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As a teacher I will be a guide, a helping hand, for my students on their endeavors in the

learning process. To ensure an environment that will allow my students to achieve their highest

potential I will maintain a classroom that is safe, inclusive, and respectful of all students and

their ideas. Most importantly, my classroom will be a place that will allow my students to grow,

in all senses of the word: intellectually, socially, and personally. My teaching will be based more

on the Progressivism educational philosophy which states that education should focus more on a

child rather than content or the teacher.

There are several ways I plan to insure a culturally inclusive classroom. The first is to

take the time to learn about my students and what makes up them. I will also expect my students

to have an open mind regarding other people and cultures that are not like their own.

Furthermore, I want to have my students do a mini research project on scientist from other

countries and what their research and contributions to the world were. I plan on having their

research up around the classroom, so all can see and read more if they so wish. I believe this will

be beneficial to my students to help broaden their world just a bit more.

I will teach my students to the best of my abilities, using a variety of techniques, and I

expect that my students put their best effort into their learning. Furthermore, I expect my class to

be place of learning, meaning I expect all of students to be respectful of each other even if they

do not agree. I also expect that distractions will be limited, so phones will not be welcomed in

my class.

A daily routine is essential to make the most of the time I have with my students. My

students, upon entering the classroom, will take their seats and then turn in homework in their

class box. I will put up the daily objective on the board in the same place each day along with the
assigned homework. I will also have daily exit cards. Students will turn their exit cards in

another box specific to their class period upon exiting the classroom.

My classroom is intended to be inclusive and safe for all. As such, I will be very clear

with my students from the start that any derogatory or discriminatory remarks or gestures will

not be tolerated in my class. Enforcing expectations daily will give little room for students to say,

“I didn’t know that,” and I will make sure to do this with all students. At the beginning of the

year I will go over them with my students and then send the list home with my students to have

their parent or guardian sign, so they too are aware of my classroom expectations. I will give

each student equal opportunity to be warned and to talk to them about breaking class

expectations before taking it further.

It is important to actively participate in the classroom. As such, I believe that every

student should have the opportunity to display their knowledge to the class. One way to do this is

to have students show their work on the board. I would rotate people so not to have the same

people each time. Another way to do this to break the class into small groups and have them

display their work in those small groups. This might better suit students who are comfortable

getting up in front of the class but will still allow them an opportunity to share.