. She Lesson 1
won a prize for it - the Costa Novel Award.
1 1 bride 2 groom 3 guests 4 celebrate
A Oh, I think I’ve read something about that.
5 wedding dress 6 ceremony
There’s a picture of a fox on the cover of
the book, isn’t there?
2 1 wedding dress 2 groom 3 guests
B Yes, that’s right. That’s the book.
4 ceremony 5 bride 6 celebrate
A What’s the title of it again?
B It’s called Life after Life. The heroine in the
3 1 to get married 2 to be married 3 to have
book has the chance to live her life again
4 having 5 to plan/planning 6 to see/ seeing
and again. There was a long review of the
7 to have 8 to save 9 going
book and an interview with the author in
the paper this weekend.
A I’ll check it out online.
B What are you reading right now? + infinitive + –ing or infinitive + –ing
A I’m reading Isabel Allende’s Eva Luna. It’s plan intend regret
a wonderful collection of magical-realist need start spend time
short stories.
hope love imagine
afford hate
Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action mean
1 1 sculptor; sculptures 2 poet; poems
3 seen 4 drawing 5 wrote; directed
Lesson 2
2 1 autobiography 2 detective 3 cookbooks 1 1 tradition 2 food 3 relatives 4 bonfire
4 romance 5 historical 6 thriller 7 fantasy 5 firecrackers 6 legend 7 decorations
Mystery word: biography 8 ancient
a4 b3 c8 d1 e5 f2 g6 h7
3 1 see 2 in 3 thing 4 into
4 1 January 5th
4 1 such 2 about 3 such a 4 What
5 such 6 How 5 1 It used to take place on the first Tuesday
after Twelfth Night.
5 1 such 2 such a 3 couldn’t put it down 2 The “bear” used to dance in front of houses.
4 such interesting 5 really into 6 How 3 They used to give him money, tobacco, a
7 so 8 such drink, and steak.
4 The last Straw Bear festival was held in
Transcript 18 1909.
A Have you read J.K. Rowling’s first detective 5 It started up again in 1980.
novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, about the
private detective, Cormoran Strike? It’s such
Lesson 3
an amazing book!
B Yeah, it’s such a great story. I couldn’t 1 1 islands 2 beaches 3 bay
put it down. It’s full of such interesting 4 cafés/restaurants 5 restaurants/cafés
characters. I’m really into detective novels, 6 area 7 hotels 8 Village
and this was a good one!
A How interesting! I thought you liked 2 a1 b4 c2 d5 e3
romance novels
B No way! Romantic novels are such rubbish. 3 2 ‘m meeting up 3 went 4 haven’t seen
They’re not my thing. I like thrillers, fantasy 5 haven’t met 6 came 7 met
novels and I’m crazy about detective 8 are (you) planning 9 is 10 ‘ll go
novels. They’ve always got such interesting 11 rains/’s raining 12 ‘ll see
plots. 13 weren’t/wasn’t 14 ‘d / would come
Answer key 9
Transcript 19 Vocabulary PLUS / Language in Action
A What are you doing on the weekend? 1 Down: 2 cheerful 3 miserable 4 depressed
B I’m meeting up with an old friend. 5 disappointed 6 excited
A Oh! Which friend? Across: 1embarrassed
B My friend Kate. I went to college with her
three years ago, and I haven’t seen her 2 1 Congratulations! / Good job!
since then. 2 Happy anniversary!
A So I haven’t met her then? 3 Good luck!
B You might have met her when you came to 4 Safe trip!
see me in college. 5 Get well soon!
A Maybe. I met lots of your friends. Does she 6 Good job!
have red hair?
B Yes, she does. 3 1 Would you like to
A Yeah, I think I remember her. Well, what 2 I’m afraid I can’t. / No, sorry, I can’t.
are you planning to do? 3 What about / How about
B If the weather is good on Saturday, we’ll go 4 No, sorry, I can’t. / I’m afraid I can’t.
to Windsor Castle. If it rains, we’ll see an 5 How about/ What about /Do you feel like
exhibition at the Tate Modern Art Gallery. 6 That sounds good./ That sounds great! /
A If I weren’t so busy, I would come with you. Yes, I’d love to.
B You could go out to dinner with us in the 7 What are you doing
evening. 8 Do you feel like/How about / What about
A Yes, OK. That would be great. 9 Not really
10 We could
4 1 white; cliff 2 beach; caves 3 dangerous; 11 How about/Do you feel like/ What about
waves; bodysurfing 4 ferry; town 5 candy 12 That sounds great! / That sounds good. /
Yes, I’d love to.
Transcript 20
When I was nine years old I went on vacation
with a friend and her family to Cape Cod in Review quiz 11–12
Massachusetts. We stayed at her grandparents’ 1 1 a 2b 3c 4a 5b
house. It was a large, white house on a grassy
clifftop with beautiful views of the ocean from 3 1 used to celebrate 2 used to
the large porch. It was the kind of house you 3 didn’t use to light; used to light
read about in books. It was a vacation I will 4 used to give
never forget. We went to the beach every day.
It was a huge, sandy beach. We looked for Transcript 21
crabs in the rock pools, and we collected shells. What delicious food!
We walked along the beach and climbed over How wonderful!
the rocks below the cliffs looking for caves. What a great book!
You had to watch the time. If the tide came It’s such a good song.
in, it could be dangerous. We swam in the They’re such interesting stories.
ocean, and we went bodysurfing, too. There What terrible coffee!
were big waves. Some days we went out in the It’s such a strange painting.
fishing boat, and we caught lots of fish. Other She’s such a fantastic artist.
days we took the ferry across to a little nearby
fishing town and bought candy that looked
like pebbles. The family moved to Cape Cod Check your progress 6
soon after that vacation, and we lost touch 1 1 If I see a good painting by a local artist, I’ll
with them. I have been back to Cape Cod since buy it.
that vacation, but I’ve never been able to find 2 If my team wins the game this weekend, I’ll
the white house on the top of the cliff. It will be very happy.
stay as a fond memory. 3 If I had enough money, I would get a
painting by Van Gogh.

10 Answer key
4 If I were/was wealthy, I would stop world Kind of book: detective novel
hunger. Main characters: Cormoran Strike, Lula
5 If I could, I would design an amazing new Landry, Robin Ellacott
bike. Takes place: in London

2 1 to have 2 to spend 3 to save 12 1 1 It’s about two spring festivals.

4 having 5 to invite 2 It’s about people in China and India.
3 In China, families get together for
3 1c 2e 3a 4d 5b dinner. They decorate their windows in
red, light firecrackers, and give money.
4 1 such 2 What 3 How 4 What; such In India, they build bonfires, sing and
dance, and throw colored powder and
5 1 We could 2 What a great idea! water.
3 I’m sorry, I can’t. 4 Yes, I’d love to.
5 Do you feel like…?

7 2 1 sting 2 (has) spread 3 treated
4 poisonous 5 severe 6 prevent
7 cut 8 poison

8 2 Summarize the presentation.;

End with a rhetorical question. Leave the
audience with an interesting question.;
Get the audience’s attention. Give a quote
or tell a story.
3 1 c 2 Use of sequencing words.

9 1 Be as negative as possible about the

Make sure the reader knows you are angry.
2 5, x, 2, x, 1, 4, 3

10 2
rob bank robber bank robbery
murder murderer
commit a crime
shoot gunman shooting

6 1 They happened in America in the 1930s.

2 Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.
3 Bonnie was 19 and Clyde was 21.
4 She was a part-time waitress.
5 No. The writer thinks the story was

11 2 supermodel, soldier, private detective,

3 Title: The Cuckoo’s Calling
Written by: J.K. Rowling
Answer key 11