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4/24/2019 Creating / deleting a reports server in OAS 10.1.

2, integrated with EM/AS-console - Jobacle

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Creating / deleting a reports

Top 60 Oracle Blogs server in OAS 10.1.2,
integrated with EM/AS-
Creating a reports server and integrate it with Enterprise Popular Recent
Manager / iasconsole

Why: RMAN: restore

– Under control of opmn (wil be automatically restarted) database on another
– Visible and manageable under Enterprise Manager. node including
October 18th, 2009
1. Create/start a new reports server :
Recent Tweets Jobaclenl “$ORACLE_HOME/bin/rwserver.sh repproject
2. A small window will pop-up, showing that the reports
New #OracleEM Saving
 13.3PG - the
server is starting up.
3. After it’s status is ready, stop this server.
money by
dashboard for the understandin
4. Register this new reports server (you can do this also by
modern #database the Oracle
hand, in the section of deleting this, you can also see what
eet. This release licensing
les you will have to update to insert or delete a reports
includes new server). model –
support for part I
August 28th, 2016
#Oracle… $ORACLE_HOME/bin/addNewServerTarget.sh repproject
1 day ago The command addNewServerTarget.sh
registers the reports server to OPMN and Rewrite in Apache
does not work
Enterprise Manager.
Manage Oracle
 Container Engine
June 21st, 2010
for Kubernetes with 
https://www.jobacle.nl/?p=399 1/5
4/24/2019 Creating / deleting a reports server in OAS 10.1.2, integrated with EM/AS-console - Jobacle

Ansible Modules | The following entry is added to

IaaS Bloglicensing
- Oracle Contact Disclaimer
$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/opmn.xml (sorry for theAbout Internet Explorer
Cloud layout) : crashes with Oracle
Websites Events
Infrastructure News
April 3rd, 2009
forms / Jinitiator
blogs.oracle.com/cloud-<ias-component id=”repproject” status=”enabled” id-
infrastr… matching=”false”>
2 weeks ago <process-type id=”ReportsServer” module-
id=”ReportsServices”> How many NUP’s you
<process-set id=”repproject” restart-on-death=”true” really need when
Thanks, Oracle, for
 publishing my
numprocs=”1″> using Oracle
Database ?
ruminations on December 14th, 2012
<variable id=”PATH”
where the role of
@Oracle DBA - or,
rather, EDA (TM) :) -
is heade…
</environment> Categories
< module-data>
2 weeks ago  App. Server (27)
<category id=”general-parameters”>
<data id=”batch” value=”yes”/>
Testdriving Oracle </category>  Architecture (4)
 Enterprise Manager <category id=”restart-parameters”>
13.3. Quote: "NOT <data id=”reverseping-timeout” value=”120″/>  Cloud (8)
intended for </category>
migrations of </module-data>  Database (69)
existing (on- <dependencies>
premises) EM <OID infrastructure=”true”/>  Event Cal. (1)
enviro… <database infrastructure-key=”portal”/>
<managed-process ias-component=”OC4J” process-  grid control (11)
2 weeks ago type=”OC4J_BI_Forms” process-set=”default_island”
autostart=”true”/>  licensing (20)
<managed-process ias-component=”HTTP_Server” process-
No more RAC in
 SE2 in 19c. After a
type=”HTTP_Server” process-set=”HTTP_Server”  Meta-DBA (3)
tweet of
</dependencies>  ODA (7)
@carajandb (thank
<start timeout=”120″ retry=”3″/>
you) about RAC and
<stop timeout=”120″/>  Oracle Enterprise
SE2, I tried to
<restart timeout=”120″/> Manager (11)
summarize the
<ping timeout=”30″ interval=”30″/>
</process-set>  Oratube (7)
2 weeks ago
</ias-component>  RAC (21)

5. Restart OPMN and all OPMN managed processes.  RMAN (5)


opmnctl stopall
 Ahmed Baraka – DBA  Standby (2)
opmnctl startall
 Uncategorized (11)
This will start the Reports Server ‘repproject’ too.
 Alejandro Vargas The log entries for starting Reports Server through OPMN
 Wordpress (4)
can be found in
 AMIS technology blog /home/ias10g/OraHome1/opmn/logs/repproject~ReportsServer~la~1

 Asktom 6. The tag value restart-on-death=”true” is responsible to

restart the Reports Server in case it crashes.
 Certi cation news – This may be set to “false” while troubleshooting Reports
blogs.oracle.com 
https://www.jobacle.nl/?p=399 2/5
4/24/2019 Creating / deleting a reports server in OAS 10.1.2, integrated with EM/AS-console - Jobacle

Server crash issues to prevent OPMN from

Oracle licensingrestarting
 Fuad Arshad Contact Disclaimer
the reports server. About
 Websites
Grid Control – Rob Events
How to delete this reports server.
 Harald v. Breederode
Unfortunately, there’s no script to do that.
 Jacco Landlust – Jack
of all trades 1. Remove the above mentioned con g in opmn.xml.

 Jonathan Lewis 2. Remove the con g in targets.xml located under

 License information
<Target TYPE=”oracle_repserv”
 Orafaq – sources NAME=”<ias_instance_name>_Reports_Server:
<reports_server_to_be_removed>” …>…</Target>
 Orainternals
3.Update the changed con guration .
 rman backup site $ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl updatecon g -ct opmn -v
 The Oracle Instructor
4. Restart the Application Server Control Console
 Tim Hall – oraclebase emctl stop iasconsole
emctl start iasconsole

5. Restart OPMN and all OPMN managed processes.

opmnctl stopall
opmnctl startall



Note 260367.1 “Reports Integration with EM/AS”

Note 276810.1 “How to deregister REPORT SERVER 10g”

By Job | July 10th, 2009 | Categories: App. Server | Tags: App. Server,
reports | 1 Comment

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4/24/2019 Creating / deleting a reports server in OAS 10.1.2, integrated with EM/AS-console - Jobacle

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One Comment

Ameya December 21, 2009 at 7:40 pm

Thanks a ton…
I am new to Oracle Application server
Administration. I am a Weblogic Administrator
and have been put up on a short-term project to
setup the OAS and Oracle SSO for one of our new
This info is of a great help to me. No document
of Oracle that I have browsed in the last few days
contained this info.
Thank you again
– Ameya

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4/24/2019 Creating / deleting a reports server in OAS 10.1.2, integrated with EM/AS-console - Jobacle

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