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2 1.ntroducuan

Most of us have spent our entire lives hearing the sarne story about vaccines.
Podor, ha.ve
We are told that thanks to vaccines, deadly diseases have been eradicated
and millions of lives have been saved. We are warned that if we stop vacci- ljOll rea.d Pell.Ch

nating, the diseases will come back with a vengeance. Instead of receiv-
ing an accurate picture of vaccine effectiveness and risks, we receive an
oversimplified yet frightening portrayal of disease dangers, while the risk
of vaccine-injury or death is written off as "one in a million."
A lot of the information we receive about vaccines and the diseases they
are meant to prevent is true. However, much of it is misleading by virtue
of omission. On the othe.r hand, some of what we are told about vaccines
is simply untrue. ln this publications, we have undertaken the job of filling
in the huge information gap and disceming fact from fiction.
Even if vaccine choice was offered, it would be illusory. Why? Because under
the current circumstances, the decision to vaccinate is usually rendered
through frightening misinformation. The most common refrain we hear
is: "Do you want togo back to the days of polio?" Well, we're not sure that
those days ever really ended. Read on to find out why. The only way to
make a decision that is not douded by fear is to expose the reality behind
the illusion.
From our research (and for some of us, from personal experience) many
more that "one in a million" lives have been ruined by vacdnes. We don't
want any more people to be hurt needlessly. This is what motivates us.
Based on the feedback we received from our readers, we've made every
effort to cover topics of greatest interest and importance. We have also
kept some of the original articles and stories, as they are still as relevant as
Or, you coultl decide for yourself.
ever. We encourage you to explore both sides, and make an educated decision.

Table Of Contents

4 Do the Benefits 22 The Autiism Epidemie

Outweigh the Risks? *Leah Singer, M.s.
26 How to Prevent Your Children
10 How Dangerous Are the from Being Darnaged by Vacànes
Contributing Researchers:
Shmuel Fiener
Barbara Loe Fisher
28 Halachic Points oflnterest
Moishe Kahan
15 The Forgotten History of Polio
Hannah Katz, Microbiologist
3O lhe Unpublished Letters
Leah Singer, M.s.
16 Are Unvaccinated Children
Endangering Public Health? 32 SIDS: Is "Back to Sleep"
Yocheved Krerns Frischman
the Best Prevention?
18 Vacdnes "For the Greater ContactUs:
Good"? 35 Frequently Asked Questions
19 Wby Is Health on the Decline? 37 Resources
'Some pseudonyms have been used
20 Vacdnes for Expectant Mothers? 38 References

lhe infonnation in this hmdbook is~ educ:ation.o\I purposcs only.

lt is not intende4 to repbc.e yow- rcbtionshíp with 01. he.Uthcue ptof~ional
Letter From Our Founder
Back when my kids were younger, I never thought of ques- upon my children. Either way, l accepted his answer and
tioning vaccines. It was routine at the doctor's office, and I tried to put it out of my mind.
trusted my doctor. I would cringe while my little ones were
But the seed had already been planted and 1 began to see and
given their shots, but 1 knew I was doing the right thing.
hear about distressful situations. 1 noticed how many other
Thank G-d, my family grew. My six children were lovely, but children suffered from chronic ear infections. I heard stories
had many issues. Four of them needed early intervention. of babies who died just days after their shots. While my
Three of them had tubes in their ears after recurring ear doctor's words rang in my ears, the thought that there might
infections. We dealt with hyperactivity, learning problems, indeed be a connection still nagged me.
and constant visits to the pediatrician.
1 did not doubt that what my doctor said was true. After all,
One day, I carne across an article stating that based on studies, he was a professional who went to medical school and had
vaccines may be causing some of the major issues today's chil- years of experience. But for my own peace of mind, 1 decided
dren are facing, such as asthma, autism, ADHD, and allergies. to do some research to allay my fears.
Of course, the first thing 1 did was ask my doctor if the Suffice it to say, 1 was astonishecl. We have nothing to gain
vaccines may have caused some of my children's issues. His by sharing this information with you. Our only hope is that
answer was sharper than 1 expected: other families will fmd relief from their suffering like we did.
"Absolutely notl" he exclaimed, obviously disturbed by my Some of you reading this know the paio of raising a child
question. He then went on to explain that there is no con- with serious conditions such as ASO (autism), juvenile diabe-
nection between vaccines and any of these problems. "There tes, or asthrna. We all know someone with learning disabili-
is a terrible 'anti-vaccine movement' that is out to terrorize ties, sensory issues, serious allergies, and more. The informa-
people, telling them how dangerous vaccines are and con- tion in this publication may not answer all the questions you
vincing them not to vaccinate. Don't believe the quacks out might have about vaccines; it may bring up more questions. I
there, they have no solid science to prove what they say." hope it wilI encourage you to do your own research.
1 breathed a sigh of relief, g:ratefuI that my doctor was able P.S. Please forgive us for our anonymity. It is not because we don't
to reassure me that vaccine:s were not the culprit. Perhaps believe in our cause. We do! It is because many of us have suf-
I was more relieved to be spared of the guilt 1 would feel if fered abuse from fellow community members for questioning the
I learned that vaccines had indeed brought some damage medical authorities and advocating for children's health.

<>The National Vaccine Compensation Program <>"A single vaccine given to a six pound new-
has awarded over $3 billion in damages to children born is equivalent to giving a 180-pound
and adults injured by vaccines. (See page 4)
adult 30 vaccinations on the sarne day!"
(Dr. Boyd Haley, professor and chair, Dept. of
<>Unusual high-pitched crying after Chemistry, University ofKentucky, 2001)
vaccination is often a sign of brain <> After vaccine recommendations were
inflammation. (See page 5) accelerated in 1991, autism rates
in the U.S. went up from roughly 1
<>The DTaP vaccine package insert in 2,500 to at least 1 in 45 today.
lists both SIDS and autism as (See page 25)
possible adverse reactions, and
that 703 of SIDS deaths occur <>The coe admits that no long-
within three weeks after the term studies were ever done on
vaccines. (See page 6)
vaccine. (See pages 7 and 32)
<>Vaccines contain known carcinogens
<> Getting a flu shot during pregnancy (induding formaldehyde and polysorbate
can increase the risk of miscarriage by 4,2503. 80) and childhood cancers are continuously
(See page 20) clirnbing. (See box on page 5)
4 IJo 1hc B•n•füs Outw<Igb Th~ Rtsks?

Do The Benefits
n August 11,
1997, my eighth
Outweigh The Risks?
child was born.

arents are told that the benefits tient reports a severe or even life·threaten·
Two months later,
of vaccines by far outweigh the ing reaction to a vaccine, they are usually
1took him for a well visit
risks; that aside from a slight fe- told that this was not a vaccine reaction
where he was vaccinated for
ver or other mild reactions, dan- at ali, but an unrelated illness. Doctors
Polio, DPT, and 1 don't know
what else. He developed a gerous side-effects or permanent damage are expected to voluntarily report severe
fever, cried for a few days, from vaccines are virtually umheard of. reactions. However, they often do not,
and developed a strange· Additionally, there is pervasnve belief that claiming that the event was not caused by
looking rash. He slept a lot the diseases that vaccines are meant to the vaccine.
and was very lethargíc. lt prevent would otherwise be widespread
Despite this mounting evidence, the medical
was hard to wake him up. and dangerous. Assuming that the vac-
establishment continues to claim that vac-
He would take five hour cines are effective in rendering immunity, cines are safe and risk free.
naps during the day, whích the obvious conclusion is that vaccines
he had never done before. lt are a necessity.
took severa! weeks for the Vaccine Courts
This begs the following questi ons: Are vac·
rash togo away and for him How have govemmental agencies responded to
cines as safe as they claim? Are side effects,
to appear a little less skk. At the tremendous incidence of vaccine reactions?
eight months, he was just including permanent disability and death,
in fact, rare? ln 1986, there were only three pharmaceu·
starting to turn over.
tical companies making vaccines. It was an
At nine months, 1 took him ln order for vacdnes to be . ... . . . ...• . . . .. •.• . . . . . •. . . . . ••. . . . . ... unpopular market, as they
to the doctor, who vaccinat· worthwhile, the diseases were all drowning in law·
"J worked with Congress in
ed him for the second time. must carry a greater chance of suits for vaccine injury. ln
che early 1980s on chat [vac-
After the shots, he screamed order to deal with the great
permanent damage or death cine injury] law and have
inconsolably for a few days than the vaccines. Ifevidence number of adverse events,
and was very stiff. lt was watched it be turned into a
proves otherwise, we must ask cruel joke... the Department congress passed the Na-
very hard to wake him. 1
ourselves: Are we being more of Justice officials fight every tional Childhood Vaccine
!ater found out that this was
responsible ifwe choose to vac- claim, viewing every reward Injury Act, ostensibly to
a not·so·rare symptom of
dnate, or not to? to a vaccine-injured child as help cover damages for
vaccine·induced encephali·
tis (brain inflammation). He admission that vaccines can vaccine-injured children.
and do cause harm."113>
also developed hemiplegia Adverse Reactions Since that time, vaccine
and could barely use his left - Barbara Loe Fisher.
hand and foot. After this, he to Vaccines (foundu ofeh• Nacional
injuries must be taken
to special vaccine courts
Vacdn• lnfonnarion C•nur)
didn't turn over indepen· The CDC and FDA devel- where billions of U.S. tax
dently for another two years. oped the Vaccine Adverse Testifying before the Califomia
State Senate Committee in 2002 f dollars are set aside for
He was diagnosed with Event Reporting System the rare instances that
microcephaly. (VAERS), whlch becarne claimants succeed in win-
1was told that the injection available in the 1990s. Ev- ning their suits. Congress established a
in his left arm had affected ery year over 12,000 adverse reactions are "clisability and death" tax on childhood
the function of his arm and voluntarily reported to the federal govern· vaccines. A percentage of the money from
leg. With years of intensive ment. This includes ER visits, permanent every shot goes into a special fund to com-
therapy, he regained func· injuries, and deaths. The FDA estimates pensate parents of chlldren who have been
tion on his left side and that these numbers account for only 103 seriously damaged or killed by vaccines.
started to walk indepen· of actual cases, while other se ientists
dently by age 7'h. As of 2016, over $3 billion have been award-
estimate that as little as 13 of cases
At ten years old, he still 12
are reported.<• > Accordingly, the true ed to vaccine-damaged families by vaccine
needs full personal care and courts.C3l And this was only paid out to that
number of adverse vaccine reactions
is globally delayed. lt is clear small minority of people who willingly went
is anywhere between 120,000 and 1.2
to me that had he not been through the gaiuntlet of the vaccine courts,
million every year!
vaccinated, he would not and succeeded. Only around 1 in 6 vaccine-
have the disabilities he now No reliable system is in place for tracking damaged children are approved funding.
suffers from. vaccine reactions since most doctors do
lronically, instead of protecting children,
not recognize adverse reactions and report
- , , >. "'· (Lakewooá) the act protects doctors and drug compa·
them. Health-care providers are not well
inforrned about vaccine risks. and patients nies against legal action, since it has essen-
tially "immunized" vaccine manufacturers
are not told what to look for. When a pa-
and doctors against lawsuits for vaccine
Do lhe Benefits Uutwe1gh lhe lúsks7 5

damage. All lawsuits must tum to ing (often a result of swelling in the administering the vaccine, despite
the special vaccine courts funded by brain , which may lead to permanent the parent's valid reservations.<u>
U.S. citizens. disability or even death),«l Ioss of
These stirong reactions are a warning
consciousness, convulsions, paralysis,
Why are so many vaccines blindness, deafness, brain dam-
sign that the vaccine may be danger-
ous to your child's health. ln most
being recommended? age [including learning disabilities, cases, adverse reactions to vaccines
Manufacturers are not held liable ADHD, and autism], and death. Addi- are not isolated events. While many
for any vaccine that is part of the tionally, most cases of Sudden Infant doctors seem to be completely in
recommended vaccination sched- Death Syndrome (S!DS) occur shortly the dark about vaccine reactions, if
ule. This may explain why the U.S. after vaccination. parents conduct independent re-
has the most jam-packed vaccine search, they will find that whatever
schedule in the world. (Among other
risky recommendations, vaccines
Warning Signs reaction they have observed in their
own child has occurred in hundreds
are offered to expectant mothers, Being informed about vaccine
or even thousands of other children
infants receive the Hepatitis B vac- reactions can help prevent possible
after vaccinations. Rather than
cine on their first day of life, and catastrophe. It is up to parents to
trusting the medical establishment's
DTaP at 2, 4 , and 6 months.) It is in educate themselves. When a child
baseless reassurance, parents should
the pharmaceutical industry's best has a severe reaction t o a vaccine,
investigate the matter for them·
interest to make as many vaccines they are at greater risk of experienc- selves and make a well-educated
mandatory as possible. The question ing a similar reaction to a future decision.
remalns: Is it in our children's best vaccine. While p<!!rmanent damage,
interest? particularly to the brain, may occur Many parents have to live with /ifelong
after just one shot, sometimes it is regret for having been convinced to
Common Adverse only after repeated insult that the ignore reactions and continue with
child becomes disabled. vaccines that subsequently led to their
Reactions Medical professionals usually deny
child's permanent disability or even
The incidence of the following reac- death
that a reaction contraindicates
tions vary; however even some of the future boosters. Iln most cases they
more serious events listed below occur do not even believe that the reaction Caution Discarded
surprisingly frequently. was caused by the vaccine altogether. Some of us may remember a time
Serious reactions include: h igh fever, They often convince parents, when doctors were cautious enough
headache, swelling and pain, diar- against their own better to withhold a booster because of a
rhea, vomiting, high-pitched scream- judgment that it is safe to continue severe reaction to a previous vac-

Do You Know What's In A Vaccine?
Human cells from aborted fetuses and hu- Known to cause can cer in animals. B (ANTIBIOTIC)
man albumin; pig blood, horse blood, rab- <> FORMALDEHYDE (FORMALIN) Allergic. reactions can range from mild to
bit brain, guinea pig, dog kidney, cow heart, Major constituent of embalming Jiuid; poi- life threatening.
monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, sonous if ingeste<i Probable carcinogen: <> GLUTARALDEHYDE
duck egg, caHse rum, sheep 's bloodand more. suspected in gastrointestinal, tiver, immune Poisono us if ingested. Causes birth defects
<> AMMONIUM SULFATE (SALT) system. nerve, reproductive system, and re- in experimental animais.
Suspected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve, and spiratory. Poison. Linked to leukemia, brain,
respiratory system poison. colon, and lymphatic cancer. The second-most-toxic element on Earth
<> BETA-PROPIOLACTONE <> MICRO-ORGANISMS (often undetected) (after Plutonium). Has an affinity to the
Known to cause cancer, suspected gastroin- Live and killed viruses and bacteria or their brain, gut, liver, bone marrow, and kidneys.
testinal. liver, skin, andsense organ poison. toxins. Millions of doses of polio vaccine Minute amounts can cause brain/nerve
<> ANIMAL, BACTERIAL, ANO VIRAL ONA were contaminated with monkey virus (SV- damage. Symptoms of mercury toxicity are
Can be incorporated into the recipient's 40), now turning up in human bone, lung similar 'to those of autism.
lining (mesothelioma), brain tumors, and
DNA and cause unknown genetic mutation. <> TRl (N) BUTYLPHOSPHATE
<> LATEX RUBBER Suspected kidney and nerve poison.
Can cause life-threateningallergic reactions. <> NEOMYCIN SULFATE (ANTIBIOTIC)
Produced from selected pieces of caHand cat-
<> MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE Interferes with 86 absorption. A deficit in
tleskin, demineralired cattle bones, and pork
A neurotoxin. 8eing studied for m utagenic, the uptake of 86 can cause a rare form of ep-
skin. Allergic reactions have been reported.
teratogenicity (fetal maHormation), and ilepsy and mental retardation. Allergic reac-
reproductive effects. Can create- mild to se-
<> ALUMINUM tions ca:n range from mild to life threatening.
lmplicated as a cause of brain damage. Sus-
vere allergic reactions. Probable arcinogen; <> PHENOL I PHENOXYETHANOL (2-PE)
pected factor in Alzbeimer's disease, demen-
suspected in causing cancer of the liver, ner- Used in antifreeze; toxic to all cells and ca-
vous, gastrointestinal, reproductive, respi- tia, seizures, and comas. Allergic reaction can
pable of disabling the immune system's pri-
ratory, and immune systerns. Lioked to leu- occur on skin..
mary response mechanism.
kemia, brain, colon, and lymphatic cancer.
o Do 1h.c Brnrfirs Outwr1gh The- Ri.sks?

cine. lncredibly, after shielding vaccine reaction on the third day would be labeled
Common Adverse manufacturers and doctors from vaccine "unrelated." Two to three weeks is consid-
Vaccine Reactions injury lawsuits, in 1991, •contraindications" ered a normal triai period! Even if there
(Ct1mpUeti {rom va«intpadmge inscrs) (for the DPT shot) were re-categorized as are adverse reactions, researchers usually
DTaP "precautions."<12> After this, caution was dis- do not follow up with those patients after
rtactions (pain, redtttss, brui,s.
f.()(JJ] carded; doctors were no longer discouraged the brief study period to see whether they
ing, """1/ing, ul/11/itis, absuss at from revaccinating despite pr·evious severe have recovered. This would make it impos-
injtttion sitt), alletgic/anaphylactic sible to track long-term damage from
reaction, angi.oedemo, apnta, outism,
bôdy ache, brachial neuritis, brotuhi· vaccines.
tis, chil/s, cough, convu/sions (indud·
ing ftbrile and grand mal), cyanosis, Package lnserts The CDCwrites in their Parent's Guide to
diarrhea, drowsilttss, tar pain, t~
Every vaccine comes with a product insert Childhood lmmunizations: "Q. How can
cephaloparhy. exunsive sWttlling of we be sure vaccines don't cause long-
rhe injecud limb. fadai palsy. fatigue, that lists many possible side effects of the
G11il/ain·8arrl Syndrome. heatfache, vaccine. Most patients have never seen term problems? A. Tracking vacdnated
high fevtr, hypmensitivity, hypo- these documents, and it is questionable children for many years lookingfor
ronia, itritllbility. musdt weaknes.s
whether their healthcare providers are long-term health conditions would be
or spasms, m)'tlicis (sweDing of the impractical .. .'~1•>
spinal c.ord), myocarditis, myosicis, aware of what is written on these informa-
nausta, ntt11t comprt:SSion, partuS-- tion sheets. These inserts indicate that vac- Additionally, most of the studies are
thesiat persistant crying. pruritus, dnes actually carry great risk. Bvery patient is conducted by the vaccine manufacturers
rttSh, respirorory troct inf«cion.
Slrtaming, seiz.ures, sensory disorder.
entitled, if not required, to see the package themselves, rather than by independent
sort ond swolltn joincs. slttpintsS, insert before accepting any medical treat- third parties, raising obvious questions
swollen lymph nodes. syncope Ooss ment. This is informed consent. Without about the integrity of these studies. Often,
o( conâousntss). chrombocyrope.nia, knowing the true risks, how can parents do instead of comparing new vaccines to in-
tiredness, uni/atual fadai paralysis.
an honest risk-benefit analysis? (See example nocuous placebos, such as saline, manu-
tJ.rticariti, vomiông, Sudden Infant
Dearh Syndrome ofinsert on page 7.) facturers use previously approved vaccines
as their "placebo"; a totally unscientific
loco/ reaaions (cellulitis, pain, mass,
inflammation. eahymosis, swelling,
Scientific Studies on
hemorrhage, hardening, icchiness).
abdominal pain. anaphylactic shodc,
Vaccine Safety Revealing Studies
chi/Is, chest ôghtness, dearh. diarrhea, Wben determining vaccine safety, long- Third-party studies usually reporta much
di{frculty brearhing, fadai edema, term studies are never do.n e. Often, the higher incidence of adverse reactions.
fatigudweakn=. fever. hot flashes/
flushes, joint pain. ma/aise, musde studies have major design flaws making it Additionally, when parents are educated
anti joint weakness/pain, nausea, ner- easy for them to miss many serious reac- about vaccine reactions, and know what
vous systtm disorders (induding head· tions. For example, a reaction is counted to look for, the numbers are usually very
tKht, dizziness, neuralgi.a. pames--
only if it occurs within an arbitrarily set different than those reported by the
rh.sia, con(usion. febri/e conw/sions.
Guillaitt-Barrl Syndrome, nt)'tlitis, time period, such as 48 hours, where a manufacturers.
neuritis, paralysis. Bell's Palsy), sore
thoat, Stevtm·Johnson Syndrome.
sweating, swoDen lymph nodes, syn·
copt. chrombocyt.optnia, va.sculids,
vomiting. whttzing
Hepatitis B
ll)(Jl/ rtllítions (icrhin.ss. tahymosis.
SWttlling, wormrh. and nodule {ormo-
tion, pain, cenderness, redtttss, swtll·
ing ar injection sitt). abdominal pain
(induding cramps. tonstipation, di·
ârrhta., nausto, vomiting), achinm.
agitation, alopeda, anaphy/axis, an-
omda, angi~dtma, anhrids. &lfs
Pa/sy. bronchial spasm, chi/Is, cott-
stipation, caugh, diarrheo. dyspep-
sia. dyspnea, dysuria, ecchymoses,
edema, ekvatü:m of liver enzymes,
enap/ta/itis. eryrhema multiforme,
erythema nodosum. ecuma, fatigue/
weakness. febrile S<!izure, {lushing.
Guil/6i11-Bll1'YI Syndrômt, htl'1Íl1lht.
herpes zosrer. high fever. hy(J'sth,_
sia, influenza, irJS(Jmnia/disturbtd

(continued on page 7)

Informed Consent
- DTaP Package lnsert
;; Toxoids and Acellular
~ Pertussis Vacáne Adsorbed
not the safety of the .···················· ..
Common Advene
vaccine. Addition- Vaccine Reactiollll
Tripedia® ally, while 80'lb of the (amt1nlA<ld)
children in the study slttp. irritJJbiliry, jomt di=dm.
1,....,.. Oi11Mw1 ..i4lf'llf lfÜ111r>,._.WM~1\>t111M \'.tit<•~~ l>lilf'\ . lot 1nl! ---'""""".i*'"•lr
""'l""~liun 111 dl~I• 1111d llrl.in"' hl'I011b6dw !bed, w111-t a<C'M.i11 ""1U'>'16 \.lu .11"° 111 • l'!IOIOI*: ,uil111m wl11h1M1
group were at least lighcM.d.dMSS. lupus, malaiu.
1on1.1l11l111~!~ ~1(1 IOí'llftfflll ptl llllll'f<Nil1ng_i hf> v.ICtitlti'1 li llM1flF'""°"" ..... -.~ h lffil•HôlC(oflf>i'I mtningitis, migraint. mutuplt uft-
d1~~"'°W1M.11!PM\11"111 t111 14 months old, the
rosis, myalgia, mytlitis, nousta, nt<k
U.S. health depart-
scí{fn&. paín (including bocic. ntclc.
MdilioNI Mlwnt lt«llOftt: ment used this study shouldtr). opric nturitls (in<ludinz
• N.wi. odllfr t !Ymll!iwfltoa)llQl""'C'IX'*"- a Mldlllt _,.,. bt~ • tw lnf«llon "'8 kit W!'Wtf.M•ttlt. ~dt -~
....io. .. thottlttol 111fl(lion ~ àt'MftilMtd.l.M as a basis to vaccinate c.onjuncdvids. visual disturbancts,
• a.tt,. MI ~tk ff.kl._ fit. hi•~ 9'tflll'lg of IM lllOUdi, dâff'l(uiy btMIJilllc. ...
JlffplrJtion:liClllllUl. . . .plllbitlb,w.twais,-'/or~ . . . . ..
Wl(l) ~ bttft
chilclren as young as 6 and uvdtis) pa/picarion, partsthtsia.

__ ___
paipht!ra/ nftJJ'O(Jtlthy. ptrsmanr

... ... ____ _

·~ . . . . .Mfr11UClionl,~ .. w.EftklOllltMMll5 . . . . *"'1Hhow\••~
weeks old!">
..,..... flUlfll.,~ ......
·:.=.:::=-==-~~:=::i~~=-~ .......... ~
ayútg. pttt<hiat. pharyngotll, P""
ricus. radiaJopathy. ~uurt. slttf11·

.. HPV (Human
•Alftlli'lflillt._ ...................... ~ ... .1c.-al..--.,. . . . . ~ ..... _. .... kldiul
n=. Suvtns-.Johnson SyndTOlflt,
... .... ~
"Jf'Cl•<-..1 ...........
~ ........,...
•A"-c.. ............ ~ .. W06MitWf!9~ ...... - - - - . . . . .
._ ~ .,~-....,_ .......
Papillomavirus) ~ swoll.m lymph """"' .,.,.
«>pt. tJJdrycJ>rd;a, IJnnrtut. throm-
lroeyropmia. .,,,,,., mplTOtJJry •nf«·
~M'*""*"" ~-dtftptdia.'41Ct'.W . . . . . . . . . .....,..... .......I, ~ ln one pre-licensure
óan. unia!ria. ""'°'br:is (indudrni
- ...... ~lll'M~•lhANWouirlllldw~•....,.,te....,....lllOW.,..,.fWflll.111'
ltf*lf4~"""·,...-"UlllUIUllll'làt.ilisoot~ ........ ,,.,..,.OlllU!tllww~otl0
study of 2,392 women,
polyaruriris nodosa). wro,.,tdrUI·
~ 1 c.tllloll Nt.Mlon.,
to cetnpCWftfi ~ Tftflf'UGCd.t.1 only 768 were included neu. '10miting
in the final analysis.
~~Jt::,-::T,~~~~~~~~~:O:~:;'.":!~:C~a:!'~~":U:: IPV (Polio)
lncredibly, women who
=~MJU:ln:'~~~:=::::::ime,:1::'!,~~:if::C~~=~~~,"::i.~~"!~ local reactions (mass, pain, rash,
S!alllllft h#thtf 1tq11llft.., hf*!Wart ...~ kl N'j)Oll'l IO lht S«tttliry oi lflt UH)tp.ll!IWIMI ~ HUlll'I atld Hl#llan received the series of rtáness, swlling ac injection sírt),
~~"!':.;'t':oc~~~ ;~;s:!:'~1==7~:~===" ::~~= 1 1
three shots and then agication. allugic ~artion. anaphy-
~~=.:=r~~~'::.~~~l=::.::.::.IO abow,ora,., tested positive for latric rtJJ<rion. anaphylacric shoclc,
anonxia, convulsk>ns and (tbnlt con-
HPV16 were excluded vulsibn. drows1MSS. Gulllain·&rn
from the study.m Sy~. htmltldt•. /Ugh {tvtr. rr-
rill1hility. join< pmn, myalgia (mu.s<k
ln clinicai triais, 93'lb pain). pottSthaio. ptnUtiml oyr"f,
One study conducted by a thlrd party of women who received the HPV vacdne s/Npinlss. swoll.m lymph nodo.
on DPT found no reaction in only 7'lb of
patients. Another 7'lb experienced severe
reported adverse reactions within 15 days. órMnlss. urricaria. ""'"'º"'
Many women even withdrew from the HJB
reactions, a fui! 59'lb reported moderate study to avoid further reactions.oo There looJ/ ttticrions ( pain. ,.dntts. twtll·
reactions, and 273 had mild reactions."> ing ac inj«tion sitt), o.lltrgie rtoc-
were 17 deaths during the clinicai criais, but
White this study was testing DPT, similar invesdgators dismissed these events, claiming
r:Ums. anaphylaxis, angioMtma.
leveis of severe adverse events are found anorexia., convulsion.s. drowsmt#,
with the current acellular pertussis (aP)
that they were unrelated to the shotsl"' .,,.,,s;w limb .-Jling, high ftvtr.
irricobilicy. puriws (icchín,.s). pt-
The Jam-Packed Schedule riphual .dtma, ptnistont c>ying.
urticaria, vomíting
Influenza Vaccines such as MMR and Pneamococul

ln 2005, The Lancet accines are DTaP are combined for local ffll<lion (ctllu111J1, parn. itchl·
published a review that convenience, not health. n=. rbln.ss, somras. SWtllrnl.f
not unsafe. /um!.ming o( mjtttlon Sltt). .,.,..
conduded, "The safety lndeed, they The risk of unnaturally
plryllJltbid m><tions. angioMurotlc
of infiuenza vacdnes are arguably exposing children to many tthma. orthriús. bacà pam. ch1Tls.
given to babies and chil- the safest best-tested medi- diseases at once through dtuttJSed limb mobtlrty. drarrhta.
the vaccination process ~. talrymosis. tryU..ma
dren is unknown." They cal products we put into
mulrifomtt, ftbrilt convuJJion. (tlJll'.
even reported that they our bodies. The claim that has not been evaluated.
Guillain-&m Syndromt. htadacht,
• found ele ar evidence of vaccines cause permanent We must wonder why htmo/yric antmia, joint pain. ltuko-
systematic suppression harm or disabllities is simply health authorities have cyt.osis, matai~. myalgio, nau~o.
not conducted any studies n«k pain, pam!Nsia. pharyngflls.
of data." When the re- incorrect.• radicu!onttJropar.hy, rash. strum sidc-
searchers contacted the to determine the safety of
- . a•I J .. rt1/'J, Patent-holliu ness, swtlling of inj«ud limb. sW<li·
vacdne manufacturers for t~ Mm:k roravrrus vtlé
their current practices. ltn lymph nodts. thrombo<ytaptnia.
for the missing evi- nne (1he frrst rotawrus voume. up~r mpiracory inftctron. urticoria.
Before believing the condu-
llOmiâng. wtaJ.nns/faueu•
dence, they were denied RotaSh eltr was coken o(f U S
sions drawn by the vacáne
access.<S.•> mor/cn m 1999oftucou
manufacturers, take a look Rotaviru
number of tka tbUg#r/IWllfY ,,_, dltlfrhta. ftwr.
at the scientilic data they
DPT are using to make their
{ussintssruritJJbtlity. gawotnttnnt.
hmw«hma. idiopathic thtombocy-
Clinicai triais were claims. You will be amai.ed coptnit purpura. KawasaJa duto#,
never conducted in the U.S. on children to discover that the evidence often contra- loss of apptllll, maladnunistmtion.
tt<UTYtnc inn.ssusaplion (indudini
to determine if the pertussis vaccine was dicts their conclusions. While a parent's goal dtath). vomiting
safe. They relied on a British study, which is to protect their children, the pharmaceuti - (concrnru:d on pagt 8)
was meant to test only t he effectiveness, cal industry may have other goals ....
8 IJo 1hc B•n•füs Outw<Igb Th~ Rtsks?

....·· ................. ._.....................

Common Adverse
No Causal Relationship? Common Adverse
Vacdne Reactions Vaccine manufacturers will cite many possible adverse Vaccine Reactions
(GOntin!JM) (HPVtontinued)
reactions, and then write, "however, no causal relationship
Meningococcal has been established." This is a st range statement, as t here rtactions. ankylosing spondy/itis
apnoa, arthralgia (joint pain), bal· (in{lammawy distase ofthe spint),
is ample evidence t o establish a strong causal relation-
anu disordtr. bont pain, changt in aucoimmunt distasts (induding he·
tating habics, thills, dionhto, dizzi·
ship between vacdnes and associated reactions. Vaccines molytic anemia, chrombccycoptnia,
ness, Mr pain, elevaóon of liver tn· are frequently approved despite obvious evidence of thyroidiôs), anhritis, abdominal
zymes, tytlid prosis (drooping tyt· their dangers or ineffectiveness. The above examples are pain, bronchospasm, b/ood clots,
lid). facial ntrve paralysis, fatigue, brain inflammarion, alillc dis·
illustrative of virt ually every vaccine on t he market.
ftvtr, Guillain·Barrl Syndromt. ease, cellulitis, chi/Is, cough. death,
htadacht, htaring impairment. hy· ln response to the quest ion of how the CDC could et hically dttp lltnous thrombôsis, diabeus
pe~nsitivity. irr;cobility, malai~, mtllitu.s insr.din·dependtnt, diar·
promete vaccines whose safety has not been proven, they
myalgia. nausta, oropharyngeal rhto. diuiness, disabling fatigue,
give the outrageous response that "withholding new vaccines erythtma nodosum (in{lammatory
pain, ptrsistonc aying, rash, s.ei-.
zure. skin exfoliacion, sleep;ness. from children who would benefit from them while long-term condition), fadai paralysis, fever.
syncope, vntigo. ~stibular disot· studies were being done would be unethical. "tI•J If studies would Guillain·Barn' Syndrome, htad·
dt:r,vomiông prove that these vaccines are dangerous, wouldn't it be ache, htart prob/ems, hy~rthyroid·
ism, hypothyroidism, in{lammatory
MMR more unethical to administer them? Not only are vaccines bawtl di.S«J.st, insomnia, joint pairt,
local rtaction (blisttring, bumingl not withheld, but they are actually forced upon us via gov- lupus, mulciplt sduosis, malaist,
stinging, hardtning, iu:hiMss, rtd· ernment mandate.... motor ntttr0n J;~ast, myalgi.a
ness, swtlling, rmderness of injtt· (musclt poin and weokness), myo-
don si~). anaphylaxis. orrhritis, Once a vaccine is publicly administ ered, high leveis of carditis(in{lammation oftht heart),
jóint pain, ataxia (Jade ofmusdt ctr adverse events accumulate. Nonetheless, it is rare for a nausea, nephritis (kidney diseast),
ordination which may o(fect spetch, optic nturitis, oropharyngea/ pain,
tyt movtmtncs, ab;Jicy to swallow, vaccine t o be removed from circulat ion no matter how
pancrtacicis, para1ysis, pigmenta·
wafüng. picldng up objeas). atypi· much damage it is causing. One likely reason for this is tion disordu, pulmonary tmbolus,
<01 mt11sles, bronchial spasm, cough. the health depart ment's fear that withdrawing a vac- prot.t.inuria, psoriasis, Raynaud's
dtath, diabetes (ty~ 1), diarrhto, cin e may elicit public concern about vaccine safety and phenomtnon, rhtumaco;J arthrlcis,
diz2iJttSs, tar infeaion. ear ner~ sderodtrma/morphta, stizures,
dta{mss, tnaphalitis, tye rttinitis, possibly cause large-scale vaccine reject ion. Despite clear
Sctvens·Johnson Syndromt, strokt,
{tbrilt convulsions, ftwr. Guillain· evidence t hat vaccines cause harm in at least hundreds suádtn coll.opse with unconsâous·
Barr<i Syndrome. headacht. ir· of thousands of people yearly, the CDC has decided that ness wirhrn 24 hours. swolltn
ritability. ltukocytbs.is. maloi~. lymph naths. synto~. rransverst
they are nonetheless worthwhile.
measl~. mumps (induding tpi· myelitis, upptr resp;rocory aaa in·
didymicis, orchit.is, parotitis), sevot As longas health authorities neglect to conduct long- ftaion, ttrticaria. uvtitis, vomiting
skin naaions, myalgia. nausea,
ocul.or pals;es, opric nturicis (indwi·
tenn studies on individual uaccines; as weU as the
ing conjunctivitis. papillitis, and vaccine schedule as a whole, their assertion that "the
rtrrobttlbâr nturitis), pancrtari.tis, benefi.ts outweigh the risks" is baseless. lf they have
~ripheml or fadai edema. pntumo· not done a proper risk-benefitr analysis, we must do one for
nia, polyneuricis, rhinitis~ seizures, ourselves.
sore chroat, Subacutt Sdtrosing
Panencephalitis (SSPE). swollen
lymph nodts. syncopt, thrombocy·
ro~nia, llâsculia·s. vomiring

Chicken-Pox (Varicella)
local rtaction (udtttss, htmawma,
hardtning, numbness. iu.hintss,
pyrexia. ro.sh, sorentss, swtllirtg, of
injettion site), anaphylaxis (includ·
ing anophylactit s/iodr), angioneu·
rocic ttkma, aplasdc anemia, astp·
tic meningitis, atoxia, Btll's Palsy,
ullulicis, urtbrwoscular accidtnc,
dizzintss, tnctphaliris, trythtma
mulciformt, facial tdtma. Guillain·
Barn! Syndromt, Henoch·Sdt6nlein
Purpura, htr~s zosttr. im~tigo.
nttrodzing rtrinitis, non·ftbrilt
stizures. partsthtsia, periphtral
edema, pntu.monia/pntumoniris.
Scewns·Johnson Syndrome, chrom·
bocyropenia, rransvtru m~litis.
varictlla (&10cânt stmin)
HPV {Gardasil)
local rtaaions (pain, rtdness. swtll·
irtg at irtjtction sict), acure dis·
seminattd enuphalomyelitis, alo·
_ ~eia, anaphylattic/onaphylattoid .
·. . ............................ ···~ ... ·"
Inside the via/: Outside the via/:
Safe for infants and Toxic biohazard?
pregnant women •Envir.onmental Prottcdon Agmcy
Ti ine
A Vaccine History
After a coercive four-year sma llpox vaccination cam- While experimenting with vaccines, French immunolo-
paígn reaching 97.5-., of the population, gist, Cbarle.s Richet coined the term ·ana-phylaxis"
England experienced its wor st smallpox (meaning against protection) to explaín a
epidemie of the century, claiming more 1871-1872 1901 manmade deadly reaction to harmless sub-

than 44,000 lives. stances caused by injections with the newly
(Cotnpttian "'1- FITJlldulmt invented hypodermic needle.
Mtóial RatonJr Ntws/tttn; 1995) (l>tanur Afk<ry Eprdmvc. &itl!6 Fra-. 2011)

The World Health Organiution has pointed out that the Austrian pediatridan, Clemens von Pirquet, coined the
key the to eradication of smallpox was switching from term •anugy• to desc.ribe a vaccine-induced
condition that caused hypersensitivity and
mass vaccination, which was not working, to contaíning
the disease through isolation.
1906 chronic illness.
(llull«in o(rJw W«ld 1-kalth OJ:ganization. 1975) (PttmurADtry;yEpidtnut, Hta<NrFrastr. 2011)

Researchers at Rockerfeller lnstitute in Manhattan ex-

Eli Lilly experimented with the mercury derivative thi-
periment with passaging poliovirus through
merosal on 22 patients with meningitis. Ali
spinal cord tissue of Rhesus monkeys 'with
rhe hope of increasing its virulence.' Thís sarne
1916 1929 22 subjects died; seven of them within one
day of thimerosal administration. Lilly used
year, the largest and most deadly outbreak of
this study as the basis for the safety of thi-
polio occured. Brooklyn, New York, the epicentre of the
merosal, and they've been putting it into vaccines ever
outbreak, was a mere three miles from Rockefeller lnsti-
tute, where the polio experiments took place.
(H. V. Wyart • 1h< Optn Vocdnt .Joumal. 2011. 4. 13-17) g
ln 1967, Ghana was declared measles-free by the World
Health Organiution after 96% of its popula-
=_ 1960
ln the U.S. in 1960, two virologists discovered
that both polio vacdnes were contarninated
with the SV 40 virus, which causes cancer in
tion was vac~nated. ln 1972, Ghana experi- ( 1967-1972 animais as well as changes in hurnan cell-tis-
enced one of 1ts worst measles outbreaks ever
sue cultures. Millions of children had been injected with
with the higbest mortality rate.
(Dr. H. Albotti<o, MMR Vocr/M Convxzi&n., SWllUrlond. Mmrh 1990)
these vaccines.
(Mtt!Jt:DI JoumoJ o(Au#rolla. March 17.1973. p.555)

ln the U.K. between 1970 and 1990, over 200,000 cases

A survey of 30 states in the U.S. revealed that more than
of whooping cough occurred in fully vacdnated half of the chíldren who contr.acted measles
children. (°"'"""niry Dlsmso Sunftbnu Cnvr. UIO 1970-1990 1978 had been adequately vaccinated.
Sweden abandoned the whooping cougb vac- m.. """"'' Doctor. Dr. Robm Mmdtl.sdzn)
cine due to its ineffectiveness. Out of 4,140
ln the U.S., rhe cost of a single 01'1' shot had risen from
cases in 1978, it was found that 84 percent
bad been vaccinared three times! 1979 11centsin1982 to $11.40 in 1987. lhe manufacturers
of the vaccines were putting aside $8.00 per
(Briruh MM'.,,.J .Jcumal 283;69ó-97. 1981)
if"'-------... shot to cover legal costs and damages they

=:_~=-- 1982-1987 were paying out to parents of braín-dam-
The February 1981 issue of the Journal of the aged children and children who died after
American Medical Association fo und that 903 1981 vaccina.tion.
of obstetridans and 66% of pediatridans re- (Tht Vint, no. 7, .lanlJlil'f 1994, Nambow; Qld)
fused to take the rubella vaccine.
'lhe Joumal of the American Medical Assodation pub-
Canada suspended use of an MM R vacdne that lished an article on measles that stated, "Although more
caused many cases of aseptic meníngiús. Oe- ( 1989-199i ... than 953 of school-aged children in the U.S. are vacci-
spite its track record, thís sarne MMR vaccine nated again.st measles, large measles outbreaks
was introduced in the United J<ingdom. More - - - - - continue to occur ín schools and most cases
deadly cases of meningitis ensued. 1990 in thís se tting occur among previously vacd-
nated children."
(Ammt:on .JoumoJ o(F.pkkmlolotY. 20fll, V.oi. lôS. No. 6)
(.JAMA. N°"""bt< 21.1990)
ln the New England Journal of Medicine, July
1994 issue, a study found that over 80... of chil- On January 10"' , Robert F. Kennedy Jr. met with the
dren under five years of age who had contracted tben-president elecr at Trump Tower in NY. He reported
whooping cough had been fully vaccinated. to tbe press that Trump had asked him to head a "vacdne
safety and scientific integrity" commission. Within
97% of people who caught the mumps during bours, a Trump spokesperson qualified Kennedy's state·
the 2009 outbreak had been vacdnated. 2009 ments, saying the president ºis exploring the
possibility of forming a commission on Au-
(Ntw F.nglant! .Joumalo(MttlldN 2012; 367:1104-1713)
2017 tism ... however no dedsions have been
~~M. ttlJ. 15.2017)
10 How Dan erous are thc DisC'ases?

"Are we trading
transient child- How Dangerous Are The Diseases?
hood diseases
for a lifetime of
chronic iUness?"
here is great fear of contagious take a look at the recommended book list

<> Asthma
<> Chronic bronchitis
<> Anaphylaxis
T disease. However, we have an
incomplete understanding of the
actual risks of "vaccine prevent-
able diseases." For example, almost every-
body has heard:
found at the back of this handbook.
Diseases for which there are vaccines are not
all equal. We have categorized them below in
the hopes of clarifying their true relevance in
our lives. For the sake of brevity, this list does
<> Allergies
Measles: Extremely contagious/ not indude every disease for which there is
<> ADD/ADHD encephalitis (brain inflammation) a vacáne. Conduct your own research to find
out more about the diseases mentioned, as
<> Autism Mumps: Male sterility
well as those that are not.
<> Dyslexia lhweUa: Birth defects
While some of these diseases can be inter-
<> Learning Palio: Paralysis/iron lungs changed within these categories, the medical
disabilities establishment would have us believe that all
Pertussis/ whooping cough: Compromised
<> Crohn's disease breathing and death in infants "vacánable" diseases fall into the realm of
dangerous or deadly. This is far from the truth.
<> Ulcerative colitis Tetanus: An incurable infection that causes
paralysis and is invariably deadly There are:
<> lnfertility
1> Diseases that are frightening and possibly
<> Guillain-Barre These examples illustrate virtually the only
Syndrome thing most people know about these dis-
eases. Until now, the partia! information the 1> Diseases that are low risk or generally
<> Eczema harmless, and
public has received about the dangers of the
... Shingl@s diseases has inevitably led to widespread fear 1> Diseases that are irrelevant to most popu·
<> Diabetes and therefore faithful acceptance of vaccines. lations.
<> Obesity Doweknow:
<> Hypothyroidism 1>How frequently these diseases occur? FRIGHTENING DISEASES
.,.. Hyperthyroidism
1> How often theyproduce these side effects? Pertussis/ Whooping Cough
1> Whether the numbers cited by health Pertussis is a genuinely frightening disease,
<> Alzheimer 's
authorities have any basis in reality? which despite massive vaccination coverage
1> Whether there are any risk factors that is still transnUtted today. However, death
<> Childhood make complications from these diseases rates from the disease have dedined dramati-
Leukemia more or less likely? cally since the early 1900s, before the vaccine
<> Cancer <> How vaccines have affected the epidemiol- became available. <•>The most likely reason is
ogy of these diseases? improved standard of living and nutrition.
<> Blindness
<> Whether vaccines have reduced the iná- ln 2010, out of 27,500 cases of whooping
<> Deafness
dence of the feared consequences of these cough reported in the U.S., there were 27
<> Epilepsy diseases? deaths, 25 of wh:ich occurred in children
<> Depression <> Whether other treatments besides vac- under 1 year old.<» This does not come dose
cines exist? to the average 10,000 annual cases of Sudden
<> Bipolar Disorder
Below, we provide a brief overview of some lnfant Death, 703 of which may be caused by
.,.. Rheumatoid the DTaP vacáne.U>l
important but little-known facts about these
diseases. I t becomes apparent that selective The vaccine for whooping cough is highly reac-
<> Juvenile arthritis information can be misleading enough to tive; in addition to SIDS, it has been correlated
<> Colic/high pitched make it impossible to make a truly educated with brain damage and many other severe
screaming decision about vaccines. You can fmd answers side-effects. One study found that the DTaP
to the above questions through further read- vaccine caused severe reactions (such as brain
<> lnfantile insomnia inflammation) in 1 out of106 babies.íll) This
ing. After reading this handbook, if you like,
• •-<- •1 ·~· . -.. • •• · - . · - ••• ·- . · - .. . . . . . . .•
How Dangerous ar(> th~ Discases? 11

was almost double the rate of the original Diphtheria

whole-cell pertussis vacdne, U3l which was
removed from circulation due to the tremen- Diphtheria is no longer found in developed
.,.. lnfantile
dous incidence of adverse reactions. countries. ln the words of pediatrician, Rob-
ert Mendelsohn, M.D., "Today your child has encephalitis
Additionally, the vaccine is not very effective as much chance of contracting diphtheria as .,.. Autoimmune
in protecting against the disease. Accord- he does of being bitten by a cobra."csi disease
ing to the Journal of the American Medical
Again, vaccination is given undeserved .,.. Paralysis/brain
Assodation, "Whooping Cough infections
credit for the disease's eradication. ln the damage
are common in an immunized population."
The British Medical Journal states, "ln 1979 1940s, countries that introduced the vacdne .,.. Multiple sclerosis
Sweden abandoned the whooping cough saw a dramatic increase in disease incidence. .,.. Demyelinating
vaccine. Out of 5,140 cases in 1978, it was <3.sl During the sarne period, countries such polyneuropathy
found that 843 had been vacdnated three as Sweden saw diphtheria decline, despite
.,.. Subacute sclerosing
times." The fact that this vaccine comes in the fact that they did not vaccinate against
it.(3.•l panencephalitis
5 doses speaks volumes of its inability to
render permanent immunity (see below for .,.. Acute transverse
ln 1975, an FDA report concluded that the
more about booster shots). myelitis
diphtheria vaccine "is notas effective an
immunizing agent as might be anticipated" .,.. Chronic ear infection
"ln the USA in 1978, they mandated vaccina-
and that the disease may occur in vaccinated .,.. Chronic strep throat
tion [and] it resulted in a three fold increase in
indivíduals.0°> Historlcally, during outbreaks .,.. Chronic fatigue
the reported incidence of whooping cough."
at least 50% of those who contracted the syndrome
- Viera Scheibner PhD (from Tokai Journal of disease were vaccinated. Additionally, in the
Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1988) .,.. Migraines
U.S. diphtheria declined at the sarne rates in
states where few children were vaccinated as .,.. Meningitis
Poli o it did in those with mandatory vacdnation .,.. Kidney failure
Polio is an oral-fecal disease which is policies.<;)
.,.. Failure to thrive
contracted via contact with excrement, not
sneezes, of infected (or recently vacdnated) This is not an exhaustive
persons. We have put it in this category
Low-Risk Diseases list. Vaccines are a major
because society is terrified of it, since it has Most childhood diseases fall into this contributing factor to
a track record of causing paralysis. category. ln the 1960s, after the vaccine many other chronic
Vaccines have been given a lot of credit for for measles, mumps, and rubella was diseases as well...
eradicating the disease, but :in truth, statistics introduced, the media began to inflate the
have shown that for reasons unrelated to the dangers of these diseases in order to compel
vaccine, polio was already declining before the public to vaccinate. The sarne thing has
vaccination was introduced.{"5) happened in recent years with chicken pox.
ln fact, after the introduc-
tion of the vaccine in the
U.S., cases of polio nearly Sanitation, Nutrition and lmproved living Conditions,
doubled!C6>ln 1954, after
the introduction of the NOT Vaccines, Reduced Disease lncidences
vaccine, the coe changed
450 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Unfttd Starttt Morb!wtv Ratl!S
•Rõf.Wóii.IÃlals.ól~UllfliU..lid~ l l!1 1t98 llod ,tll.l"t,tM&, 11'11t11 1M1 llm;Kô1611Cill
the diagnostic criteria for SUa1C!lO!huw.d~IU - COll)l'(lllT-• 19-?0hn 1

polio, labeling most cases 'ºº

that would have previ-
ously been diagnosed as
palio as "acute flaccid pa-
ralysis". Subsequent years


& 25.0
- 'M10oPn11CoulJ(I

saw 30,000 new paralysis

cases yearly given this al- il!; 20.0
ternate diagnosis, thereby 'MloopingCougll VJ1Wnt
'lt1drUpt&td UM""
"eradicating" the disease The Llllt 1940,
with the sweep of a pen.
Acute flaccid paralysis is 10.0
on the rise, and is clini-
cally indistinguishable 5.0
from polio. m
ool.~~~~~~_:__....~::._:::::'.'.:::::::~~§ii~~ ......-.....-..._.~~

···············~Data compiled from the National Office of Statistics

12 How Dangêrous are the Diseases?

Who was scared of chicken pox before diseases? With deafness, disability, right before the introduction of the
the vaccine was introduced? Media- and mental retardation on the rise, measles vaccine, the.re were between
induced fear-mongering made these we must take a step back and ask Oand 3 deaths in children due to
vaccines seem like a necessity. These whether vaccines are accomplish- measles in various U.S. states.131l
diseases only become greatly feared ing their original goal of preventing The number of deaths from measles
after they become "preventable." children from being harmed or killed. in children in impoverished countries
Unlike natural immunity from the Or have vaccines perhaps become a is much greater. Mortality rates are
diseases themselves, vacdnes do not greater threat to our children's health 200 to 400 times higher in malnour-
impart lifelong immunity. This is the than the diseases they are intended ished children. These rates are added
reason for booster shots, which are to prevent? indiscrirninately to statistics making
taken for granted as a routine part measles look much more dangerous
of vaccination. What many do not to children in affluent countries than
realize is that the reason for repeated it really iis.C32l
boosters is that immunity from vac- "I almost died of
dnes usuallywanes overtime. Booster Tetanus because I didn't "Children in 1hird World countries need
shots are intended to solve this get my booster shot and improved vitamin A and general nutri-
problem. However, immunity usually was infected with it from tion status, not vaccines. •
declines shortly after repeated boost- a rusty nail."
ers as well ...<ll - Dr. Viera Scheibner
There are many anaerobic bacte-
Though measles is highly contagious,
"1he big secret among 'vaccinologists' ria that can take up residence in
inconvenient, and uncomfortable, it
is that anywhere from 20 to 503 of deep puncture wounds. Although
rarely causes harm in properly nour-
children are not resistant to the diseases wound infection is common, teta-
nus is rarely the offending bacteri· ished children in affluent countries.
for which they have been immunized. • However, the live vírus MMR vaccine
um. ln the U.S., there are only about
- Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D., carries considerable risks. The fol-
4 deaths per year due to tetanus
"The Truth Behind infection. Tetanus is an anaerobic lowing is a partia! list of possible,
the Vacdne Cover-Up" bacteria found in the feces of farm often-pe·r manent adverse reactions
animais. lt does not usually lie dor- to the vaccine: deafness, seizures,
Wben mothers contracted these
mant on rusty nails, though other convulsions, autoimmune disorders,
diseases during childhood, their
anaerobic bacteria may have been chronic bowel disease, encephalitis,
infants received natural immunity
present at the time of injury. brain damage (such as autism), and
at birth, which lasted 15 months.
lf you receive the tetanus booster, death. 115>
Vaccinated mothers no longer protect
their infants, and these vaccines are which is actually the DTaP vaccine, it The CDC claims that the odds of en·
ineffective on infants as well. The sad w ill do nothing to protect you from cephalitis from measles are 1/1000.
irony is that because of vaccines, we myriad infectious bacteria. The vac- However, this number is prob-
are left with many adults and infants cine's ability to protect against all ably only accurate in malnourished
who are no longer resistant to many wound infections is little more than children. The real odds of a child in a
an illusion. Since vaccines can sup-
diseases. While these diseases are first world country, being disabled by
press the immune system, there is
harmless to most children. they encephalitis from measles is between
reason to be concerned that a teta-
impart a much greater risk to adults 1/10,000 and 1/100,000. There was
nus shot may put one at greater risk
and infants. for wound infection. also a belief among doctors that
when a child experienced photopho-
The MMR Vaccine bia (light sensitivity), it could lead to
blindness; an unfounded claim. (S)
There is little doubt that the MMR
vaccine has been effective in reducing According to Dr. William Atkinson,
Measles senior epidemiologist with the CDC,
the incidence of the three diseases it
is intended to prevent. But at what Up until the early 1900s, measles in some l.arge outbreaks, over 953 of
cost? Few parents would risk their deaths were common in both the U.S. those who contract measles had been
child's health-or even life-with and England. Average death rates vaccinated.<3·1•> According to the World
vaccines just because a disease is in- ranged around 83 in the U.S. and 303 Health Organization, during an out-
convenient, and may cost them work in England. This was apparently due break vacánated people have about a
days. The reason people are willing to to poor living conditions and malnu- 15 times greater chance of contracting
accept the risks of vaccines is because trition, both rampant at that time. measles than unvaccinated.CSl
they are afraid of the dangers of the As living conditions improved, and Additionally, after the introduction
diseases. before the MMR vacdne was intro- of the vaccine, a strange forro of
What if the MMR vaccine were duced, death rates declined to be- measles, called "atypical measles" ap-
damaging more children than the tween 0.033 and 0.000033. ln 1963, peared. Occurring only in vaccinated
How Dangerous ar'! th~ Discases? 13

individuais, the disease lasted much Varicella/ Chicken Pox no data to support efficacy in children
longer and carried much greater risks under two, and in aduits.°"·30>
Despite recent media hype about the
than the original illness.<1 0.32)
dangers of chicken pox, most are still "'Ihere is .no evidence that any influenza
Note: Vitamin A supplementation has aware that chicken pox is an innocuous vacci.ne thus far developed is effective in
been shown to reduce compiications disease. The vaccine however is not. Ac-
preventing or mitigating any attack of
from measles, while fever re:ducers or cording to the FDA, serious reactions
antibiotics may increase the odds of (induding life-threatening events,
-Dr. Anthony Morris,
complications. disabilities, and deaths) have occurred
Former ChiefVacdne Offrcer at the FDA
in anywhere from 4-143 of those
Mumps vacdnatedl(ls> Compare these numbers The flu is actually of little concem,
to the miniscuie risk of complications compared to the serious damage the
Mumps is nota serious illness when from the disease itseJf.Cl. 19l Addition-
caught during childhood. As men- shot is capable of, induding disability
ally, the varicella vaccine has caused a
tioned above, aduits are now at and death. The CDC admits that the
huge increase in the once rare shingles
greater risk of contracting mumps ftu vaccine can cause Guillain-Barré
disease, an infection significantly more
where it has the potential to do more syndrome, a debilitating paralytic
painful and chronic than chicken pox.
damage. One particuiar concem is for oo> Their response? A shingles vacdne. condition. They play down the seri-
orchitis in boys, a reaction that only ousness of this condition while em-
phasizing the dangers of the ftu,<35>
occurs after puberty and ca:rries a very Influenza
small chance of causing sterility. making us wonder who decides which
Through aggressive marketing, the diseases the public shouid fear ...
Ironically, because of the vaccine, there media has been instrumental in
has been an epidemiological shift in convincing the public that the ftu is
the inddence of mumps. Before the a deadly disease that kills thousands lrrelevant Diseases
vaccine, the disease occurred primarily annually. According to the CDC's vital
in children under 14 years of age, but statistics (NCHS), influenza and pneu- HepatitisB
by 2004, over 793 of cases occurred monia were the nnnth leading cause Hepatitis B is a rare virai infection.
in people over 15.<m Additionally, in of death in 2010 with 50,097 deaths. Jt is spread through blood and body
outbreaks the rnajority of people who Understandably, this is why most doc- ftttlds and primarily affects IV drug
contract the disease have been fully tors recommend the ftu shot. Further users and promiscuous individuais. Jt
vacdnated. Cll analysis of the data reveals that out
is rarely found in children. The only
of all tbose deaths, 49,597 were frorn
babies who are at risk of contracting
Rubella pneumonia, and only 500 were from
it are those whose mothers carry the
the ftul
Rubella is a harmless disease in chil- disease, or in the unlikely event that
This deceptive lumping of disease data they receive a blood transfusion from
dren. The purpose of the vaccine was
convinces the public of the danger of an infected donor. The vaccine has been
to protect expectant mothers, since
influenza, making the ftu shot seem like administered to infants less than a day
the disease can cause birth defects if
a lifesaving necesstty.<21l
contracted during the first trimester. old si.nce 1991.
With an astounding Jack of foresight, Pneumonia cornmonly occurs in de-
vacdnating children has deprived bilitated hospitaliz.ed patients; it may
many aduits of lifelong immunity. portend death, but it is rarely assod-
ated with ftu. Aside from the rarity of
Since vaccination does not usually
ftu deaths, the vacáne is not usually lthough 1am introverted by

confer permanent immunity, aduits
capable of preventing the disease, since nature, 1 worked up the cour-
lacking natural immunity are more
it rarely rnatches the circulating virus a9e to ask the nurse at my
likely to contract the disease precisely
strain. Inexplicably, the ftu shot is rec- pediatrician's office for the
when it can cause harm. The irony is
ommended regardless of its minimal package insert before receiving a vac-
that the best way to protectr mothers
effectiveness. cine for my child. She disappeared into
wouid have been for them to contract the back roem for a long time, while 1
the disease naturally as children, Also, according to the package insert,
the shot can cause "ftu-like symptoms". waited ... Eventually she retumed with
which vacdnation has prevented.
Many experience the ftu shortly after
a booklet from the coe explaining the
Note: Vaccinating women before or importance of vaccinating.
vacdnation.011 One Canadian study
during pregnancy carries a .significant looked at four observational studies •this. is not what 1asked for; 1told her.
risk to the fetus of causing congenital and found that in 2008-2009, HlNl She sent me on a wild goose chase, but
rubella syndrome (CRS). Some epide- vaccination was assodated with a 1.4 1could not extract the document from
miological data has shown that cases to 2.53 increased risk of contracting anyone. l left the office without the
of CRS have increased since the MMR the ftu virus.os> The Cochrane Database drug info, and without accepting the
has stated in two studies, that there is vaccine for my child. What were they
vacdne was introduced.(31>
trying to hide?
-Concerned mothe r,
14 How Dan~erous .arr lhe D1sc.1scs1

Why are babies given this vacdne? HPV (Gardasil)

The vaccine manufacturers admit that it is Hurnan Papillomavirus is an STD. Some
given to babies because they do not have strains of HPV may in rare instances cause
access to tbe population actually at risk of cervical cancer. However, no study was
contracting tbe disease. ln the words of the conducted for a time period long enough to
GlaxoSmithKline product insert, infants prove that the vaccine has prevented even
are vaccinated for Hep 8 "because a vaccina- a single case of cancer.04l Additionally, the
tion strategy limited to high-risk individuais vaccine only targets 9 out of th.e over 100
has failed,"'021 and children are · accessible."(l) strains of HPV that exist.
So in essence, newborns are exposed to the
The greates t problem with this vaccine is
risks of a vaccine for a disease irrelevant to
that it has caused huge numbers of severe
tbem to protect IV drug users, and others
reactions in young girls and women.(23>
witb risky lifestyles.
Many American parents only allow their
The National Vaccine lnformation Center children to receive this vaccine out of fear
has received reports of many adverse reac- of promiscuous behavior. The H PV vac-
tions to this vaccine including, chronic cine is now being routinely administered
eczema, seizures, arthritis, autoimmune to very young girls, who are hopefully at
disorders, diabetes, and infant death. no risk of contracting this disease. Scien-
According to researcher, J. Barthelow tist, Dr. Diane M. Harper, who spent 20
Classen, M.D. the vaccine causes approxi- years developing the HPV vaccine, stated,
mately 10,000 cases of diabetes each year "The vaccíne is not for young girls, anti
in the U.S. <3l not only may not protect them, but may
When information from the U.S. govem- cause the rates of cervical cancer to
ment's Vaccine Adverse Event Report- increase.•1(24>
ing System was analyzed, the number of Since the vaccine was released in 2006,
serious adverse reactions to the vaccine according to VAERS there have been more
in children by far outnumbered cases of than 50,000 adverse reactions reported.
the disease.«> ln 1993, Pediatrics magazine Due to vast under-reporting, this may be
reported that according to surveys, up to only a small percentage of actual cases.
87% of pediatricians did not believe the Hundreds of young women required ex-
vaccine was appropriate for their new- tended hospital care.CSI lncredibly, warts and
bom patients. Many doctors refuse to be lesions (induding precancerous lesions) in
vaccinated with HepB, even though it is the cervical area and HPV infection have
recommended for them. bttn reported in association with the vac-
cine. Additionally, u of 2016, at least 317
young women have died after receiving
ithin a day of receiving

HPV s bou.(%J.»,,.,
vacc1nes, my son's entire
personality changed. He
stopped sm1ling, crying and Tetanus
making eye contact. He stopped eating /flV S0" Tetanus is a rare non-contagious bacte-
and began to lose weight Thls went on ~'611'S- ll'ITO AUTISM
Al'Tlõq HIS mrnq •ACClll'. rial infection. l t is anaerobic and cannot
for months, and he was dlagnosed with
•failure to thrive;Thankfully he eventually
"°"' ""S 11• MIS 01>11'
WO!M> AffP CA,..T survive if there is oxygen; it can only
corr.ir.UNICATE.•. develop if it is cont racted through deep
carne out of it.
serious wounds, exposed to animal feces.
1st ill remember calllng the pediatrician ln the early 1900s, before the vaccine was
immediately after he·shut down• and
introduced, tetanus cases in wounded
asking her if it could have been because
American soldiers had dropped 923, and
of the vaccines he had just received. She
responded that it could not posslbly have continued t o decline to .44 in 100,000
been from the vaccines, and that vacclnes cases by World War li. Researchers attri-
are very safe. bute this to better wound hygiene.<25>
Since then 1have discovered that many ln developed countries, there are approxi-
other parents have seen the same sudden mately 5 to 35 cases of tetanus annually,
regression in their children after receiving with about 4 deaths per year in the U.S.
vacdnatlons. Many of them never recov- Most of the deaths occurred in people
ered and are still disabled today. What
over age 50; only 5" of teta nus cases oc-
good is a doctor's worthless reassurance
curred in individuais under 20 and these
when reality is contrary to thetr claims? lf
my doc:tor would have realized the obvi- cases were rarely fatal.°",., Vet, as part of
ous, maybe she could have prevented the DTaP shot, this vacdne is given to bil-
other children from be1ng harrned. lions of infants.
1he Forgotten History of Poho 15

"Anyone old enough to remember the 1950s will remember the panic causedby polia-a 11irusthat le~ up to 20,000
people paralyzed each year, unable to walk or sometimes e11en to breathe...Thanks to polio 1'accine, there has not
been a case ofpolia in the United States in years." - From the 2012 CDC's "Parent's Guide to Chilàhooà Immunfaations"

Paralytic Polio: a New Disease APreference for Treatments that Didn't Work
Poliovirus is a mild gastrointestinal disease that has existed "Standard of care" at that time included surgery, casting,
for thousands of years. Nearly every human on earth was immobili2ation, aod iroo l uogs, often leaving patients
naturally exposed to all three strains of the disease and rec.ov- crippled for life. During the same period, other practitioners
ered without incident. The tum of the 20th century (during were effectively curing polio, sometirnes in a mere few days.
isolated outbreaks) was the first time polio was ever said to Strangely, their success was ignored.
have caused epidemie paralysis.Cll
Dr. Fred Kleoner used high- dose vitamin C supplementation
The worst paralytic polio epidemie occurred in the U.S. in intravenously with a nearly 100% success rate in quickly cur-
1916. It was blamed on Italian i:mmigrants, though it was !.ater ing severe cases of polio, even where the breathing muscles
proven that the outbr·e ak began before their arrival Near t'he were paralyzed. (Note: vitamin C is one of the most powerful
epicenter of the 1916 epidemie, at Rockefeller lnstitute in detoxifiers; capable of removing poisons like DDT from the
Manhattan, New York, scientists were working on developing body quickly and safely.)U-S>
the most virulent (dangerous) strain of polio virus, with an
Sister Elizabeth Kenoy, an Australian nurse, masterminded
affinity (attraction) to central nerve cells.<» Nearly all the re-
the then newfangled physical therapy. Using movement
searchers !ater involved in developing the polio vaccines were rather than the standard immobilization treatrnents, she
from the Rockefeller lnstitute.<1> effectively cured many polio cases.<1>

Toxic Pesticides Polio Vaccine: the Main Source of Polio

The second major outbreak occurred in the 1950s. DDT, a Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the Salk Polio Vaccine, along with
toxic pesticide now banned in the U.S., was in widespread other scientists, testified in court that since 1961, the polio
use during the 1950s.. DDT rnanufacturers marketed the poi- vaccine was the "principie if not sole cause" of polio cases in
son as totally safe, even health promoting, and people coated the u.s.(6>
every surface, even their food with this toxic substance.<11
Accordin g t o the World Health Organization 's
ln 1951, Dr. Albert Sabin (developer of the live polio vaccine)
information-sh eet on polio vaccines, "OPV carries the
noticed that the American Military in the Philippines had
risk of vacáne-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) ... ln
astonishingly high rates of polio. Approximately 1 in 79 r.e-
cruits. He was mystified why the Filipino natives considered addition, when palio vaccine coverage is low in the population,
polio the "white man's disease", since despite intermingling, this live attenuated vacdne may revert its virulence and
transmissibility and pose additional risk for emergence of
-they were unaffected by it.<»
.... _..,...... _____...,""· U.S. soldiers were
trained to coat their
vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs), which have been
associated with outbreaks. Because of these risks, OPV use
"My mother knows someone will be discontinued worldwide once the goal of eradicating
clothing, food, and bod-
who was crippled by polio. Do you ali wild po/iovims (WPV transmission) is achieved."f7' It is
ies with DDT, while the
want togo back to those days?" baffling to imagine how a vaccine can eradicate a disease
natives did not use the
pesticide. Symptoms that it continues to cause. It would seem that polio
lhe frightening history of polio is not
of DDT poisoning are eradication by means of vaccination is not only risky, but
evidence of the vaccine's effectiveness.
ln reality, after the introduction of the nearly identical to polio- impossible.
vaccine in the U5., cases of polio near- myelitis.<» Every country ln 2011, an aggressive campaign to "eradicate polio" in lndia
ly doubled. lhe killed vaccine made that has made wide- was conducted, where children received as many as 15 polio
people more susceptible, while the spread use of DDT has shots. This precipitated an epidemie of 47,500 cases of acute
live {OPV) actually caused the disease. experienced paralytic fiaccid paralysis (AFP), a c.ondition that is indistinguishable
ln order to make the vaccine look more epidemies of polio.(1) from poliomyelitis. The higher the vaccination rates, the
effective than it really was, polio was more cases of paralysis. Alchough the rates ofpediatric paraly-
redefined making it much more diffi- Tonsillectomies sis skyrocketed, the campaign was considered a success, since
cult to diagnose. Most paralysis cases and Polio fewer cases of"wild polio• were reported!OO
that would have been diagnosed as
polio before the vaccine were n.ow be- During the 1950s ton.sil- Childhood Disability on the Rise
ing labeled as other conditions, such lectomies were widely
administered, even to Despite ali the effort to protect society from the "polio
as •transverse rnyelitis" and •acute flac-
symptom-free healthy scourge," childhood disabilities, including lifelong paraly-
cid paratysis.• Redefining the disease
was how they ultimately eradicated it! children. These open sis are not on the decline. Cases have more than tripled
since the 1950s,<91 but ha11e been overshadowed by the 16%
There are still plenty of people struck wounds allowed polio
with paralysis with symptoms identical easy entry to the central increase in mental disabilities occurring in the U.S. between
to polio. nervous system, and 2001 and 2011, according to the American Academy of
children whose tonsils
Pediatrics. 11o1
had been need- So while we may feel some (false) sense of security that the polio
lessly removed were at vaccine is protecting our children from disability, this could not
much greater risk of be further from the truth. IDuring the last 60 years something
central nervous infec- has caused an unprecedented rise in all fonns of childhood dis-
tion with polio.<1;1> ability. This has gone largely unnoticed.
1.w ::::s;:51M.'•t!!r.rttnttt.! $IU um~u:mnj

~ Are Unvaccinated Children
W ill the unvac-
ánated become
ndangering Public Health?
the new group to be
singled out for per- ere vaccines mandated for it must have come from unvacdnated children,
secution, as the Jews school entry because unvacci- because they are the only ones still capable of
were in Strasbourg in nated children pose a genuine catching and transmitting disease. There is an
danger to their peers, or were obvious flaw in this logic. If vaccinated children
the laws enacted merely to inc rease vaccine frequently contract diseases they are protected
During black plague, compliance? Though there is a sentiment against, then they are also capable of transmit-
foreigners, beggars, that vaccine non-compliance endangers ting it to others.
pilgrims, friars, and public health, there is reason to suspect
that what it really endangers is medical Some fear that unvaccinated children en-
lepers were also perse-
authoritarianism. Is there any basis for the danger society, presuming that they may be
cuted, but to a much
belief that unvaccinated children have a carrying every infectious disease known to
lesser degree than the mankind, ready to spread them to vaccinated
unique ability to spread disease?
Jews, who suffered far chi!dren at any moment. ln fact, the exact
less plague, because What Is This Fear Based On? opposite is true.
they never drank from
Some claim that unvacánated children endan-
public wells and kept Vaccines Can Spread Disease
ger public health because their status enables
their surroundings them to spread disease to the vaccinated popu- While vacánated individuais may experience
clean and ratless. ln- lation. Whenever there is a disease outbreak, a milder fonn of the disease orno symptoms
stead of learning from unvacdnated populations will invariably be at all (ora full-biown infection, for that mat-
the Jews, the main- blamed. 1his is an unsdentific and baseless ter) they are fully capable of transmitting the
stream European big- presumption. disease."" 10> Additionally, many vacdnes, such
oted populace "ratio- Fear of unvacdnated children is espedally as MMR, chicken pox, flu, whooping cough,
nalizing" that because bizarre, since the intent of vacánes is to pre- and polio remain ín the patient's body for a
the Jews didn't have vent those who receive them t'rom contracting few weeks after vacdnation. These viroses can
smallpox and everyone feared diseases. Why would an unvaccinated •shed" from the vacdnated person and spread to
else did, the Jews must child pose a risk to children others!C>>
irnmune to the disease?
be casting spells and
Apparently the vaccines
killing everyone else! are notas effective as WhatDo The
Isn't it interesting that hoped. Gedolim Say?
the current mob attack During epidemies, it HaGaon HaRav Chaim
on the unvaccinat- is common that the Kanievsky shlita ruled that
ed has remarkably simi- majority of people who
"one cannot stop unvaccinated
lar overtones to the contract the disease are
cbildren from coming to
ignorant prejudices vaccinated. According
school, and if there are par-
to a senior epidemi-
which lead to all the ents of vacdnated children
ologist at the coe.
historical anti-Jewish "Measles transmission who are scared that their
pogroms throughout has been clearly docu- children may become ill be-
history? lt's ironic that mented among vacá- cause of these children who
"history" today, runs the nated persons. ln large are not vaccinated, then
risk of repeating itself... outbreaks over 953 they should keep their vac-
of cases have a history cinated children at home."
by creating yet another
new hate-focus. of vacdnation."<'> lt HaGaon HaRav Shmuel
is illogical to assume Kaminetzky shHta ruled
This time, it's not about that the disease was that "every individual
the Black Plague, but introduced to this large
retains the halachic right
supposedly about the group by the 53 who
to choose whether to vac·
unvaccinated, being a were unvaccinatecl
cinate or not vaccinate
"threat" to everyone else. When health officials his children, in accor-
biame unvacdnated dance with his concerns.
- Excerpt from an artide
children for epidemies, Schools should accept
wntten by Hilary Butler.
their reasoning is that these children without
Vacdne Researcher
(Australia, May 2013) dEscrimination."
hen l started in
'71, wedidn'thear
'autism: The last
20 years we've
seen a rise ... Not just the learn-
ing symptoms, but the fact that
they can't control themselves.
The teachers want to know, why
is this happening so much now?
- Ca"Dlyr> _i..1
lvf..li Speda/Ed. Teacher
1971-2011 lnterviewedmthe
documentary ·rrace Amounts"

Because recently
vacónated individuals
may carry and spread
disease, families of
cancer patients, or other
diseases, are exempt from
vacdnation to protect the
patient from contracting
lhe disease from a recently vaccinated
rela tive. 1989, a polio outbreak occurred amongst Unavoidably Unsafe
thousands of(ully vaainated children. The
After vaccination. a person arries and Vaccines are recogni.zed by the U.S. con·
region with the highesr attnck rate had the
can potentially spread lhe disease for gress as being ·unavoidably unsafe."m
highesc vaccine co&1erage. The region with
weeks to follow. This means that recently ls it right for a governrnent to mandate
the lowest attack rate had the lowesc vac·
vaccinated individuals may be as great a individuais to inject drugs that contain
âne coverage. "lil
lhreat to cancer patients, pregnant women, known hazards? And are we doing the
and infants as people with a symptomatic right thing in assisting the coe in forc·
contagious disease!<"l
Whooping Cough ing all children to be vaccinated? Even
ln 2013, lhe PDA reported: "Whooping if one has conduded that vaccines are
MMR cough rates in the United States have imporunt for his own childun, is it his
been increasing since t:he 1980s and responsibility to ostracize families who
According to the medical director of
reached a 50-year higb in 2012 ..." lhey choose not to vacànate?
Merck (manufacturer of the MMR vac-
conducted a vaccine study on baboons There is no scientific basis for the
cine), -ihe attenuated viruses in MMR
to figure out what's gone wrong with the consistent biame unvaccinated children
can occasionally and to a limited extent
vaccines. lhey conduded: receive for clisease outbreaks. lhis is pure
be shed from a vaccinated individual
into the environment.•c3>One study
recommends that immunocompromised
"After being exposed to B. pertussis... Ani·
propaganda intended to recruit parents,
healthcare providers, and school admin-
• mais thac received an acellular pertussis
children should be kept away from MMR· istrations in an effort to enforce vaccine
vaccine had the bacteria in their airways
vacónated children for two weeks after compliance. The U.S. has one of the most
for up to six weelcs and were able to
vacànation due to the excretion of the jam-packed and coeróve vaccination
spread the infection to unvaccinated am·
virus.«> Whether vacánated or unvacó- policies in the world, and its population
mais. ln contrast. animals thar uce1ved
nated, anyone who concracts a conugious bas one of the worsc health profiles in
whole·ctll vaccine cleared the bacteria
disease should certainly be kept away the developed world.4111 Perhaps we have
within three weeks.
from infants and pregnant women or bought into the mandatory vaccination
anyone afraid of catching the disease. This research suggests that although program with unfounded enthusiasm.
individuais immunized with an acellular Children today are suffering from far
Polio perrussis vaccine may be protected from more illness than their parents' and
While killed polio vaccines may increase disease, they may still become infected w1th grandparents' generations. Accord-
the risk of paralysis in its re<.ipients, the bacteria Wlthout always getring s1ck ing to a Harvard study, -ihe number
people who receive the live vaccine can and are able to spread infection to others. of children with chronic illnesses has
spread the disease to others . According includmg young mfants who are susceptible quadrupled since the time when some of
the World Health Organizat ion: to pertussis disease.• 2013 FDA R•porr ''º' their parents were kids." u3>
·oesp1te its many advancages, OPV carries "We've damaged a wltole generati.on of
the risk of vacàne-associated paralytic c1u1dren!' - Toni Bark, M.D.
Vaccines exemptions are legal in aU
poliomyelitis particularly among infants lhe rurrent intensive vacóne schedule is
states. lf you bave issues with your
who reuive the vaccine for the first time child's school, you can contact: highly suspect of being the source of our
and their contacts.'ffl
youth's poor health. ln fact, it is our belief
According to the medical journal, lhe that tbere is no greater threat to public
Lancet, "ln Oman between 1988 and healtb than vaccines . •
Alan Phillips Esq.
(828) 575-2622
18 Vaccines ~For the Greater Good"?

es ''For the Greater Good''?

exposed to danger.ous medical proce- did so after thoroughly investigating
dures against his wiJl.<» the subject and realizing that the risks
To protect basic human rights, the outweighed the benefits.C7l
Herd Nuremberg Code requires "voluntary ln recent years, individuals who choose
informed consent" for imy mediCA! not to vaccinate are being accused of
lmmunity procedure. This means that the patient putting sodety at risk. Our right to
ln order to at- must receive full disdosure about the refuse medical treatment is denied in
tain herd irnmunity, potential risks and benefits of the treat- the name of public health (precisely
sdentists postulated that ment and has free choice to accept or the logic used by the Nazis).
a certain percentage of the reject it.<1l
population needs to be immune. This
Temporary lmmunity
was the basis for mandating vacdnes: Vaccines: "Unavoidably Unsafe"
if ali children were required to receive Furtbermore, unlike exposure to the
vacdnes, then high vacdnation cover- According the Merck Manual and U.S.
real disease, vacdnation does not
age might help achieve herd irnmunity. law, vaccination is "unavoidably un-
safe."<1.2> Vacdnes pose recognized risks, usually render permanent imrnunity.
If vacdnes were optional, public health Unbeknownst to them, many fully vac-
offidals feared that too few people indudingpermanent disability, brain
damage, and death. Ali this is evident cinated adults are llô longer immune to
would accept them, thereby making
from the vaccine package inserts, and childhood diseases, leaving them in a
disease eradication difficult.
the U.S. government's Vaccine Adverse very similar state to unvaccinated chil-
Originally, sdentists believed that 683 Events Reporting System (VAERS). To dren.uu lhe fact that irnmunity from
vaccinated would be adequa te. Wben date, U.S. courts have rewarded over $3 vaccines .can wear off makes berd im-
disease outbreaks continued to occur, billion to families of vaccine-damaged munity and disease eradication tbrougb
the CDC raised the percentage required, children.(3) lhe coe admits that vac- vaccination an impossible goal Booster
until the present day, where even popu- cines are studied for very brief time shots may seem like tbe obvious answer
lations with dose to 100% c-0verage periods and their long-term effects to waning irnmunity; however antibod-
continue to experience sporadic out- are not investigated, and are therefore ies from repeated boosters often wear
breaks of diseases like measles, mumps, unknown.<4> off quickly.18• 12>
and pertussis. lhough vaccines have re-
duced the incidence of measles, mumps,
and rubella, outbreaks continue to
U.S. Falls Behind Freedom of Health
occur. It is unclear whether even high Despi te spending more on healthcare Wbile not vaccinating may passively
vaccination rates will ever totally eradi- per capita and giving more vacdnes expose individuals to disease risks,
cate these diseases. C8l than any other country in the world, <•> every child wbo is vacdnated is being
according to the CIA, as of 2014 the actively exposed to the very real risks
Finding Someone to Biame U.S. infant death .ranking has fallen to
of vaccines. Every parent should be
56th place.<1.6> This means that the U.S.
With or without a basis, the media fully aware of tbe risks and benefits of
has more deaths than nearly every
has blamed foreigners and unvac- vaccines and then be given the right to
other affiuent country and even some
dnated for disease outbreaks. Some less affiuent coun tries (like Bosnia accept or reject them. To force every-
believe that it is irresponsible and one to re.ceive an "unavoidably unsafe"
and Cuba) ali of which spend less on
even unethical to reject vacdnes, and bealthcare and give fewer vacdnes. treatment for sodety's "greater good" is
tlut those who do so are endangering reminiscent of the all-too-recent past
public health. Should parents who and strikes at the very fabric of free
are concemed that vaccines may cause
Forced Vaccination
harm be deprived of the option to For some parents, tbe reason they
ln order to make an informed vacdne
reject them? Can and should sodety stopped vacdnating is because tbey
force ali children to receive vaccines have had children injured or killed by choice, p.arents must be presented witb
and ostracize those who don't? vaccines. Most otber parents and doc- more information about vaccines tban
tors who have rejected vacdnes, only they currently receive. If the risks of
Unethical Experiments vacdnes are not disdosed, and if one
cannot opt out of them, there is no
After World War II, at the Nuremberg
Vaccination for ... Depopulation? "informed consent" and the N urem-
triais, Nazi doctors were accused of berg Code is not being upheld.
medical atrocities. lhe Nazis argued "1he world today has 6.8 billion people.
that their experiments were for "the Since forced vaccination could not
That's heading up to about nine billion.
greater good of society." This defense Now if we do a reaUy great job on new possibly be for tbe benefit of the indi-
was rejected and the triais conduded vaccines, health care & reproductive vidual, and is tbeoretically intended to
with the establishment of the inter- health services, we could lower that protect :society, the question remains:
national Nuremberg Code, intended
to protect the individual from being
by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."
-Bill Gates health?
Has mass vacdnation improved public
on Ted Talks. February 2010
• • • t

High U.S. Mortality Rates disorder5<19,>•> and other disabilities 21 and in Canada's Constitution prohibits compuJ-
chronic illness. 11 soryvaccination).C4U
How many young couples of child-bearing
age know that women in America today The health of American adults has also Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland,
have more than twice the risk of dying deteriorated during the past three and Norway recommend but do not
during pregnancy, childbirth, or after decades compared to other wealthy na- Jegally require vaccines and 15 countries
giving birth than they did three decades tions where health is improving<23l and in the European Union, including United
our life expectancy is worse than many Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Greece, Den-
ago? Women having babies are dying of
other countries as well.'"' The COC says mark, Netherlands, Finland, and Austria
heart failure, high blood pressure and
stroke, infection of the blood, diabetes. that today chronic diseases are the most similarly recommend but do not mandate
common and costly causes of death and vaccines.<42> Ali of these countries have
and blood clots in greater numbers be-
disability with about half of ali adults liv- lower infant mortality rates than the U.S.
cause the maternal dea th rate in America
ing with at least one chronic illness.<2S) and do not recommend and mandate that
has been climbing since 1987.(1·2·3J We
infants under one year o ld get as many
now rank a dismal number 33 in maternal
mortality in the world, which is worse Largest consumer of vacánes as American infants do.<• 3>ln
pharmaceuticals fact, no other country legally requires<« >
than that of most European countries and
the numbers of vaccinations that the U.S.
some countries in Asia and the Middle What is not on the list of potential does for children to attend daycare and
East.C4> causes for this failing public health school or for adults to keep their jobs.<451
Equally shocking is the fact that the U.S. report card is lack of access to drugs and
vaccines. With a population of 322 mil- lt is no wonder that more Americans are
now has the highest first-day infant
asking questions about why our children
death rate of ali industrialized countries lion people out of 7 billion people on the
earth, the U.S:. spends nearly $3 trillion need so many vaccines and why adults need
and ranks number 56 among 224 world
to get a fiu shot every year-even during
countries in infant mortality.G.•> Preterm dollars per year on health care<2» -more
pregnancy-when our population is already
birth rates have increased 36% since the than any other nation in the world<27•28>-
the most vaccinated in the world but far less
early 1980s<" and 6 out of every 1,000 and we consume 40% of ali drugs sold
healthy than other countries that do not
babies bom alive in America die before globally.<29.30.~ 1 > ln addition, Arnerica is
mandate or recommend so many vaccines.
their fírst birtbday.<•> the leading purchaser of vaccines in the
ln late 2015, the Food and OrugAdministra-
$15 billion dollar U.S. and $30 billion
Birth defects, chromosomal damage, pre- tion (FOA) moved toward lowering licensing
dollar g lobal vaccine market that will
mature birth, low birth weight, and sudden standards in order to fast track new experi-
reach $100 bi1lion in 10 years.<32.>>.34>
infant death syndrome are the leading mental vacdnes targeting pregnant women,
causes of death for about 23,000 newbom Since 1981, 95% of ali children enter- who are already being given four vaccines
infants every year,<9>with halfof those ing kindergarten have received multiple (influenza, tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria)
deatbs occurring on the first day of life. A doses of seven vaccines induding per- during every pregnancy even though those
baby bom in America is twice as likely to tussis and measles vacánes.<35> ln 1991, vacci.1!1es were not tested in or specifically
die within the first 24 hours as babies bom the coe recommended ali infants get a licensed for use in pregnant women.<46>
in the European Union.tlD> hepatitis B shot at 12 hours o[d<36l and
by 2012 more than 70% of all newborns Ask for the Science
The Steep Decline had received a hepatitis B shot at birth
while between 80% and 90% of three- If you are expecting or already have
U.S. public health officials say there are children, be aware that the American
year-olds )lad gotten multiple doses of
"no clear" answers for why our maternal Academy of Pediatrics is urging pediatri-
eleven vaccines. <37l
mortality rate is skyrocketing.M They don't cians to vaccinate parents when they bring
know why so many of our babies are dying ln a crusade to eliminate an expanding list their children in for sick or well-baby
on the first day and within the first rear of of microbes, U.S. health officials currently visits, especially pregnant women. <47>If an
direçt pediatricians to give children 49 obstetriàan or pediatriáan pressures you
life, in stark contrast to many other nations
where maternal and infant mort:ality rates doses of14 vacónes by age six, starting to get vaccinated while you are p regnant,
are declining. on tbe day of birtb with more than two ask the doctor to show you the science. lf
dozen doses administered by an infant:'s you c:onclude the vaccine's benefits do not
Public bealth officials also can't figure first birthday.t38i More than two dozen ad- outweigh the risks for you and your baby
out why so rnany ínfants and children ditional vaccinations are recommendedor but are threatened or sanctioned in any
in America are plagued with brain and mandated for teenagers and aduJts, includ- way for making a.n informed choice. you
immun.e system problems. The unprece- ing annual ftu shots throughout life. t39) should find another doctor who will treat
dented, unexplained, chronic disease and you with respect and honor your health-
disability epidemie, U2> marked by chronic Has Mandated Use of More care choices.
infiammation in tbe body, has gotten
Vaccines Compromised America's Goto NVIC.org to leam more and sign up
worse in the past three decades-with
1 child in 6 now leaming disabled, 0 3> 1 Health? for the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal
in 9 suffering with asthma,<14) 1in45 to empower yourself with information and
Every state in the U.S. has laws requiring
work to protect the freedom and legal right
developing autism,''5' l in 400 becoming dozens of vaccinations for daycare and
t o make voluntary vaccine dedsions in your
diabetic,0 6) and millions more suffering school attendance<•Ol in contrast to neighbor-
with severe food allergies, 17 infiamma- ing MeJáco and Canada, which recommends
tory bowel disease,<•ei mental health but does not mandate vaccines (a provision lt's your bealth, your family, your cboice.
20 Va<on6 For Exp.ctant Mothers?

uring the last decade, future health and development of

The Influenza Vaccine
we have witnessed an every fetus exposed.
aggressive and unprec- Safety: Influenza vaccine injuries
Aggressive Marketing and deat.hs are the second most
edented effort by the
medical establishment to vaccinate Recently, the medical establishment compensated claim in the federal
pregnant women against :flu and has initiated an intense marketing Vaccine lnjury Compensation Pro-
more recently against pertussis campaign, focusing mainly on the gram (VlCP) .º"~ Though unpleas-
(TDaP). It was a slow start, and dangers of the flu and pertussis for ant, influenza is a disease that is
at first few doctors and patients pregnant women and infants. They innocuous in more than 993 of the
complied with this controversial have successfully convinced the population. Is the flu vaccine more
new procedure. However since majority of doctors of the necessity harmful than the flu? What if the
these recommendations are being of these vaccines. While flu deaths vaccine caused many miscarriages,
supported by the CDC, ACOG, and are rare, they contend that it is not and many more deaths than the flu
AAP, people trust that these vac- worth the risk, wh en the vaccine itself?
cines must have been proven safe offers protection. Taking a shot to
for pregnancy. This is far from the protect against even a slight risk of Miscarriages Caused
truth. Incredibly, there is no reli- death would make sense, if the TDaP by the Flu Shot
able safety data to back up these and influenza vac.cines had in fact
new vacdne recommendations. ln addition to the as-yet unmeasured
been proven safe and effective.
potential for fetal harm; fetal deaths
The manufacturers of influenza and have been reported, with misc.ar-
Tdap vaccines state that human tox- The Pertussis Vaccine riages associated with the flu vaccine
icity and fertility studies are inad- Safety: The pertussis (DTaP) vac- occurrin.g even in the second and
equate and warn that the influenza cine has a long history of causing third trimesters. One study showed
and Tdap vaccines should "be given
death and disability in infants and that according to the Vaccine Adverse
to a pregnant woman only if clearly children. Injuries and deaths from Events Reporting System (VAERS),
needed. "'"·'""·''1 How a risky drug pertussis-containing vaccines are flu vaccines have caused a 4,2503
could e ver be needed in a healthy increase in reports of miscarriage."'
the most compensated claims in the
pregnant woman is unclear.
federal Vaccine Injury Compensation
ln the past, pregnant women were Program (VICP).'" "' Mercury in the Flu Shot
almost never offered vaccines, for
Effectiveness: E-ven in highly While the mercury derivative thi-
the obvious reason that they are
vaccinated populations, whooping merosal has been phased out of some
Category B and C drugs. This means
cough frequently circulates by the vaccines, it is an ingredient in the
that adequate and well-controlled
thousands. Ironically, the disease injectabie flu vaccine. Mercury is
studies have not been conducted on
can even be spread by those recently the second most toxic element on
pregnant women, and it is not known
whether these vaccines can rnuse fetal
vaccinated."" earth after plutonium. It is particu-
larly neurotoxic (Le. poisonous to the
harm.12> While vaccines have not Without evidence proving that the
been tested on pregnant women for TDaP vaccine does not harm fetuses
obvious reasons, animal st.udies have and in light of the known dangers of Many children with autism have
shown a pot ential for fetal harm. this vaccine, and its remarkable inef- been found t o have very high
fectiveness, ta.king it during pregnan- leveis of toxic metais in their bod-
Additionally, "failure to demonstrate
cy c.annot be medically justified. ies. Ther e is a clear connection be-
risk "(as for Category A and B drugs)
tween poisoning with toxic metals
is not the equivalent of having been
lhe rush to vacdnate pregnant women and autism.'"'·" To inject pregnant
proven safe. ("Absence ofevidence
and reach into the womb to t ry topas- women with vaccines containing
does not equal evidence of absence")
sively vacdnate the developing fetus, is mercury carries unknown and po-
Of course, it is unethical to experi-
a clear case of policy preceding science... tentially grave risks to the develop·
ment on pregnant women. However,
With new vacdnes o n the horizon that ing fetus.
giving untested vaccines t o pregnant
will target pregnant women, it is criti-
women is in essence experimenting Effeétiveness: While the above
cally important that more bad vacd ne
on them. To enforce category B and should make it obvious that taking a
policy does not precede good vaccine
e drugs on healthy (or unhealthy) sdence." <12J
vaccine during pregnancy involves a
pregnant women is t antamount to significant risk, some may claim that
medical malpractice. The known and Babara Loe Fisher, the benefits of the vaccine make it
unknown risks involved threaten the National Vacdne Inform~er worthwhile. Unfortunately, most are
unaware of the true effectiveness of high standard, objective, rigorous
the flu vaccine. With the many hun- safety studies on vaccines for preg-

y daughter was
dreds of possible strains of influenza nant women. They are relying on in her thi rd-tri-
virus, the chance of the vaccine small, poorly designed studies, data
mester expecting
actually matching thl!' circulat- from the manufacturers themselves,
her first child,
ing ftu strain is very low: about and even studies comparing vac- when her Ob-Gyn warned her
13% on average, according to the cinated groups to other vaccinated how dangerous whooping
CDC's own statistics."°' The major- groups!o~ '" 1u•."'l This is irrespon-
cough and flu are, and told
ity of the time (873), the vaccine sible and dangerous. her that she needed to take
offers no protection. Unless women begin to advocate the vaccines. 1encouraged
The idea of preventing influenza for themselves and ask questions my daughter to accept the
when offered risky procedures dur- offered vaccines. Very soon
or whooping cough in pregnant
ing pregnancy, millions of unborn after that, in her 7th month,
women may sound appealing. How-
infants will become the involuntary she had a still-birth. Now we
ever, this must be weighed against
guinea pigs for very unsafe medi- are hearing that preemies and
the questionable effectiveness
cal procedures, with no potential third-trimester m iscarriages
of these vaccines and their as yet
benefit. Ask your doctor why medi- have become really common
unmeasured potential to cause fetal
cal authorities are recommending among her friends. I feel guilty
harm, death, or disability as well as for pushing my daughter to
Category Band C drugs during
maternal illness. take those vaccines now that
pregnancy, and protect your unborn
Mysteriously, medical authorities infant from dan.g erous and worth- l've learned that they may be
have made no effort to conduct any less medical procedures. the greatest source of danger
to the developing fetus.
- (F.R.. Boro Park)

e athy lsaacs was 6112

months pregnant
w ith twins; a boy
anda girl, when she
went in for a routine exam. As
she was leavi ng, her doctor
told her to stop by the nurse's
station for her flu shot. She
told him that she was not
comfortable getting the shot,
but he was very adamant,
even accusing her of being
selfish. "Against my better
judgment, 1let them give me
the shot:' Cathy says. Within
Category; B: 5-6 hours, Cathy got severe
Animal reP,roduction studies have failed to dem- cramps. She went back to the
onstrate a risk to the fetus and there are no ad- hospital where her doctor
worked, to be told t hat she was
f!quate and .weU;-contr~Qetl studies,in.P,!'S~ant __ miscarrying. She lost her son.
_,_·,: ,_.,, ..,.,,._ •• -•-··••e.-<"-'- • -~-; ,_--;-_

women; The remaining twin was bom

severely autistic. 1n Cathy's
words, "She regressed in my
CategoryC: womb! My doctor was so horri-
fied by what happened, he said
Animal reproduction studies have shown an
he would not give any more flu
adverse effect on the fetus and there are no ade- shots to pregnant women~
quate and well-controlled studies in humans, but Incerview from the dorumenrary
potential benefits may warrant use of the drug in ·rrace Amounts-

pregnant women despite potential risksY'

u sm pi enuc

The U.S. has one of the highest rates of

t her twelve- autism in the world. O> While t he num-

A month well-
baby visit, my
daughter was
The Autism bers continue to climb, according t o the
CDC, as of March 2013, it is estimated that
1 in 50 American children suffer from the
developmentally ad-
vanced for her age, and
she was already saying
quite a few words. She
received her round of
Epidemie disorder. <13>During the last half a century
t he number of cases has grown exponen-
tially.05·1•> Researchers reported that au-
t ism was an extremely rare condition
before 1943, when it w as announced as
vaccinations (including a new mental dis order .C6l ln the 1950s,
the MMR). Right afterward less t han 1 in 10,000 cases were reportedm
she developed a high
ut ism is a mental disorder Many attempt to finda logical explanation

fever and we witnessed a for the growing incidence of this disorder.
change in behavior. ln the characterized by impaired
social capability, wit h trouble They claim that the increase in autism is
following weeks, 1brought
relatmg to other people, dif- merely an impr ovement in diagnostics;
her to the doctor quite a
ficulty communicat- t hat there must have always been as many
few times; the reactions
ing, restrict ed and cases, t hey just went
were severe and 1was very
repetitive behav- undetected.
worried. The doctor told "(... ] and we've had so many instances,
me that this kind of reac- ior, and difficulty people that work for me. ... (in which] This insults our
tion could occur as the connecting to a child, a beautiful child went to have intelligence, as
result of the vaccine, but their surround- anyone who has
the vaccine, and came back anda week
that it was only temporary, ings. later had a tremendous fever, got very, experience with
nothing to worry about. There are many very sick, now is autistic." autism can t ell you
elements of aut ism how obvious t he
Three months later, the -Donald Trump during GOP debate in 2015
that make it an symptoms are-it
doctor wanted to admin-
unusual condition. is not at ali difficult
ister another round of to diagnose. Also, if
vaccines. 1was very con- Not only do most
aut istic children have the normal appear- t he number of autism cases was unchang-
cerned, due to the strong ing, t hen there should be 1 in 50 autistic
reaction my daughter ance of healthy children , t hey also usually
Jack a clear genetic abnormality that can 40-year-olds. ln fact, the condition is
exhibited the previous very r ar e in older age groups .<ul Each
time, but the doctor told account for t heir leaming and social defi-
cits. Anoth er strange factor is that autism year, more young children are diagnosed.
me 1was being foolish lf the increase in prevalence was truly a
and that it is very danger- often appears as a sudden regression after
a hist ory of normal development .O•> case of missed diagnoses, then new cases
ous not to receive the
vaccines. 1gave in and let
him vaccinate her aga in. DOCTOR,
This time, her speech and 111Y C/.lllD 8ECll111E
intellectual development flNllP/./YlllCT/C llFTER
stopped and regressed, HIS VllCCINES.
to the point that she was
d with autism a
few weeks later.
The regression cle arly
started after the vaccines,
but the doctor nonethe -
less denied the connec-
tion. Since then, 1have
refused to continue to
vaccinate my daughter. 1
don't care what they say,
1saw with my own eyes
how the vaccines caused
her to become autistic.
- Mrs. K. (Lakewood)

How many "defective" children would have

remained perfectly healthy if not for vaccines?
lhe Autlsm Ep1demtc 23

fter my son received

of autism should come up in every
age group. Statistics dearly indicate
that the !ater one's date of birth, the
more likely to develop autism.
Mysteriously, before 1999. autism
A his six month vac-
cines, 1noticed an
·mmediate change in
him. He went completely inside
himself, and stopped making
Wasn't thimerosal removed
from vaccines?
ln the beginning of the 21st century,
everyone heard about the infamous
was virtually nonexistent in China. eye contact 1felt like 1had lost thimero:sal. Most of us assurned
But by June 2005, over 1.8 million my baby; it was terrifying. that thirnerosal has been removed
cases were reported.< 11>This occurred from vaccines. Here is what actually
My doctor is a. caring man happened: ln 1999, health officials
without any major changes in the who goes above and beyond recommended that vaccine manufac-
diagnostic methods in China. What the call of duty. I asked him turers eliminate thirnerosal "as soon
caused this sudden outbreak of why he didn't tell me that vac- as possible." At the sarne time the
autism in China? cines are so risky. H is response CDC quietly discouraged the remova!.
Medical science admits that autism is was a real eye opener for me.
When SmithKline Beecham offered
a new and epidemie problem. Because He said, •1f 1would warn peo-
the CDC to supply mercury-free DTaP
the rates are growing so quid<ly, it is ple about vaccines, 1would vaccines, the CDC rejected their of-
strongly suspected that some outside lese my medical license." fer!Cl0> Why would they do this?
influence must be contributing. This - M.L.. Osrael)
would explain why the autism rates Apparently, the WHO (World Health
Organization) was concerned that
can vary highly from one country to
another. immediate withdrawal of thimerosal
surprised to discover how familiar in the U.S. might elicit public concem
Scientists carne to understand that they are: about the safety of vaccines, and cause
autistic children appear to be "brain rejection of vaccination programs over-
damaged,'' as they have found brain e> Rocking, circling, dumsiness,
seas. They therefore urged the CDC
inflammation in these children. e> Oversensitive to touch and sound,
against banning this extremely toxic
What is causing the brain to swell e> Speech/articulation problems,
and malfunction? hearing loss,
e> Mental retardation (possibly
From 1999 to 2002 severa!, but not
reversible), ctifficulty comprehend- ali merrury-containing vaccines were
Neurotoxins ing words or abstract ideas, con-
phased out in the U.S. Authorities
Elevated leveis of a nurnber of toxic daimed that this did not reduce new
centration/attention problems,
metais have been found to have a
cases of aiutism. However, they simul·
e> Poor eye contact,
strong correlation with autism. The taneously added multiple doses of the
e> Salivating, digestive problems,
mercury-containing flu shot to the
metais of greatest influence were lead, allergies, vaccine schedule, for babies 6 months
antimony, mercury, tin, and aluminum. e> lnjures self (such as head bang-
and up. The CDC even recommended
Studies show that autistic children ing), staring, social isolation.<•>
tend to have high leveis of toxic metais the flu vaccine for pregnant women
in their fi:rst trimester! ln addition, 6
in their bodies, and that higher leveis
of heavy metais are found in children Thimerosal doses of vacánes (for pneurnococcus
and Hep A) were added, which contain
with more severe cases of autism.13>
Thirnerosal is a chemical derived from large amounts of aluminum. Aluminum
Mercury is the second most toxic ele- mercury. ln the 1930s and 40s, it was is also a known neurotoxin.<101 Studies
ment on Earth, and is a known neu- added to the pertussis vaccine and have found that high leveis of alumi-
rotoxin (brain poisoning substance), then the DPT. as an anti·bacterial num are also associated with autism.!'"
even in small amounts. It was recently preservative. Starting in 1991, infants "Aluminum is not perceived, I believe,
found that in the first hair clippings of received a mercury-filled hepatitis B
autistic children, mercury leveis were by the publicas a dangerous metal.
vaccine just hours after birth. [They Therefore, we are in a much more com-
much lower than normaJ.<>> For some
receive this vaccine despite the fact fortable wicket in terms ofdefending its
reason, these children were not able
that Hep B is a blood-bome pathogen presence in vaccines'~••J
to dear mercury from their bodies,
that is transmitted via IV drug needles -Dr. John C/ements,
so it remained high within, instead
and other risky behaviors. Only babies WHO vaccines advisor
ofbeing secreted (into the hair). It
whose mothers are infected are at risk
has also been found that exposure to So even if your doctor tells you that
ofcontracting the disease.)(9) ln 1991
large quantities of mercury· reduces they have removed thimerosal from
the body's ability to detoxify from the pharmaceutical company, Merck, vaccines, he may not realize that
mercury.<2l calculated that 6 month-old babies, various vaccines still contain this
who received ali their recommended dangerous metal (induding Hep A
shots, may be injected with 87 times and B, meningococcal, and flu). Some
Heavy Metal Poisoning more mercury atr one doctor's visit, of these vaccines are recommended
Below is a small sample of symptoms than the maxirnurn safe amount of not only for infants, but for ex-
of mercury poisoning. You may be mercury from fish! 0 o> pectant mothers.<••l Also, mercury
24 The Auusm E.pidenuc

has been replaced with aluminum, which ap-

pears to be having the sarne terrible effects
on the developing brains of many infants.

Vaccine Schedule lnjecting Diseases

Children Birth to Kindergarten By introducing disease entities combined with
dangerous doses of toxic substances directly
by recommended month into the blood stream, they have unnaturally
bypassed the body's main defense systerns,
which probably could have eliminated most of
the toxins from the body. The pathway from
1940* 1980** 2016*** the bloodstream to the brain is direct, making
DTP DTaP (2 months) DTaP (prenatal) it very likely that toxins as well as vacóne-
Smallpox Polio (2 months) Flu/HlNl (prenatal) strain diseases, are finding their way into the
DTaP (4 months) Hep B (Birth USA) brain. Injecting disease into the body in this
unnatural manner is a risky procedure that
Polio (4 months) Hep B (1 month USA)
can cause many strange and unantiópated
DTaP (6 months) DTaP (2 months) long-term conse.quences.
Polia (6 months) Palio (2 months)
Hasn't the relationship
MMR (12 months) Hib (2 months)
between vaccines and autism
DTaP (18 months) Pneu (2 months)
Rotavirus (2 months)
already been disproved?
DTaP (5 years)
Most of us have heard that studies have
DTaP (4 months)
already proven that vacónes do not cause
Palio (4 months) autism. Wbat is this based on? The following
Hib (4 months) should shed some light on the situation. ln
Pneu (4 months) June 2000, a meeting was held at the Sirnp-
sonwood eonference eenter in Norcross,
Rotavirus (4 months)
Georgia. Fifty-two high ranking offióals from
Thin k it's DTaP (6 months) the eoe, FDA, WHO, the American Academy
too many? Polio (6 months) of Pediatrics (AAP); and every major vaccine
• Beware: Many Hib (6 months) manufacturer convened.(lo.u)

more vaccines Flu/HlNl (6 months) They assembled to discuss the alarming new
studies that confirmed the link between
are being Flu/HlNl (7 months)
thimerosal in childhood vacónes, and
developed as you Hep A (12 months USA) neurological damage, including the dramatic
readthis! Pneu (12 months) increase in autism spectrum disorders. Tom
Mene (12 months) Verstraeten, a coe epidemiologist, reviewed
the agency's Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD),
MMR (12 months) which contains millions of medical records
Varicella (15 months) for vaccinated children, and was shocked by
DTaP (18 months) his discoveries.

Palio (18 months) He found a strong assodation between

of 2 years with not more than 1 shot ~ Hib (18 months) exposure to mercury or aluminum from
per visit. vaccine.s and brain-development disor-
Flu/HlNl (18 months)
ders. Vacónes appeared to directly cause
••ehiJdren received 18 shots by the age Flu/HlNl (2.5 years) developmental delays, speech delays, and at-
of 2 years with not more than 5 shots DTaP (4 years) tention deficit disorder. He also reported that
~ pervisit. studies proved t:hat since 1991, the burgeon-
Palio (4 years)
,~ ...Today, the schedule has more than
ing vaccine sche.dule had caused autism rates
MMR(4years) to skyrocket.
~ tripled and children receive up to 49 Varicella (4 years) Dr. John e!ements, WHO vaccines advisor,
l shots before kindergarten with up to 9
~ shots in a single visit. Flu/HlNl (4 years) declared that the coe study should never have

L Hep A (4 years USA) been conducted, as "the outcome couid have

been predicted." Now the conclusions had to be
"handlecl" He warned that the study "will be
taken by others and used in ways beyond the
control of this group.'~1•l The group spent the
'lhe Auusm Ep1demte 25

next two days calculating how to respond to ther to 1 in 50! Although they claim that
this disturbing inforrnation. They decided to mercury has been removed from vaccines,
hand over the VSD database (public property, package inserts indicate that mercury, as
funded by tax dollars) to a private organiza-
tion, so that it would be inaccessible to the
well as other neurotoxic metals are still
present in vaccines.
The relationship between vaccines and
Retroactive Studies autism is undeniable (unless you are
working for the CDC, FDA, or WHO).
Proving Vaccine Safety The U.S. has one of the most jam-packed 1970:
ln response to this meeting, the CDC vaccine schedules, and has among the
instructed a number of organizations to highest rates of autism in the world. 1in10,000
produce new studies that disproved the Each time more vaccines are added to the
link between mercury-containing vaccines schedule (whether they contain mercury, 1975:
and neurological damage. ln subsequent aluminum, formaldehyde, or any other
myriad of toxic substances), autism rates
years, four studies were conducted "to rufe
out the proposed link between autism and rise again.<" 1º· 16) Multiple vaccines atone
thimerosal." doctor's visi t can greatly increase the 1985:
Three years !ater, Verstraeten managed
risks. This includes multivalent vaccines 1in2,500
which come as a single injection, such as
(on his third try) to rework the data in
MMR and DTaP.
his study and published a new conclusion. 1995:
Now, "no consistent significant associa-
tions were found between thimerosal-con- Autism Rates in 1 in500
taining vaccines and neurodevelopmental
outcomes." It would seem that the conclu-
Unvaccinated Children 2001:
sions carne before the studies .... Dr. Mayer Eisenstein was the director of 1 in250
a medical center in Chicago that has seen
The CDC uses Verstraeten's new conclu-
over 35,000 children since 1973, the ma-
sion to prove that there is no link between
jority of whom are unvaccinated. He and
vaccines and autism. It should be relevant to
us that this sarne study cam.e to the oppo-
his colleagues reported that among their 1in166
unvaccinated patients, they have not
site conclusion twice. Only after 3 years
seen a single case of autism.<14> 2007:
of manipulating the data to suit the
CDC's needs, did they publish bis forced 1in150
condusion. The CDC never published his Your Child's Best lnterest
original findings.
Parents are the best and only advocates 2009:
Dr. Mark Geier, an independent scientific for their children's health. We cannot
researcher, subsequently gained access to assume that any other party (includ-
the sarne VSD database used by the CDC's ing the CDC or even your well-meaning
representatives. He analyzed the vaccina- family doctor) will act in your child's best 2012:
tion records of over 278,000 children, us- interest. The only way to protect your lin88
ing a study protocol approved by the CDC. children's health is by doing your own
He found that there was "a significant research, and becoming an active partici-
association between merrury exposure pant in important medical decisions.
from thímerosal-containing vaccínes and linSO
neurodevelopmental disorders." lnfants
with the greatest exposure to mercury
from vaccines, had higher rates of autism, Pharmaceutical and altemative treatments
ADD, and emotional disturbances. His have both been successful in removing 1in45
findings were published in the Journal of heavy metais from autistic patients. Heavy
the Neurological Sciences.<1•..u> metal detoxification has improved symp-
toms in many autistic children as well as
ln case you were wondering, 1999 was
those with other behavioral conditions,
the year that U.S. manufacturers intro-
duced toxic-metal-laced vaccine lines to such as ADHD.<2·91 Dietary changes are
China.O•.u> almost always necessary to see optimal
improvement. Most children will beneftt
from a gluten- and casein (found in dairy)-
The Recent lncrease free diet. It is worthwhile to seek the
As of March 2012, the U.S:. autism rates guidance of a medical practitioner who has
were 1 in 88. Incredibly, since that time, experience treating (and curing) autistic
the numbers have skyrocketed even fur- children.(2)
26 How to Prevent Your Children from Belng Damag('d by Vaccmcs

How To Prevent Vour Children

From Being Damaged By Vaccines

ccines are inherently dan- Delay Infant Vaccinations: high concentration of vaccines given
gerous and unpredictable. It takes 3 years for an infant's irn- to babies combined with their unde-
There is no way, no matter veloped irnmune systems. However,
mune system to develop fully. The
how we modify or delay the there is no age when vaccines be-
potentially devastating consequenc-
vaccine schedule, to make them risk come risk-free. Adverse reactions
es of vaccinating a child before their
free. The following advice may reduce immune system is mature are limit- occur in ali age groups; from chil-
the chances of a child becoming per- less. Be especially wary of the Hepa- dren to elderly.
manently damaged or killed by vac- titis B shot give:n at birth, as well as Dr. Mayer Eisenstein practiced pedi-
cines. the DTaP given to newboms. atrics from the 1970.s until his death
ln 1975, when Japan raised the age in 2014. Over the years, he and his
One at a Time: colleagues saw over 35,000 children.
of the DPT vacdne from two months
lf a child were exposed to three diseas- to two years, SIDS cases ali but disap- The majority of his patients chose
es on one day, the burden on their im- peared, and Japan's infant mortality not to vaccinate, while a minority de-
mune system would be overwhelming. rate improved from 1 'Jd> place to best layed vaccination at least 6 months.
This rarely occurs in nature and the in the world.<• They realized that in their unvacci-
consequences could be dilre. nated patients, there was no autism.
Young children account for the most There was also very low (or no) inci-
The current vaccine schedule vaccine injuries reported due to the
dence of asthma, allergies, and dia-
has never been tested for safe- betes compared to the national epi-
ty. Much evidence shows that demie of these conditions.<»
multiple vacdnes given at once
greatly increase the chance of an
Ask These Questions Medical authorities refuse to con-
duct comparative health studies
adverse reaction. For the sake Before You Vaccinate! on vaccinated versus unvaccinated
of convenience, children today
children, claiming that it would be
can be injected with vaccines for C Am I or my child sick right now? unethical to deprive children of vac-
over ten diseases at one doctor's
visit! This is an unconscionable
C Have I or my child had a bad cines. This is despite the fact that
reaction to a vaccination before? there are thousands of voluntarily
practice. The risks are greater
unvaccinated families who would be
even if the diseases come in one C Do I or my child have a per- happy to assist with such a study.
injection, such as MMR or DTaP, sonal or family history of Could their real motivation be that a
which continue to be highly reac-
vaccine reactions, neurologfral comparative study would reveal the
tive combinations. true proportion of vaccine-induced
disorders, allergies, or immune
chronic disease that society currently
Don't Take Vacdnes system problems?
suffers from?
During Pregnancy: C Do I understand the risks of the
We are so cautious about which vaccine versus the disease? Give Nutritional Suppl ements:
medications we take during
pregnancy. Vaccines are Class B
C Do I have full information Vitamin supplements are most pro-
tective when administered start-
about vaccine side effects?
and C drugs, which means they ing 1-2 weeks before vaccination
are unsafe (as compared to A) for C Do I know how to identify and and continued 1-2 weeks after the
pregnant women and their fe- reporta vaccine reaction? shot. Vitamin A (in the forro of cod
tuses. There is no solid scientific liver oil) and C, as well as zinc, are
evidence that proves vaccines C Dõ I keep a writtén reéórd ali immune enhancing and can re-
to be safe for pregnant women. including vaccine manufacturer duce the risk of vaccine damage.
Protect your unbom child from and lot number for all (follow the manufacturer's dosage
this very risky practice. vaccinations? recommendations.)<>.•)

C Do I know that I have the right

to make an informed choice?
. ··~. .. . .. .. .. .. . . . .. . . .. " .·-. .. . ...
ile the CDC continues to assert that it would be •unethical" to conduct a study

W omparing the health of vaccinated children to unvaccinated, there are thou·

ands of parents around the world who have already chosen not to vaccinate
their children. Surveying this huge population of unvaccinated people and then compar-
ing their health tothat of vaccinated children seems like an obvious wayto find out how
vaccines are really affecting public health. What could be unethical about that?
The good news is that studies of this nature have been conducted. The largest one is an
ln the 1960s and 70s, a strange independent German study conducted by Dr. Andreas Bachmair. The study compared
phenomenon occurred in Australia, 8000 unvaccinated children to existing health data on vaccinated children (labeled
where as many as 1 in 2 aborigine KIGGS in the chart below). Survey results show vaccinated children have at least 2 to 5
times more diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children.
infants were succumbing to infant
death. Dr. Archie Kalokerinos real-
ized that the deaths corresponded 25,0" ~-------------------------
with a recently initiated mass vac- ....
cination program. He determined
that these babies were severely mal-
nourished, and could not handle 20,0" +111-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the immunological onslaught of 18.000

the vaccines. He saved many more

babies from similar fate by adminis- is.o" ,_..__,,.__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
tering small quantities of vitamin e
prior to the injections.'" • KIGGS
·°" 10,7'6
• Surveyunv.c:cinated children

Never Vaccinate a Sick Child: 10,011

When a child is sick or has recently
been ili, their immune system is in
a weakened state, and may not be S,0%
able to handle vaccines. Regardless
of reassurance health care providers
may give you, vaccinating sick children
is dangerous. Wait until seasonal al- º·º"
lergies pass as well'"

Look at Family History:

If the child or a family member has a
history of autism, autoimmune dis-
orders, seizure disorders, severe aller-
gies, ora reaction to a previous vaccine
great caution is warranted, and vac-
ánes are likely to be contraindicated. Do Your Own Research:
healthier than bottle-fed babies. Check out all the references and search
Nursing May Reduce Risks They were amazed to discover that further. Once you have ali the informa-
of Chronic lllne.s s: unvaccinated children, even if bottle tion, you will be able to make an edu-
Well, actually that's only if you don't fed, had less asthma than babies who cated decision. This is the only way to
vacánate. A study on risk factors nursed but received vaccines.'" assure your children's safety.czl
associated with asthma was con-
ducted in Australia. They divided
the babies into 4 groups: breastfed ul have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism
and bottle-fed, with and without
because I have been part ofthe problem." -Dr. William Thompson
r. William Thompson, senior cinated according to the CDC's schedule,

The children with the lowest iná-
dence of asthma were those who
were unvaccinated and nursed.
The surprise carne when they dis-
covered that the second healthl-
D scientist at the CDC, coauthored
a 2004 study denying the rela-
tionship between vaccines and
autism. ln 2014, Thompson filed for whistle·
blower protection, admitting that the coe
compared to child ren whose vacci nes
were delayed until after 36 months. The
coe has known this since 2004, but never
published these findings. ln 2014, Dr.
Thompson forwarded ali the data to Con-
had committed fraud. Thompson reported gressman Bill Posey, who has requested
est group was those children that when the study results showed that a congressional hearing. Despite Thomp·
who were bottle fed and unvac- babies who received vaccines according to son's eagerness to testify, mysteriously, no
cinated. the CDC's schedule were at greater risk of action has been taken ....
The doctors had assumed that autism, his colleagues decided to destroy When investigative health journalist, Dei
the incriminating data. But not before Bigtree, discovered this astounding infor-
babies who were vaccinated but
Thompsom copied and saved ali of it. mation, he was sure that itwould make
nursed exclusively would be found
The most significant finding was that headline news. Strangely, no news outlet
healthy normal babies were seven times touched it. This story became the subject of
more likelyto develop autism when vac· the recent documentary, "Vaxxed."
28 HabclW: Po1nts of liimest

Are we obligated to vac-

orne people choose to cinate? What are the
approach a rabbinic au- halachic and hashkafic
thority for assistance
in making vaccine deci-
sions. We recommend consult-
Halachic guidelines of "Venishmartem
meod linafshoseichem" and
how do they apply to prevent-
ing a rabbi who is wi!Hng t o look
at the facts before drawing con-
Points Of ing future contagious disease?
What are the halachic param-
eters of hishtadlus?
Up until now, a lot of medical
beliefs about vaccines have been
accepted as factual. However,
Interest Are we permitted toco-
consensus among the majority
of doctors t hat vaccines are safe
and risk free is not necessarily
4 erce parents to vaccinate
their children? lf the
parents are advised or forced
based on verifiable evidence. by others to vaccinate their
Does the "majority rule"
ln order t o render a practical
halachic decision about vac-
cines, the right questions must
2 apply since most doctors
believe that the benefits
of vaccines outweigb the risks?
chilclren, wbo is responsible if
the child is injured or lcilled by
tbe vaccine?
r-oi i 1oy \(V)3l ,1 :t")n t>"'ln o:nl.N nn1'>
be asked and much background
Note: Doctors today are required •n nrn. 1"}' ' 1 0 l"'n D"'n D'"lH
information is needed.
to strictly adhere to currently
accepted medical protocol, which
asserts t hat vaccines are necessary. Is an individual obli-
Below, is a list of halachic ques-
tions about vaccines: Does the identical "opinion" of
thousands of doctors really count
as more than one vot e: that of the
5 gated to sacrifice his
own health in order to
protect others?
policy-ma.king medical authori-
Are we permitted to vac- ties? The rubella vaccine is given

cinate? Even if a disease Medical policyma.kers consider it to children to protect preg-
carries risks, are we permit- accept able for the individual to be nant women; not the children
ted to inject healthy people with sacrificed for the benefit of society. re:ceiving the shots.
vaccines that may cause them Govemment authorities are aware <> Recently in Israel, live polio
harm? that many children will be killed vaccine (OPV) which carries
or injured by vaccines (they refer the known risk of infecting
Note: The risks of vaccines are
to the loss of life as "wastage"). re:cipients with polio, has been
magnified when a person is ill.
However, in order t o increase vac- given to children, t o "passively
Therefore, doctors who exercise
caution will only administer vac- cine compliance and accomplish irnmunize" adult household
the goal of "disease eradication," members.
cines to healthy people.
information about the t rue risks <> Families of immunocompro-
Backgrounà: The exact odds of a of vaccines is intentionally with- mised children have been
vaccine killing or permanently in- held from parents and doctors. advised to receive extra vac-
juring its recipien t remain u nclear. cines t o protect the ill child,
<> Doctors are taught in medical
However, according t o the U.S. who cannot receive vaccines.
Government's Vaccine Adverse school and by pharmaceutical
representatives that the risks (Not e: this is a medically dubi-
Events Reporting System (VAERS), ous procedure; since recently
thousands die each year, and hun- of vaccines are miniscule.
<> Many doctors who have vaccinated people may actually
dreds of thousands are injured. spread the diseases. Therefore,
wit nessed their patients react
For argument's sa.ke, let us pre- badly to vaccines have denied re:ceiving vaccines can poten-
sume that the diseases are even any relationship between tially increase the risks to the
more risky than the vaccines. Is the vaccine and the death or ill relative.)
it permissible t o use vaccines to <> Children are required to vac-
injury (calling it coincidental
prevent these diseases in current- or "t emporal ," meaning that cinate for school or camp entry.
ly healthy people? Is it possible t he fact that one event pre- ln the past, this was alleged
t o ma.ke this decision without ceded anot her does not prove to be for the child's benefit.
accurat e knowledge of the true causality). Today, however we are t old that
risk-benefit ratio of vaccine:s? Can <> Doctors who have publicly crit- children are obligated t o receive
we rely solely on the t estimony of icized vaccines have lost t heir vaccines regardless of personal
doctors to ascertain an accurate license to practice medicine. benefit in order to theoretically
picture of vaccine risks? protect the "herd."
N. , j)"'O l.Dll ., ''Vt> n.,'\n ''º n• 1N V"l0"
,.., p·•o l"'O tD'tt ,..,, 1"'"
H.alacbic Pomts ot lntcrest 29

Can " Shomerpesayim
Hashem" be accurately
applied to vaccin.es?
Does the fact that the majority
of society accepts vaccination
((D octors learn a lot about diseases in medical school, but
we learn very little about vaccines ... We don't review the
research ourselves. We never learn what goes into making
have any halachic bearlng? vaccines or how their safety is :studied. So, when patients
want a little more information about shots, ali we can really say as doc-
Since children are defense less or
tors is that the diseases are bad and the shots are good."
ignorant and do not make their
own medical decisions, can we - Dr. Robert Sears, Pediatridan
assume that Hashem will !Protect
them from being injured or killed
by vaccines? Or perhaps, has
experience already shown us that
children's vulnerability has not
prevented vaccines from causing
1heard that doctors actually fase money giving vaccines to their
patients. lf they are not profiting from vaccines, how can we
thousands of injuries and deaths
(epilepsy, deafness, chronic en- doubt the sincerity of their motives?
cephalitis, SIDS, etc.)? lhe bel ief that doctors lose money on vaccines is based on a survey
l"V ''º 3•n o•m n•1K
1oiP ON'}M :n>v 1100) "\lON :U::>00'0n nnOl ' M, n:1"
A that took into account vaccine (administration) fees, but did not
calculate doctor visit fees. m 1n 2011, an independent surveyor collected
°''tPlM lnl ,.,;,r N' l Nn>n o t;i"n u 'O"'O '\:nl : a ":u
ll1'1 11'0? }(~'O :ili:i " '' ", ili.l" p D' iDUt Pil the real numbers from doctor's offices in various U.S. states, and averaged
"ol)> t1nnt1i 1>
them in th.e chart below. 12> Doctors also may receive bonuses from insur-
ance províders or the government. For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield
offers a $400 bonus per vaccinated patient to doctors who fully vaccinate
at least 63% of the children in their practice by age two. ui
Is there any problem

7 with making medical use

of tissue from aborted
2011 Average Pediatrician lncome From Your Child's First 5 Years
8..'lsed on the COC and AAP Rec:tomended Sthedule (Using the table Jbove íor (JV'trOJge priçe referente)
Year 1 YearZ Year 3 Year4 Year 5
Phannaceutical companies lobbied ? Vtslts 3 Vi~ts t Visits
1 Visits l Visits
to legalize abortion so that they Jncome Source
14 Shoh 5 Shobo 1 Shot {ílu) 1 Shot (flu) 4 Shob
could use the fetuses for research. Is (J$ llom'tvi 91""'"'
19 ""°"''-•""'"' {J ~fiwrllJ /J V«drtrgjW1tJ rgv«t'l'-.g/'ltwl}

it acceptable to benefit from a situ- Ooctor Vlslts Sl,279.18 $548.22 182.74 182.74 182.74
ation where mothers are encour- Vaccine Fees $368.06 $131.45 26.29 26.29 105.16
aged to have abortions to enable Total lncome $1,647.24 $679.67 $209.03 $209.03 $287.90
scientists to use the fetuses in the
creation of vaccines? (Assurning
lt is nota crime to earn a living, and there is nothing wrong with doc-
that it is possible to benefit from
tors making a profit for seeing patients. What is not acceptable is that
the public has been deceived into believingt that doctors are vaccinat-
ing for free, even sustaining a loss, giving the false impression that doc-
tors have somehow transcended the norma l rules of commerce, and are
injecting your children due to magnanimity alone.
Is there a Torah basis for

8 considering unvaccinat-
ed children a threat to
others? Is it reasonable to fear
"Becattse routine imm1mizations, which bring parents back for repeated
office calls, are the bread and butter of their specialty, pediatridans
continue to defend them to the death. The question parents should be
for one's life or health in the
pre.s ence of these children?
asking is: 'Whose death?"' - Robert Mendelsohn, MD 1
If rabbinic authorities
Truth vs. the Power of Persuasion
9 have already conduded
that vaccines are·per-
missible or required, based on
Excerpts from World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe's,
'"Best practice guidance- How to respond to vocal vacdne deniers ;n public'" aoi&>

testimony from doctors, and "'lhe suggestions are based on psycho- vaccinating and variable degrees of
that testimony is later proven logical research on persuasion ..." CP. 2> convicltion regarding this mindset. The
incorrect, do those decisions •Individuais who refuse vaccines [...] group of vocal vaccine deniers includes
cannot accurately be described in conspiracy-theorists, some of whom
still stand?
simple terms, such as an anti-vaccine are very highly educated individuais
movement. They have very diverse, who are wf!.U aware of the available
often very personal reasons for not sdentifi.c lit~rature" tr. uJ(cmph.u:is ~dedJ
I_ _ _ _ _ __
Statement on Vaccinations

The Unpublished Letters

from the Orthodox Union
and Rabbinical Council of
America (eserpt)

arents who choose to

One factor that necessitated us to publish this handbook was the baffling refusal of
not vaccinate often cite the majority of religious publications to print the letters below from our gedolim.
a medical study that
purported to link autism
and the MMR vaccine. The study
was discovered to be fraudu lent
and was withdrawn; its lead
author was found to have acted
"dishonestly and irresponsibly;' and To Whom lt May Concem
his license to practice medicine in
Britain was revoked.* The. Torah commands, o~>JWO~l~ i?to Ol11D\!Jll /lu ;T o>~::i.;J. This Bíblica( commanclment ·
requires one to be very vigilant in caring for one's life, and to iefrain from any action that
There are halachic obligation s to
care for one's own health as well may put bis life or hcalth in danger. Thc benefits and risks of vaccination is a much debatcd
as to take measures to prevent topic in medical and scientific circles. Allhough one may follow the opinion of moS1 doctors
harm and illness to others, arnd and choose to vaccinate bis childien, lhe individual who has done bis researcb has lhe
Jewish law defers to the conS<ensus oblígation to act according to his !Qlowle<!g~. lf his researçh has led him to understand tha1
of medical experts in determin-
ing and prescribing appropriate
medical responses to illness and
1 tbe risks of vaccination are greatcr lhan its bencfits, and particularly when bis view is
supported by many medical doetors ruid researchers, tbe commandment of ~ND om.r:>\!Jll

prevention. Therefore, the con- oJ>nlYJ!ll~ oblígates him to shield bis children from vaccin.es. This is even moie so when a
sensus of major poskim (halachic parent has reasons to believe that bis children are sensitive to vaccines. To act othcrwíse
decisors) supports the vaccination would bc a tranSgrcssion ofthe above Biblical commandment.
of children to protect them from
disease, to eradicate illness from
1 Scbools must honor lhe request for religious exempti~n from such parents, for it is entirely
the larger community through justified. Coercing parents to vaecinatc against lhcir will under lhe claim of protecting the
so-called herd immunity, and thus public is a display of lack of i1n1:1:i, for lhe risk lhat lhe unvaccinated children are posing to
to protect others who may be lhe public is statistically so small that it is not lhe duty of a •ro i•.01<0 to worry about it (see
vulnerable. While the health of chil- lhe letter of Rav Chaim K.anievsky Shli1a. The medical establi.slunent, too, is of the opinion
dren is an importantconsideration,
that lhis risk is insignificant This is the reason why schools aie obligated by law to oocept
everyone should consult with his
religious cxemptioos as long as lhcie is no outbreak of prevcntablc disca<e.). Additionally,
or her religious, medical, and legal
advisors in determining what ac- anyone coeteing someone to vaccinate against h.is better judgmenl becomes responsible
tions to take... before Hashem for any adverse reaction - big or·srnall • lhat eould result from it, '"º·
: ····· · ................ ............................. ...... ,. . . . .. .

he OU is refering
toa study
conducted by Dr.
Andrew Wakefield.
Critics of•anti-vaxxers• often
cite this study, under the mind-
boggling pretense that it is the
only evidence against vaccines!
ln reality, there are thousands of
researchers who have separately
discovered that vaccines carry
great risks. The public has been
Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rav Eliezer Dunner
fighting forced inoculation
Moetzes Agudath Israel
for over a century. During Rav Malkiel Kotler,
which time, many thousands Rav Shmuel Meir Katz Lakewood Rosh Yeshivah
of lives were lost as a result of Rav Biyomin Zev Halperin Moetzes Agudath Israel
vaccination. Rav Elye Ber Wachtfogel,
Rav Osher Chashval
Dr. Wakefield has become a Rosh Yeshvah S Fallsburg
Rav Matisyahu Salomon,
scapegoat whose incrimination Rav Aaron M. Schecter,
Lakewood Mashgiach
is only effective in diverting Rosh Yeshiva Chaim Berlin
those who are unfamiliar with Moetzes Agudath Israel
the vast evidence against
h Unpublished ~ttus 31

Sample Vaccine
lngredient List"
• a luminum hydroxide
1"0) • a luminum phosphate
• ammonium sulfate
.n")l'tm 7171< n '., ,,,,,, i'Ux ):>:> n 1v)I) ni%l'U111o) ' N 01•
• amphotericin B
• animal tissue: pig blood,
horse blood, rabbit braín,
dog kidney, monkey kid-
o>:nl!lnn o>7mr.m n:i:>) ney, chick embryo, chicken
•l"~' i11<11p>)1 n1uin i>Y.Jl!I .JPY' >ro1 0>11nn )\!I egg, duck egg
• Bacterial and virai RNA or
ln light of the recenl attcmp1 by som e individuais that childrcn who havc not • betapropiolactone
reccived the standard vaccincs should not bc accepted into school, we would like lo S1lUe • calf (bovine) serum
lhe following: • fetal bovine serum
• As nn::ii:n mm >"IDW, Menahalim must kcep in mind tbat denying a child • formaldehyde
acceptancc to scbool and forcing pareots to vaccinate their children aga.inst ·gelatin
thcir will are decisions involving serious Halachic m'.:1100. • glycerol
• human diploid cells
• Vaccination practiccs involve risks recogni:i:ed by lhe medical establishment. (originating from human
ln fact, in Fcbruary 2011 lhe Suprcme Court s tated that vaccincs oro aborted fetal tissue)
"unavoidably unsafe". Consequently, halacbically no on e has the right to force • hydrolized gelatin
someone to vnccinate his children against his wil 1. • monosodium glutamate
• Sctring scbool policy on ihis matter understandably . necessitates medical (MSG)
knowledge of lhe mM•:m and the risks involved. Howcvcr it also requires mucb · neomycin
mm ron regarding o:»ni'Cl!ll~ l1<1l omDY1>1 ni::io :11>n, ni)-mv.n l'lm>:I :i1>n, 'l:ll, all • neomycin sulfate
topics for which doctors are not qualified to rule upon. • phenol red indicator
• phenoxyethanol
Recently, in a lencr addres_sed to Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsk:y, Dr Shanik
explained lhe reasons a school should not accept non-vacci.nated children. Yct,
• potassium diphosphate
after weighing all considcrations, Ray Chaim Shlita paskened expliciúy that
• potassium
scbools canoot refuse s u cb cbildreo. This psak has beeo eodorsed by many monophosphate
Gedolim aod Posk.im (see included letters): As im::im mm .,.,Dl'll who rule our • polymyxin B
tives according to niU1 !1)1'T'Ít would be oothing s hon ofmlnh
ifthe frum scbools ot'Lakewood would disregard this psak.
11nd.,, ~V>n • polysorbate 20
• polysorbate 80
May the nnl of cooductiog ourselves according lO mm 11)1"1 be a true protection for • porcine (pig) panaeatk
hydrolysate of casein
our cbildren and bring lasting health to ali tbe members of our community. ~
• residual MRCS proteins
ri " rj(t(> {dtJ .~"VC • /J .k> • sorbitol
hlC o .r·~ '"" fS.R. 1-cr.1 ,i~1t~> 1:,Fr i • sucrose
• thimerosal (mercury)
Rav Matisyahu Salomon, Rav Malkiel Kotler, Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, • tri(n)butylphosphate
Lakewood Mashgiach Lakewood Rosh Ytshivah Moetzes Agudath Israel • VERO cells, a continuous
Moetzes Agudath lsratl line of monkey kidney cells
• washed sheep red
•Sff P"&• 16 f0< th• psok from IUGaon H•IUv Cbaim Katúevsky shht>. bloodcells
·swtrw nu. 2001

approached my rabbi to ask hlm will be injured or killed, but we take the system that includes wastage. Wastage
about vaccines, but he lmmedl- risk becausevaccines are necessary: As ln this context means lives. Justifica-
ately began to laud the rlghteous- an avreich, 1immediately realízed that tion is that without a minimal amount
ness of our local doctor. ·or. X this reasoning was very questionable of death, there would be far greater
does not allow unvaccinated children according to halachah. Can we take a casualties. But according to the Torah,
into his practice!"with that. the conver- medkine that might kill us. even if the no life is ever given up for the greater
satíon was over. chance ís very srnall, to prevent a disease good {Rambam, Yesodei HaTorah 5:5)(_.)
- A farher c. d avreuh. (Toronto) we don't have? Then and the<e, 1decided Are we wiliingly embracing a medical
to stop vaccinating my children. dictatorship that runs diametrically op-
- Rabbi Y.M (Jer11salem) posed to our values, or are we going to
fter reading about vaccine
try to uphold our religious rights? [lt's]
risks, 1asked a well-respected accines clearly have risks time we pasken with Torah values.
top doctor about the reality of and one is not obligated to
vaccine dangers. He respond- take these risks for others. By
ed. •1t's like aossing lhe street a minority - RabbiS (NewJersey)
definition, "public heaith" is a
32 Sl!JS· Is "!!ade to SI""!'" the Best Prevenuon?


Miriam's SI OS: Is "Back to Sleep"

Story the Best Prevention?
Chaya• tucked the blan-
ket around little Miriam's
chubby legs and fastened
the car seat straps. Her
beautiful six-month-old High Rates of lnfant was no signifzcant change in the total
post-neonatal mortality rate. During
grinned at her and Chaiya
gave her one more peck
Death in the U.S. this period, the number of deaths attrib·
ln 2009, over 26,000 American babies uted to 'suffocatíon in bed' and 'unknown
on the cheek before slid- causes,' increased signifzcantly."<•>
ing into the driver's seat died before their first birtbday. This
amounts t o 6 deaths in 1,000 infan ts.
and heading towards t:he
m Compared to other countries, Amer-
doctor's office. It was
ica had fallen from 12th (in 1960) to SIDS-ANew
time for Miriam's six-
month well-baby visit.
56th place (in 2014) in infant mortali- Phenomenon?
tf13·"l, due t o its' bigh incidence of in-
After receiving the DTaP You may b e surprised to discover tbat
fan t deat h. The U.S. has bigher infant
vaccine Miriam gave a SIDS is a new classification for infant
mortality rates today t han most Euro-
deatb , first presented in 1 969. lt was
jerk, and seemed to go pean countries, and even some Third
quickly becoming the leading cause of
into shock for a moment. World countries!(7> For a nation that
infant mortality in the U.S.14> The new
spends the most on healthcare per
On the way home from capita and requires more vaccines
diagnosis was mean t to explain the
the doctor, Miriam was rise in deatb rat es i n healthy full-term
than any other count ry, you would
inconsolable. She cried infants.
expect one of the: best, not wors t
and cried for the rest of ranldngs for infant d eath.<3>
the day. That nigh t, Mir-
iam would not fali asleep,
The Vaccine Link
and screamed nonstop
"Back to Sleep" The increase in infant deatb rates oc-
th rough the night, and ln response to t be increasing number curred snortly after the U.S. imple·
of infant deaths, the medical establish- mented its mass vaccination program.
the nex t few days.
ment began a campaign to put babies A recent study reveals tbat developed
Friday night, three days to sleep on their backs. No one ques- nations like the U.S., wbich give the
after the vaccine, she tioned h ow a sleep position that bas most vaccines to infants before age
seemed to calm down, been routine for thousands of years one bave lúgber infant mortality rates.
and in the morning, a suddenly became deadly. They claimed The st udy's authors found "a high sta·
relieved Chaya waited for tbat tbis move was effective in reduc- tístícally s ignifzcant correlation between
Miriam to wake up. After ing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome increasing numbers of vaccine doses and
(SIDS) by 8.63. increasing infant mortality rates:«> l n
some time Chaya decided
However, researchers found tbat tbere t be U.S ., doctors give babies at least
to check up on her baby.
was a simultaneous 11.23 increase in 26 doses of vaccines before age one,
She picked up Miriam,
sudden unexplained infant death syn- wbich is twice as many vaccinations as
wbo did not look like her- babies get in Sweden and Japan. The
drome (SUIDS). Sev·e ral studies report-
self at ali, and let out a infant mort ality rate in the U.S. is dou-
ed tbat wben fewer· SIDS deaths were
horrifying scream. ble the rates of Sweden and Japan.<»
recorded, otber un explained infant
deaths increased, resulting in no sig-
Miriam didn.'t make it nificant change as a result of tbe "Back
throu.gh the night. to Sleep" campaigns.C4l DPT
A baby is diagnosed with Sudden Infant
'name has been changed "A closerinspectíon ofthe period from 1999 Deatb Syndrome (SIDS) as the cause of

to 2001 reveals that the US post-neonatal deatb wh en medical authorities claim
.............. ~· ........ ~· .......................· SIDS rate contínued to decline, but there that no specific sympt oms or other

SIDS Averted
reason for death could be found.C•l ywife noticed
However, researchers found that "most
babies dying affer DPT shots were not
found dead in their cribs without any
symptoms before they died. They were
dying affer suffering plenty of vaccine
M that our infant
daughter was
having difficulty
breathing immediately after
receiving vaccines. We decid-
reaction symptoms within days of their ed that it would be prudent to
DPT shot, symptoms like high fever; check on the baby every hour
sudden collapse; hours of persistent throughout that night. We
crying or high-pitched screaming with were horrified to find her blue
arching of the back, which can be a sign and lifeless in her basinet, but Dr. Viera Scheibner, Ph.D
of brain inflammation; severe diarrhea; thankfully we were able tore- and fellow smsresearch-
redness, swelling and pain at the injection vive her and she is still w ith us ers developed an advanced
site; and signs of seizures that too today. That was the last time infant breathing monitor to
many pediatricians were blowing off as we took any of our children to determine the risk factors
unimportant. be vaccinated.
fo:r SIDS. They found that
Other babies who received severa/ DPT - M.R., (Monsey, NY) breathing suppression and
shots were described by their mothers as
cessation were occurring pre-
suffering a progressive mental and physi-
cal deterioration that got worse affer each dictably at 2, 4 and 6 months
shot before the baby was found dead in of age, and discovered that
the crib.'(n and that the risks of immunization the common causative factor
may outweigh its potential benefits ."<•1 was the DPT shot, given at
While vaccine manufacturers deny the
link, researchers have found a strong those times.
"To assume that ali or most infant deaths
correlation between the DPT vaccine that occur within hours, days, or weeks Tuey observed that vaccina-
and infant death. affer vaccination are just a 'coincidence' tion was the single greatest
One study found that 703 of ali SIDS and not related to vaccination is both sci- cause of stress in small ba-
cases occurred within 3 weeks of DPT entifically implausible and dangerous. • bies and the single greatest
vaccination, 263 of the deaths occur- factor preceding infant death
- Barbara Loe Fisher,
ring within 3 days of the shot. The in a large number of cases.<12 >
vaccine researcher, and author
study also noted that most DPT-
unvaccinated babies died during the Numerous studies have found that the "Vaccination is the single most
winter months, while most vacánated death rate ofbabies is at least 7.3 times prevalent and most prevent-
SIDS deaths occurred in association greater within the first 3 days of DPT able cause ofinfant death."
with the 2 and 4 month doses of DPT. vaccination.C9.toJ Aside from DPT, mul-
They reported that DPT "may be a gen- tivalent vaccines (containing multiple - Dr. Viera Scheibner,
erally unrecognized major cause of sud- disease entities) may play a dangerous author of "Vaccination: 100
den infant and early childhood death, role in infant mortality as well.Clll 8 Years ofOrthodox Research"

y baby got vaccines and lat- Then, immediately after her DPT shot, who had an adverse reaction to a vaccine~

M er that day; during her nap

1saw her face turn blue. 1
quickly revived her and
called hatzolah. At her next well-visit, 1
expressed my concerns to my doctor,
she fell over with convulsions, high
fever, and listlessness, and then never
snapped out of it.
Now years la ter she still cannot smile,
focus, gaze, or lift her head, when she
Easy to say when you deny reactions that
occur right before your eyes!
- Y.R. (Brooklyn)

and he laughed it off saying it was coin- few days after receiving the

could one minute before the vaccine.
cidental. 1believed him, and let him give Her doctor said, •coincidence.• After that MMR vaccine, my grandson's
my daughter another round of vaccines. face and neck swelled up. I
devastating event, we researched and
Shortly after that, my daughter turned found many children whose reactions recognized what mumps
blue again during her nap. li should have after this vaccine were immediate, dra- looked like from my childhood. Shortly
trusted my own intuition and refused to matic, and perman.ent. after that, he beca me completely and
vaccinate her after her first near-death permanently deaf in one ear, and has
experience. - G.B. (Boro Park) l'm still waiting for even one doctor to ad- just partia! hearing in the other. Not
mit that my child was permanently brain one doctor would admit that it was
y three-month-old gazed, damaged by a vacc:ine. the MMR vaccine that caused it. They

M focused, lifted her head,

and smiled- she met or
exceeded every milestone.
1recently read an interview with the pedia-
trician who administered this vaccine to my
child. He asserts, "I have never had a patient
said it was a coincidence. My daughter
stopped vaccinating after that.
- C.D. (New Jersey)
34 More Testimontals

Alie can travei halfway across the world while the truth is tying its shoes.
- Chinese Proverb

Are. Va.clit\e.$ Ma.k.it\9 O\lr

Kid$ 1-\ea.lthier Or Silker?

More Testimonials As Told To The Peach Support Network

y husband is a nurs- up!) The mother said, "Yes, just three ter vacci nes, and now she's a bit con-

M ery school Reb be. He

watched a cute outgo -
ing 3-year- old boy,
change ove might into a silent boy
who stopped interacting with the
days ago ..."1 asked which ones, to
which she answered, "He had a bunch
of shots, 1can't remember which ones~
After she carne ba ck from the doctor
she told me that the doctor didn't
cemed a bout the safety of vaccines.
Too bad when parents see reactions
in their own kids, they're discounted
by their doctors as a figment of their
other children. When my husband in- know what it was from, but for sure
quired whether anything had recently - S .R. (Boro Parle)
not from the shot:s!
happened to this boy, the mother told - M.F. (Lakewood)
him that he'd just received vaccines ... called a prominent Rov to ask if it
- T.R. (Brooklyn)

run an afterschool dub in Lake-

y nephew was a healthy
ten-month-old when
he received a set of
I was permissible to stop vaccinat-
ing my children. He responded,
•considering the dangers of vac-

cines it is questionable whether they
wood for 4-year-old boys. One shots. The next day his are permissible in the first place~
very charming, cheerfu 1boy got eyes sta rted rolling and he couldn't
his vaccines and the next day, he see well. ln the subsequent days. his - A.P, (Boro Park)
became a shell of his former self. Why vision got worse and worse, and he
are we allowing vaccines to alter the started losing his speech and hearing. accinated kids suffer from re -
minds of our precious children?
- F.D. (Lakewood)

n the summer of 2006, we saw

Within a few months, he couldn't see,
hear. or speak. He is 33 years old now,
completely blind, deaf, and mute, and
can only communicate through his
V lentless chronic ear infections,
compared to unvaccinated
kids-1 see both in my p rac-
tice. 1have also seen so ma ny infants

1 paramedics carrying a four year-

old out of a neighbor's house.
The mother carne over to me
- Rabbi G. (Lakewood)

hen 1went to my doctor

who a re d rowning in mucus and can
ba rely breathe. They are wrongly diag-
nosed with reflux. This is not reflux at
ali, it's a vaccine reaction where thick

and said, "My son just had a seizure!" I
asked her, •was he sick? Did he have a who has always been a mucus fills the lungs and severely
strong vaccine-promoter, compromises breathing. They biame it
fever? Has this ever happened to him
she asked me "You're not on the baby's digestion; blaming the
before?"She answered, "NO! 1have no
giving vaccines, correct?" 1was a bit
idea what it is from.• victim instead of acknowledging the
surprised and 1asked her, "Why the
real source of the p roblem.
1asked her if he had received any sudden change of heart?" She said
shots recently. (The medic h ushed me that her own baby stopped smiling af- - Y.T., Holistic Doctor (Jerusalem)
Frequently Asked Quesuons 35

Q I trust my tloctor with every-

thing, even life-threatening
normal childhood diseases. Who was
afraid of chicken pox? We are encour-
tion is readily available for those
who wisb to investigate.
contlitions. Why shoultl vaccines be aged to take the DTaP vaccine despite
My tloctor toltl me that
any tlifferent? AtltlitionaUy, if vac-
dnes are so unsafe, why woultln't
my tloctor know this?
the fact that diphtheria declined be-
fore vacdnation, tetanus is a rare and Q whooping cough is going
arountl anti that it is reaUy tlanger-
non-contagious clisease, and pertus-
ous formy infant. Don'tthe risks of
sis (whooping cough) continues to be
A The information doctrors receive
regarding vaccines is limited.
According to neuro-
rampant despite mass vaccination!
vaccines take a back burner tluring
an epidemie?

There is no doubt
surgeon Russell Blay-
lock, M.D., doctors are A that pertussis is a
frightening disease, es-
taught only the bene-
fits and not the risks of
vacdnes during medi- Frequently Asked pecially for infants. It
is understandable that

cal school. Doctors are parents and doctors
provided with little want to protect chil-
information regarding dren from the dangers
adverse reactions. So of whooping cough.
much so, that many However, we must
doctors deny that reac- have accurate infor·
tions occurring within mation to determine
hours or days of a shot whether vacdnation is
were due to the vaccine. Unless your Vaccine decisions cannot be based the best way to protect infants.
doctor chooses to independently in- solely on fear of disease; they must be First, babies are not considered im-
vestigate the subject, he is unlikely to balanced with a clear understanding mune to pertussis within their first
be aware of the potential dangers of of the nature of the diseases, and the year of life, despite receiving 4 DTaP
vaccines. true effects that vaccination has on vaccines. Repeated boosters are given
Additionally, doctors do not inform public and individual health. for this vaccine because it is very dif-
parents of vaccine risks. On the con- ficult to render immunity. Therefore,
trary: they are discouraged from giv- some assert that the way to protect
ing patients a choice of whether or not infants from pertussis is by making
to vacdnate. Any vaccine th.at is part of It's easier to fool people sure that everyone the baby comes
the pediatric schedule will be present- into contact with is irnmune.
ed to parents without inf.ormed con-
than to convince them
However, this is not always possible
sent: parents are not given informa- they have been fooled. since the pertussis vaccine is not very
tion to allow them to weigh the risks
effective. Thousands of fully vacd-
or benefits of mandatory ·v acdnes. A
doctor who chooses to diverge from
-MarkTwain nated ch.ildren and adults continue to
contract this disease. The vacdne also
medical protocol and warn parents of
has the potential to cause the disease
vacdne risks may lose his medical li-
Vaccines have been arountl in its recipients. lt may even spread
cense, or worse.
Q for so many years. If there from recently vaccinated children to
I am worrietl about vaccine are such serious problems with vac- the infants it was intended to passive-
Q safety, but Iam als·o afraitl of
the tliseases they are meant to pre-
cines, why tlon'twe hear more about
ly protect (we have received reports of
this from parents).
vent- how do I choose? Worst of all are the grave risks that

We have been presented with
a terrifying picture about the
A Medical journals continuous-
ly report adverse reactions to
various vaccines. ln addition, every
the DTaP vaccine imparts on infants.
While whooping cough may cause
upwards of 20 infant deaths a year,
dangers of infectious diseases. We are year, the U.S. government's Vaccine the DTalP vaccine is responsible for at
also sorely uninformed about vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System least 7,000 infant deaths every year
safety and efficacy. When fear and (VAERS) receives thousands of re- in the U.S. (See SIDS article for more
misinformation dominate, our ability ports of severe, even life-threaten- on this subject.) Sadly, these numbers
to make a rational choice is severely ing reactions. However, the public is indicate that the dangers of the vac-
not informed of this; in fact, there c.ine by far outweigh the dangers of
Many diseases were not considered has been major effort to prevent the disease. Bear in mind that even
frightening until they became vac- this information from reaching the those infants who survive vaccina-
cine "preventable." Before vaccines, public out of fear that vaccine pro- tion are not yet considered protected
measles, mumps, and rubella were grams will be rejected. The informa- from pertussis.
(continutd on next pagt)
36 F~quentli; Atked Qu(".s.Uons

Q I sent our doctor an article

about the dangers ofvaccines
The vacdnes for polio, diphtheria,
and smallpox all increased disease Q w.hen 1 told my doctor that
1 wanted to push off vacd-
and his response was that it was susceptibility and caused more cases nation, she asked, "Who will take
"pseudoscience and all the informn- than they prevented. responsibility if a child is hurt ar
tion was taken out of context ar killed because of a contagious dis-
It is possible that mass rejection of
misquoted." Our doctor is a tzad- ease? Y.ou (the parent) ? PEACH?
the MMR vacdne would result in a
dik, and a pillar of our c.ommunity. G-d?"
resurgence of those diseases, but the
Who should I believe?
same thing would not occur with dis- To an atheist, the world is a

A The purpose of this: handbook

is to encourage parents to use
eases like polio etc. A fri.ghtening and unpredictable
place, where the only way to "protect"
The question is: How many children
their own judgrnent and knowledge are permanently damaged or killed oneself fa by attempting to contrai
to make educated health de- nature. Contagious diseases
cisions. Now that so much are common. Deaths and in-
information is at your fm- juries from these diseases are
gertips, you no longer have not. ln a "G-dless" world, if
to rely on the personal opin- Frequently Asked someone catches a naturally
occurring "vaccine-prevent-

ion of your doctor, no matter
what a terrific person he is. able" disease, doctors and
We encourage you to review parents often look for some-
the references at the back of one to biame. lronically, G-d
... continued is usually blamed for the con-
this handbook. You can a lso
listen to some of the lectures sequences of human error:
on the PEACH hotline, or when a person is damaged or
read literature promoting vaccines, during outbreaks of the measles etc.? killed by man-made medicine, we ac-
balanced by books that criticize vac- It would appear that more children cept this as fate and cons ider it the
cines to gain further clarity. are being damaged and killed by vac- price to pay for disease prevention or
cines than they would be by these treatment.

Q I just found out that my doc-

tor will not allow unvacci-
diseases, making vaccines a very high
price to pay to protect society from
ln the U.S., since the passage of the
National Childhood Vaccine Injury
nated children into his practice. disease. Act of 1986, your doctor and the
He has been our family doctor for vaccine manufacturers are protected
lt's hard for me to believe
nearly 20 years and is considered
one of the best doctors around.
What should 1 do?
Q that vaccines are unsafe. My
kids received aU their shots on
from financial and legal responsibil-
ity if a child is hurt or killed by a vac-
cine. When a child is permanently
schedule and they're fine! Nane
disabled by vaccines, the burden of
There are many excellent doc-
A tors who respect a parent's right
of my friends' children seem to be
damaged by vaccines either!
financing and caring for the injured
child for the rest of his life falis solely
to make the final health decisions for
on the parent's shoulders. This is de-
their children. Regardless of his skill While many children get
levei, a doctor who does not acknowl- A through vaccination apparent-
ly unscathed, the procedure remains
spite the fact that parents are given
no choice about whether or not to
edge the parent as the final medical
decision maker, and who is unwilling inherently risky. Vaccines contain
to give medical assistance to children varying degrees of biological mate- Many parents of vaccine-damaged
who have not received vaccines is of riais, núcroorganisms, and chemical children have lamented that they
questionable integrity. agents. Though not every child will were not forewarned of the poten-
be hurt, there is no way to predict tial consequences. Nor were they

Q 1 heard that there was a re-

cent outbreak of measles in
"Anytown" because a lot of people
how each vaccine may interact with
its recipient.
informed of the lack of medical and
financial support that injured and dis-
abled children receive. There are thou-
there stopped vaccinating. If many With awareness of possible vaccine
sands of parents in this devastating
people begin rejecting vaccines, reactions, it becomes apparent that
position today. (See the book, Vaccine
won't we endanger ours.elves with most of us do in fact know people
Epidemie by Louise Kuo Habakus, and
a comeback ofcontagious diseases? who are suffering permanent vaccine
Mary Holland.)
injuries. Vaccines have contributed to
or caused many cases of: ADHD, au-
A Vaccines have drarnatically re-
duced the incidence of certain tism, allergies, asthma, bowel disease, Q Everyone 1 know who doesn't
vacdnate is really health con -
diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, cancer, diabetes, dyslexia, eczema, sdous. My kids eat junk food and
and chicken pox. As far as other dis- learning disabilities, and many other take lots of medicine. I'm not ready
eases, vaccines have received unde- conditions that children are suffering to give up those things, so don 't my
served credit for their eradication. from in epidemie proportions today. kids need vaccines to stay healthy?
(continued on ntxt pagt)
Resources 37
Has your child been
(( w hen 1 first began to research vaccines, I read a numberof books written
damaged by vacdnes? by doctors where they described ali the terri ble damage vaccines can
do, o:nly to sum up by saying, •1•m not against vaccines• and go on to
Email your story to recommend a modifi ed vaccine schedule.
peachmoms@gmail.com 1always found this practice dumbfounding. I kept asking myself, "How can these
doctors know how dangerous and ineffective vaccines are and still promote
them ?" Recently, 1began to understand what is going on: if a doctor would come
out a gainst vaccines, he would lose his medical licen se. As parents, it is not your
careers that are at stake, but your children's health: - Dr. T. (Jerusalem)
A While a healthy cliet may pro-
tect against clisease, vaccines
will not keep people on a poor cliet
healthy. ln fact, ch ildren wit h poor
nutrition are at t he greatest risk
of being hurt by vaccines . As Dr.
Archie Kalokerin os realized in th e s devoted parents, are we confident that we give as much time and attention to
1970s, because of vitamin e defi-
ciency, vaccines were killing 503
of Aust ralian Aborigine ch.ildren.
Nut ritional deficiency may also be
the reason why black baby boys in
A our childrens' health as we give to other aspects of their care, such as schools,
clothing, and friends? Parents, you have the choice to educate yourselves so that
you have tbe knowledge to make a proper decision regarding your children's life.

the U.S. are at the greatest risk of SUGGESTED READING HOTLINE

vaccine-induced autism. Poor nutri- Vacdne Safety Manaal 'lhe Akeres Habayis hotline is an
tion puts ch ildren at risk; with or 2nd Eclition-and other books by excellent source of information and
without vaccines. Neil Z. Miller
also provides a venue to network.
How to RaiH a H ealthy Child-and
other books by Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD
When you hear the term 'anri- 718- 506- 9057
vaxers' you should think 'parents 1he Vacdna Gaide: Riab and
of disabled children'. Disclosure: I Benefitll for Children and Adalta 212-444-1900
vaccinated ali of my children, one is - by RandallNeust.aedter, O.MD
vaccine injured. Maka an lnformed Vacdne Dedsion
for tbe Health ofYour Child-by 845- 678-8360
-Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Mayer Eisenstein, M.D.
Press ll's 6,4
Saying No To Vacdnas : A Jle9oarce
Aren't 'anti-vaxxers' relying Gulde For All Agu
Q on those who vaccinate for
protection through "herd immuni-
- by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
1he Peanat Allergy Epidemie:
Con tains a wide variety of lec-
ty"? lhe only reason you're able to What's Caasing lt and e- to Stop tures by doctors and researchers
avoid vaccines is because my kids lt-by Heather Fraser and Janet Levatin with a wealth of information.
took the risk for you! A Shot in the Dark-by Harris L. 2 PEACH conducts bi-monthly
Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher conference calls on the topic of
This would be true if herd im-
A munity was a sdentific reality,
but it's not. Not only do outbreaks
Vacdne Epidemic-by Louise Kuo
Habakus and Mary Holland
vacdnes. Times and access num-
bers are posted on the hotline.
DWolving Dhuio m - by Dr S. Previous conferences, as well
occur in fully vacdnated popula-
tions, but vaccinated people often Humphries, M.D. and R. Bystrianyk as comments are posted on the
spread vaccine-strain diseases to Vaccine Whistleblower-hposing hotline as well.
others. Vaccines are immunosup- Aatinn ReHarch Fra acl At 1he
pressant and put ch.ildren at risk for CDC- by Kevin Barry, Esq
brain clisorders and chronic disease, 'lhimero.al: Let 'lhe Sdence Speak-
th ey do not simultaneously protect by Robert F. Kennedy Jr Vaccine Book Gemachs:
the unvaccinated. Even if the myth
were true, and ch.ildren who risked Boro Park ........ 718-435-0084
receiving vaccines protected others,
Lakewood ........ 443-317-3224
the thought of using children as a HELPFUL WEBSITES
human sh ield to protect society is Monsey............ 845-364-8064
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Lawrence Palevsky, .M.D. including
what he learned in medical school
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'lhe truth about " Shaken Baby
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Dr. Viera Scheibner

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny debates with
Health Department representative,
Dr. Tom Betz about vaccine

Dr. Boyd Haley, Biochemist explains
the science behind mercury in

Has autism been ar-0und forever?
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Nephrologist, Suzanne Humphrie.s ,
M.D. tells the real history of polio

Confessions of a Pharmaceutical Rep

Family doctor, Sam Bggertsen, M.D.
explains why parents refuse to
You CanAlways vaccinate
You CanNe11er 'lhe Truth About Vaccines Series
UNVACCINATE! with Ty Bollinger