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Christian Dumaboc

Centro Perrelos , Carcar City, Cebu

E: dumabocmereum@gmail.com T: 422-19-51

Professional Summary
Attentive and ambitious professional
 Fostered an environment of creativity and
Electrical Engineer with roughly six years of
ingenuity by discussing ideas with co-
experience in the power industry. Innovative
workers and supervisors.
and open to be working in any part of the
field. Versatile and
 Ensured that citywide newspaper was
can adapt in any working environment. Has
the strong will to finish any task given
 Sought to improve content quality of work
discipline in the field.
 Maintained an efficient workplace by
supervising new engineers and facilitating
I maintain, troubleshoot, upgrade and repair
communication between subordinates and
plant electrical equipment. Developed
expertise in an array of cutting-edge
engines/motors and plant-wide
electrical/control systems, including digital
signal processors (DSPs) and programmable Education
logic controllers (PLCs).
Bachelor of Arts in Electrical Engineering
Professional Academy of the Philippines
Work Experience 2012
Control Room Assistant
November 2012 – December 2014
Hobbies and Interests
As an Electrical Engineer, my favorite past
 Attentively monitored the power
time is designing new equipments that can
frequency for the whole Naga power grid.
be useful on the field. I also find it
 Ensured a healthy working relationship
interesting to assemble and disassemble
towards my collegues.
electronic equipments in order to fully
 Ensured the integrity of reporting the
understand its mechanisms and how it
content on each power fluctuation
operates. I am so much interested with the
electrical instruments that I have not yet
handled and I will be glad to be given a
chance to utilize those tools.