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Appendix 1: Lesson Plan

Note: This can be modified depending (Student teacher to agree with teaching practice instructor
from HCT).

Subject: Five senses, Science.

The letter J, English.

Trainee: Huda Hamad Topic or Theme: The five senses.

The letter J.

Class: KG 2 Date & Duration: 13– March – 2018

8:30- 9:15

Trainee Personal Goal

- I will work in the opening.

- I will prepare a song and write my opening questions 4/5 days before, also ask my
MST to check them for me.

I know I have proved my engage activities because the students were focus. The opening is the most
important part I should make things clear to students. I had prepared a song and a game to the students so
I can hook their attention.


-Will be focus on the five senses and the letter J.

Lesson Outcomes

Students will be able to: Describe the five senses and their corresponding body parts

The letter J, what sound is the letter J make. Name words that start with J.


Sort the pictures that relate to each sense.


Make a jellyfish by using a colourful papers and crayons, then write the word jellyfish and their

Links to Prior Learning

Students may know a basic thing about their senses. What they used for? What are the
parts of our body that relate to each sense and they name of them (eyes, nose, ears..)?

21st Century Skills- 5Cs + ownership

1-communication: Students will work in the centres as a group.

2-collaboration: Students will share the answer together at the end of the centres.

3-critical thinking: When they will answer the question, they will think what the answer is.

Key vocabulary

Five senses

Eyes - Nose – ears – mouth – hands – see – touch – taste – hear – smell
Possible problems for learners Solutions to possible problems

All corners are a new for the students. Introduce centres on Wednesday.

Different level of the students in the Show the centres on the carpet.
class make me try to make the activity
Play them the 5senses song so they can used to it.

Ask my MST to manage the class before students

go to centres.

Resources/equipment needed



Paper plate.

Colorful papers.



& Time
Opening and Students will: Teacher will:
Sing the song of the 5 senses. Open and PowerPoint for the
20 Min
side words.
Play the J letter game.
Glue. Ask the students to give an
Paper plate. play the side words PowerPoint. example3 of words start with the

Colorful papers.
letter J. “who can give a word
start with the letter J?”
Answer the questions for the
activity I will prepper for the Remind the student of the center
opening. rules, “if you want to ask
something, answer or have
something to say you have to
raise your hand”.

Ask the students to go to the


Main activities
& Time
Science and English Science
20-25 Min Students will: Students will:
Make their jellyfish by using scissors, Sort the pictures that relate to each
glue, paper plate, colorful papers, sense, then glue them in the flower.
and crayons.
& Time

3-5 Min Students will Teacher will

Students will share their work to the Teacher will check their work and give
whole class, describe what they had them class dojo points.

Homework -

Assessment At the end I will ask the students what they did in the activates and ask them
Strategies: questions to make sure that they

☐ Observation ☐ Student self-  ☐ Oral ☐ Peer assessment

assessment questioning

☐ Quiz ☐ Student presentation ☐ Written work and ☐ Verbal feedback