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In Partial Fulfillment in the Subject


ABM 11 K


Catapang, Patrick
Fontanilla, Iverson

Obillo, Miguel

Angel, Crystal Mae

Duran, Crezelle
Submitted to:

Mr. John Paul M. Lagao

March 13, 2019

I. Executive Summary

The love of ice cream is very high. The Sweet Avalanche is the very first ice
cream shop built at Baguio City where for everyone’s knowledge knows it as
one of the coolest place in the Philippines. The shop provides a service that
brings warm to everyone. Other than that, ice cream and other related
products offered are organic.

The Sweet Avalanche are providing the product of ice cream, as well as
the service from the employees. Its product are unique for it is made from
healthy foods which the shop’s main ingredient is vegetables. It is indeed
appealing for it’s not just healthy but also affordable. The shop would also sell
fruit shakes and healthy snacks to add on.

Mainly, the company’s main customers are those who are in high school
and other office workers who needs healthy foods in their everyday meal. The
next target market would be children from ages six and above who we knew
mostly despises vegetables.

The Sweet Avalanche hopes to thrive and improve in the next three to five
years. The company plans to expand operations and business by increasing
the current production with a dine in and take out cakes and pastries and
hopes to make 75-85% of their profit.

II. Business Overview

The parlor started running way back 2014 that was founded by Miguel
Montefalco. The business grew throughout the years and it was an instant
success. The business started with just two simple ice cream parlor that offered
homemade ice cream recipes, customers quickly began request special
orders of the homemade ice cream. They proved to be so popular that Miguel
Montefalco, the founder, pooled resources and began the Sweet Avalanche.
The founder, then, opened an ice cream parlor and began to sell directly to
public. After one-year operation, Miguel was successful in getting the city’s
natural food store to carry the Sweet Avalanche products. Over the last two
years, the shop have become popular in upscale natural food store in Upper
Session Road, Baguio City. What makes Sweet Avalanche popular is the
organic ingredients to make the ice cream. The shop’s operation has
expanded dramatically over the past three years.

 to inspire moments of happiness and optimism through ice cream product

 To happily serve the best ice cream parlor in the Philippines


 to provide quality products that meet the desires and needs in the

 build partnership with our suppliers and customer to create mutual values

Products Offered

The high and rich in vitamin different vegetables as main ingredients are
added with a few secret ingredients are mixed and are created into a new
single product which is an ice cream what Sweet Avalanche offers. To add to
its already delicious taste, the company puts jelly in it and some fruits. It is
offered in various shapes depends on what you choose.

Products Price

Malunggay Ice Cream P 169

El Carrote Crema P 159

Jelly Mountain P 159

Chocolate Hills P 139

Volcanic Ice Cream P 129

The Avalanche Float P 109

Business Operation

Our business opens at 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Mondays to Sundays.

III. Market Analysis

Malunggay Ice Cream is one of the best selling in the menu of The Sweet
Avalanche. Its unique taste and high different vitamin contents has made the
customers satisfied and kept on returning. Next on the spot is the El Carrote
Crema or the Carrot Ice cream. The thing is, carrots are mostly sweet and
adding some ingredients and creating an ice cream out of it also got the
customer’s attention. The other on the list are some vegetables like gabby,
potato, and many more.

Hearing the word vegetables is somehow not appetizing to some children.

Mainly, high school to college students are those who will try these kinds of
unique foods for mostly are probably conscious of their body. Include those
office workers who needs healthy foods in their daily meal to gain more
energy in order for them to think fast, clearly or to work properly.

Many companies focus on building relationships with their customers

instead of always exclusive trying to sell something. Customers who love your
brand more will also spend more money with your brand. The Sweet
Avalanche provides not just healthy products but also good services in serving
the customers.

SWOT Analysis

 Newly established company

producing quality product with
 Newly established company
good taste.
having less market
 Wide variety of unique ice cream
 The city’s cool climate
 Difficulties in penetrating a new
 Located at a central business


 Large young population and very  Threat of substitutes like products

hot summer of Cream Line, Nestle, Selecta

 Growing ice cream market  Country’s prolonged political

transitions, uncertain economic
 The company is expanding its
situation and labor unions
business outside the city, in some
hot parts of the Philippines like
Manila particularly in Makati.

IV. Marketing Strategy

 It’s important to have staple ice cream flavors, but those may not be the
ones that kept people coming back. Having new, custom unique flavors
might be useful like joining Malunggay flavor to a Carrot Ice cream. Also,
using another unique ingredient such as fish to be a main ingredient.

 Social networking provides an inexpensive and often free alternative to

traditional advertising. Starting a Facebook page for the company and
post regular updates and sales and store information would be better.
Engage with the customers like ask something about what they want or
suggestions of most people then later on do what is asked.

V. Marketing Objective
-Successfully open an open outlet in Manila

-Improve overall service

-target new customers, such as kids who dislikes vegetables, senior citizens,
both male and female

VI. Marketing Implementation

The product to be advertise is ice cream parlor that offers various organic
flavors. Our target market are students from junior high students to college
students, ages from 12 to 24 and workers ages from 20 and above, both male
and female. Our location is at Upper Session Road, Baguio City and we
advertise with a simple tarpaulin with our products in it. We would place a tri
media ad campaign in its peak season which is summer season. Using a tri
media ad campaign which is the best and effective marketing strategy.
Basically, a tri media ad campaign are composed of TV ad, Radio ad, and
newspaper ad. Our estimated budget is 100 million, first to be advertised in the
newspaper which is Manila Bulletin. The price of 1 page of newspaper for
weekday rates is P150 255 and Sunday rates are P176 490. Second is to be
advertised in radio ad which is Philippine radio station 101.1 “YES THE BEST” with
an estimated price of P20 600. The third is on TV commercial where ABS-CBN is
the chosen station advertising the product for 30 seconds with a price of P900
000 and for GMA wherein the ad costs at P299 000.

VII. Control Measures

Possible Risks:

1. Bankruptcy

2. Customers losing interest in old products

Possible solutions

1. The target market for this location and data will still have to be gathered
and experimented depending on the season and occasion.

2. Continuous innovation of the product.