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Teaching Portfolio Rationales

Part I: Describe a teaching artifact that represents the overall HTSB Standard
HTSB Overall Standard Standard 1: Learner Development
Teaching Artifact Welcome Survey
Course ED310A
Teaching Artifact Description An online survey that the students take on the first day of class. After the
class introduction/end of class students were instructed to complete an
online survey that asked questions about their experience, interests, and
goals for the class.
Teaching Artifact Results Students provided honest and recordable data
Part II: Connect the teaching artifact to sub-standard and assess our proficiency
Does Candidate note changes and patterns in learners across some areas of
Connection to Artifact Welcome survey included questions that gave insight to the students
beginning experience level and skills level related to the instruction and
projects required for the course.
Self-Assessment 4-Candidate ALWAYS does this as a teacher
3-Candidate MOSTLY does this as a teacher
2-Candidate SOMETIMES does this as a teacher
1-Candidate RARELY/NEVER does this as a teacher
NA-Candidate did not have the opportunity to do this
NS-Question is confusing ambiguous, or difficult to rate
Evidence of Self-Assessment Through the survey students gave data that allowed me to create a baseline
to track the individual students development of knowledge, skill sets, and
experience moving forward in the course. I am able to adjust my course
instruction to best accommodate the students needs to be successful in
Part III: Improve your proficiency for the HTSB Standard
Sub Standard to Improve Sub Standard 1.1 - CANDIDATE NOTES LEARNER DEVELOPMENT
Does Candidate note changes and patterns in learners across some areas of
What to Improve? Welcome survey provides data to track some components of learner
development, but more data is needed to accurately note learner
Research at least 2 resources Asking questions in the survey to create a bigger picture of the individual
on how to improve student’s learning process such as: What are my strengths as a
proficiency. learner?What conditions do you feel you are doing your best work? What
activities do you engage in after school or during recess?
● Resource: ​http://www.ascd.org​ article
Create more of a student centered instruction, and leaving more open
ended questions for students to understand their role in their own learning
through the survey.
● Resource:​https://study.com/academy/lesson/student-centered-inst

Implementation of Findings The welcome survey is a good start but needs to be paired with ongoing
assessments of student growth to track student development. Along with
recording growth from data from course assessment, I will also give students
ongoing class surveys