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the door to new generation will be the end of humanity"

“Isn’t that what people have always done?”, creating God, that is. This
line, quoted from the statements of Will, moved me. I guess shake
would be a lot more appropriate.
Defying the natural laws. This is what humans have always tried to do
as pinpointed in the movie. Using the technology to fill the holes in the
human system to attain perfectness, or rather, to be godlike.

The movie had a vague introduction. Trashing those gadgets, a

dessert like setting, having drama with the sunflowers, but it piqued
my interest. It made me ask questions like, “what does the word
transcendence have to do with this type of setting?” or “maybe I had
the wrong movie?”. Nevertheless, I continued watching for I may have
the wrong movie, the deadline is still days away.

It progressed in a slow pace but it was perfect. The pace of the movie
was enough to explain everything that the viewers need to know
about. The current technology in the movie’s time frame, the
characters connection to each other, and other things. It was a little
boring for me, but when the line “Is that really how you wanna spend
the last month of your life?” was blurted out, and Will was near death
already, it became a lot interesting.

*Bzzzzt*. The sound rang as the drill with wires attached to it was
being prepared. It was to be pierced into Will’s head. I thought there
would be gore and everything, but there wasn’t. This scene was the
start of everything. Evelyn’s obsession driving her to use the AI
(Artificial Intelligence) system to upload Will’s brain data to a computer
and make it a program. The knowledge of AI is already widespread in
our current technology. It is used in games and such, but using it to
revive a human, is out of the question. At the start of this scene I
thought, it was a nice idea, but it wouldn’t work, and to my shock, “>Is
anyone there?” popped out of the command prompt and I was like,
Will is alive. No, Will is not alive, he is now just a program. He is
talking, he can see, can hear, but he’s just a program. The AI, in the
current time, can only respond to commands or to inputs given to
them. It don’t have feelings. It doesn’t have will, as I mentioned earlier.
But AI Will is different, AI Will has will, yeah will. In the scene where
Evelyn was looking for a place to stay, Will scanned through the
internet and found a almost deserted place and suggested to help the
place improve. It had the will to help. The scene where Evelyn entered
the room and Will played a song, maybe their favorite song, and
talked to her about when Will was still courting her. It portrayed the will
to make Evelyn happy, or to create a drama scene. I can say that AI
Will is a perfect AI already, because it had will.

The creation of a perfect AI. Scary. People will mistaken a real human
to a AI programmed human and vice versa. This is the point of the
movie, how fearful technology can get in the near future. Though in
our current technology, we are still decades early to reaching this, this
is still a possibility.

To conclude this reaction paper, the movie was awesome, it is an

alarm that can wake up those people with the same dreadful aim like
Will. To create God.
Artificial intelligence /AI0 research is now progressing rapidly.
Recent landmarks such asself driving cars, a computer winning at


and the digital personal assistants Siri, 1oogle2ow and 3ortana are
merely symptoms of an I" arms race fuelled by unprecedented
investmentsand building on an increasingly mature theoretical
foundation. Such achievements will probably paleagainst what the
coming decades will bring."he potential benefits are huge4 everything
that civilisation has to offer is a product of humanintelligence4 we
cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is
magnified by thetools that AI may provide, but the eradication of war,
disease, and poverty would be high onanyone s list. Success in
creating AI would be the biggest event in human history

I learn in the movie that the mind is the main source of the body
without the mind the body is nothing without the brain because it
controls the entire body. Only the mind can think and in the movie
even without the body the brain still function well.

This movie and it’s thought supports the theory of René descartes that the person is a
thinking thing. Rene descartes theory says that the mind can function even without the
body. After seeing the movie it gave me a brief background of the theory on what he
means by the mind can operate without a body. It gave me an understanding how
powerful a person’s mind is, it can create different things and it doesn’t stop working
even if we don’t live anymore.

e film’s overtures warn of a frightening future in which technology has

grown out of hand and beyond human control. Taken to extremes, a
system of intelligence could develop to the point where it is more
intelligent than its human creators but doesn’t have the biological
limitations that humans do. The film calls this “transcendence,” but
makes note of the contemporary term for this hypothetical moment:
“the singularity.”