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Rationale Module 3 - Standards 4,5,8,2

Name: Sky Stressman

Date: Double click on date for pop-
up calendar. 11/5/2018

Course: ED 313A

Instructor: Banks, Dan

HTSB Standard #5: Application of Content - The teacher understands how to connect concepts
Module 3 - Choose Standard 4,5,8
and use differing perspectives to engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and
or 2.
collaborative problem solving related to authentic local and global issues.
Unit 5 - Intro to Video Production
5th and final unit of the semester, it is designed to introduce the student to the video
production industry, careers, and skill sets, and give the student hands-on experience using
Describe your artifact that industry standard equipment and methods. The unit will introduce new skills and allow
represents HTSB standards 4, 5, 8 students apply previously learned skills to projects. Students will learn the basics of video
or 2. production and then apply what they learned by creating a PSA.
The video production unit functions as a capstone project for the semester where the students
can showcase the skills they learned throughout the semester in a final video production
project. And because our school is moving toward a TV broadcast curriculum the video
Describe the results of your artifact.
production unit is an essential pathway for the students to get into the TV broadcast program.
The unit is generally well received by students, what they usually are working towards, and
this year there is excitement for this unit more than others.
Part II: Connect the teaching
artifact to a sub-standard and
assess your proficiency.
Choose one (01) Sub-standard that
5.1: Candidate Incorporates Interdisciplinary/Themes - Does Candidate help learners see
best represents your teaching
relationships across disciplines by making connections between curriculum materials in a
artifact and the Standard from
content area and related perspectives from another content area or areas?
which it belongs.
The video production unit is final unit because it connects all of the other unit to create a final
Explain the connection between the project. Students will be challenged to utilize their previously developed skill sets in
artifact and Sub-standard. Photography, Graphic Design, Animation, and the Production Process. Students will also need
to display teamwork, technical, and project management skills to complete a video product.
4 - Candidate ALWAYS does this as a teacher or scores 90% or above (Exceeds Proficiency)
Self-assess your proficiency level (1
- 4) of the sub-standard chosen.

Students get a first hand experience how the curriculum connect when they create a video
project. They see how their skills in design translate to creating graphics slates. They use
Explain your Self-Assessment. their typography skills creating titles. Their animation skills creating transitions and motion
graphics. And they bring everything together because of their knowledge of the production
Part III: Improve your proficiency 5.7: Candidate Incorporates Learner Collaboration Does Candidate structure interactions among
of the HTSB Sub-standard. learners and with local and global peers to support and deepen learning?
Describe how you will improve the
I would like to increase the amount of effort and planning that goes into selecting
proficiency of your chosen Sub-
groups/teams in class.
Best resource for grouping ideas I could find.
Describe at least two appropriate
research findings on how to
improve efficiency.
The grouping is really dependant on the project the students are doing and what types of
Describe how you will implement
outcomes the instructor wants from the lesson. I've decided to add a grouping section to the
your research.
lesson plans that include grouping.