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Novel Discovery :Dear Mr

Kilmer - Wh-Questions

WHO was
WHERE did there? Or
it happen? When Who was
writing your involved?
answer these

WHEN did WHY did it

it happen? happen?
Understand the following:
Terms Meaning
Event / Incident Peristiwa
(What happened?) Peristiwa / kejadian yang berlaku di dalam
sesebuah cerita
Cause Penyebab
(Why did it happened?) Mengapa sesuatu peristiwa berlaku.
Effect Kesan
Apakah kesan-kesan kepada watak-watak yang
terlibat apabila sesuatu peristiwa berlaku.
Character Watak di dalam sesebuah cerita.
Characteristics / Qualities Perwatakan / Sifat / Kualiti seseorang watak.
/ Personalities
We must love our family. We must be protective.
(MV) (MV)


We must be brave. (MV)

We must be kind.

PATRIOTISM (T) We must be helpful.


be brave.
We must be fair. (MV) (MV)

We must stick to our

We must be patriotic. (MV) principles to do what
is right. (MV) We must be
protective. (MV)
(1) Richard purposely
missed shooting a buck.

(7) Richard wrote a

poem as a tribute to Mr
Kilmer. In the poem, (2) Richard wrote his
Richard likened Mr first letter to Mr Kilmer.
Kilmer to the “world”.

(6) Hannah declined (3) Hannah Schermer
the role of Lady Liberty.
cried at the school
Richard declined his
part as the Doughboy.

(5) Richard told his (4) Richard was the

family and Mrs Hansen only student who
that he wrote poetry signed a sympathy card
and wrote a letter to for the Schermers.
Mr Kilmer.

Gus, Richard’s elder brother, was upset with

Richard because Richard purposely misfired.

Richard thought that hunting was Richard’s father, Pa, was also disappointed
not important. with Richard.

Pa asked Richard why he purposely missed
shooting the buck.
Richard purposely missed
shooting a buck.

Richard told Pa that he had no right to kill it.

Richard could not kill animals.

Richard told Pa that he felt painful and sad to

kill an animal.

Pa told Richard not to go hunting anymore if

he did not like it.

In his letter, Richard told Mr Kilmer that he wrote

Richard learnt about Mr Kilmer poems too. However, he kept this as a secret from
when Richard’s English teacher, everyone.
Mrs Hansen read a poem to the
class. The title of the poem was
“Trees” by Joyce Kilmer.

Richard asked for Mr Kilmer’s advice . He wanted to

2 know whether he should tell his secret
to everybody.
Mrs Hansen told the class that
Mr Kilmer was a famous poet. He
worked for “The New York Richard wrote his first letter to
Times”. Mr Kilmer.

This was how Richard became friends with Mr

Richard regarded Mr Kilmer as his Kilmer. They always exchanged letters with each
new hero because Mr Kilmer other.
loved poetry and was brave to
enlist in the army.

Richard always sent a poem with his letters. Mr

Richard got Mr Kilmer’s office Kilmer would praise Richard and make suggestions
address. to improve the poem.

Richard told some of his schoolmates about it.

Richard realised that his schoolmates were mean
to Hannah and her parents.
• They said that the Schermers were Huns.
Someone scrawled “Dirty Hun” Hannah Schermer cried at
all over her book cover. the school hallway. • They said that the Schermers were unpatriotic
because they spoke German and served Hun
food at their tavern while a war was going on
against Germany.

Starting from this incident, the Schermers were

always being mistreated by some of the Turtle Lake

Mrs Hansen asked her class to

sign a card for the Schermers.
• Someone vandalised the
tavern owned by Hannah’s After school, Richard took the card from Mrs
parents. Hansen. He wanted to give the card to Hannah.
• They painted “Dirty Huns” all
over the walls.
• Mrs Hansen brought a card to
express regret for what had
On Richard’s way to Hannah’s home, Abner and
Richard was the only student Harry was waiting to hit him. They called Richard a
who signed a sympathy card for Hun lover. Their cruel intention was in vain as Richard fought
the Schermers. them back. They promised to leave Richard alone.
The troublemakers like Abner,
Harry, Blanche and Peggy refused
to sign the card.

Hannah accepted the card reluctantly. Later,

They warned other classmates Hannah apologised to Richard for being rude.
not to sign the card.
This was the beginning of their friendship.
• The boys were afraid Abner
and Harry would hit them.
• The girls worry that popular
girls like Peggy and Blanche
would not speak to them.

Nobody was interested.

• Gus did not believe that Mr Kilmer was famous.
• Pa did not believe that Richard wrote poetry.

Richard asked whether his family members wanted

Richard received a letter from Mr to read his poems. Nobody was interested. Richard
Kilmer. was sad.

Gus advised Richard not tell anyone he wrote
poetry. He wanted Richard to fit in with other
people . Everyone called him a Hun Lover after he
Mr Kilmer advised Richard Richard told his family and Mrs
signed the card for Hannah.
to overcome his fear. Hansen that he wrote poetry.

The next day, Richard told Mrs Hansen that he

wrote poetry. He showed her Mr Kilmer’s letter.

Mr Kilmer advised Richard

to share his poetry with Mrs Hansen helped Richard to choose a poem.
people around him. Richard would send the poem to Mr Kilmer.

As advised by Mrs Hansen, Richard shared Mr

Kilmer’s latest letter and his poem with the class .
• Some of his classmates, including Blanche
and Peggy, were deeply moved by his poem.
They started to respect Richard.
• Hannah suggested a different ending to Richard’s

Hannah and Richard won the roles of Lady Gus told Richard that all students said that he was
Liberty and the Doughboy respectively unpatriotic and a traitor.
because they wrote the best essays. Mrs
Hansen asked the class to write an essay as
one of the activities for a patriotic programme Pa was disappointed when Richard declined the role
which helped sell Liberty bonds. of the Doughboy.
• Pa advised Richard not to side with
the Schermers.
Hannah wrote the best essay so Mrs Hansen
asked Hannah to read it. After she read the
6 • Influenced by Abner’s father story, he thought
that the Schermers wanted the Germans to
essay, only Richard clapped his hand. win the war.
Hannah declined the • Richard told his father that the Schermers
role of Lady Liberty. were patriotic.
Many students were angry with Mrs Hansen’s Richard declined his • They wanted the Allies to win.
decision. They regarded Hannah as an part as the Doughboy. • Hannah’s brother, Otto, was an American soldier.
unpatriotic German although she was an
American citizen.
Hannah’s friendship with Richard became stronger.
• Hannah invited Richard to her house.
• Richard got to know Hannah’s parents.
Some parents complained to the principal
and demanded Mrs Hansen to choose • Richard visited the Schermers whenever he
someone else. Mrs Hansen did not felt lonely.
change her mind. • The Schermers understood his dreams.
• Richard shared Mr Kilmer’s letters with them.
• He read his poems to them.
• During Christmas, Hannah baked cookies for Mr
Hannah told Richard that her essay started a Kilmer.
little war in Turtle lake. She did not want to • Mrs Schermer knitted a scarf to cheer Mr Kilmer
cause any more problems. Richard wanted to up.
support Hannah.

The tribute was printed in the local newspaper, “The

Turtle Lake Weekly”.

Richard’s father read the poem.

Mr Kilmer was killed in the Richard was afraid that his father was going to be
war between the Allies and angry at him. His father did not like Richard writing
the Germans. poems.
 After reading the poem, his father told Richard
about what happened to Richard’s uncle, Roland.
Richard wrote a poem as  His father never told Richard about this story.
Mr Kilmer was Richard’s penpal. Roland was killed in a war in Cuba. His father
a tribute to Mr Kilmer.
regarded Roland as his “world”.
 His father was amazed how Richard could
use the same word in his poem.
In the poem, Richard likened
Mr Kilmer to the “world”. Richard continued writing poems about farm life
for the local newspaper.

Richard got his father’s help as he was an

experienced farmer. Every night, Richard read his
poems aloud. His father would correct or give
suggestions to improve the poems.

His father finally supported Richard’s passion in

writing poetry.