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IPM Prosper is used for analysing the factors affecting the VLP of a gas lifted oil well in this paper. It
is an application, where the calculations for study of production system and improve the recovery of
oil for natural drive and artificial lift application can be done.

Gas lift techniques are used to provide additional potential to increase the production rates by
decreasing bottom hole pressure for providing high drawdown pressure. Gas lift along with IPM
Prosper are widely used for Well model, designs and well performance program.

The effects of gas lift on oil production were analyzed by using petroleum engineering software
developed IPM Prosper. The software was used to simulate the oil production at various
configurations including the well with gas lift. Prosper is a well performance, design and optimization
program for modelling most of well configurations. It is designed to allow building of reliable well
model with the ability to address each aspect of well bore modelling including the fluid
characterization, VLP correlations and reservoir inflow.

Once the well system model has been tuned to the real field data, different scenario can be
modelled to make further predictions of well performance. A series of sensitivity analysis were
performed to the base model of an actual oil field in order to optimize the production of the field by
implementing gas lift to the well. Well test data was utilized to develop a base model with the inflow
and outflow performance curve matched with the well performance. Figure 2 shows the flow chart
for detailed Methodology.

Fig.2 Flow chart for research study


Parameters Value
Solution GOR (SCF/STB) 820
Oil gravity (API) 34
Gas gravity 0.833
Water salinity (ppm) 150000
Mole % Hydrogen sulphide (%) 0
Mole % Co2 (%) 0
Mole % N2 (%) 0
Bubble point pressure (psig) 3256
Temperature (℉) 210
Oil FVF (bbl/STB) 1.491
Oil viscosity (cp) 0.435

After selecting the best fit correlations, input data is matched with simulated data as shown
in the Figure 2 PVT IS MATCHED.
Table 2 show the input data for generating IPR Curve

Parameters Value
Reservoir Pressure (psig) 4000
Reservoir Temperature (℉) 210
Water cut (%) 15
Total GOR (Scf/STB) 820
IPR Data which includes the reservoir properties

Table 3 show the input data for gas lift section

Parameter Input
Gas Lift Method No Friction loss in annulus
Gas Lift Type Fixed Depth of Injection
Gas Lift Gravity 0.8
Mole % of H2S (%) 0
Mole % of Co2 (%) 0
GLR Injected (scf/STB) 0
Gas lift valve Depth Measured (ft) 6480.0
Gas Lift Data