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Internal Audit Department

Auditee Feedback Form

IA Report No 30-FR-02/18
Your feedback about our performance is essential to help us improve our service. Please complete this feedback form and return it to
three days. Thank you!
Section I – To be filled by IA
Auditee Department GSM North
Auditee Management M. Adil
Business Area Reviewed GSM EAST
Audit Exercise Grid Station Maintenance East
Audit Date 04-01-2018
Section II – To be filled by Auditee
Please mark the response box below that best describes our performance level during the audit

1 = Strongly Disagree, 2 = Somewhat Disagree, 3 = Neutral, 4 = Not Very Agree & 5 = Strongly Agree

Added value to your objective achievement and future performance improvement

Communicated the audit objective, scope, and timings clearly and fulfilled them
Conducted post audit briefing that was adequate and effective
Conducted the audit in an efficient manner
Demonstrated a professional and constructive approach
Kept you informed of our observations/issues throughout the audit
Made recommendations that are pragmatic and actionable
Prepared report that is easy to understand and accurately reflects the audit results
Was knowledgeable of your processes, business issues, risks and controls
Overall Audit Experience:

Suggestion(s) for Improvement:

Auditee Name
Designation Signature
Audit Team:
eedback form and return it to us within
Aziz Farooq

Rehan Ali Shah, Syed

& 5 = Strongly Agree