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1)Pic of milia

2 ) x ray of achlasia asking for diagnosis

3) scenario on entropion

4) treatment of psoriasis

5) 2 ques on colonoscopy screening

6) 2 ques on LDL

7) cervical screening in HIV pt

8) ODD ratio

9) nuclear blast same repeated ques

10) carotid A screening

11) 1 que on myocarditis i already uploaded in this group

12) ques on flavivirus

13) scenario on dehydration asking for treatment

14) febrile convulsions

15) maternal blues

16) postpartum psychosis

Malaria prophylaxis in g6pd deficiency (answer mefloquine )

2)Drugs and conditions causing huperuricemia(four tables given,v have to

choose one)

3)calculate incidence and prevalence

4)sulphonylurea mechanism of action

5)when to shift the child From iv fluids to ORS who is active and alert(if he is
taking orally or when urine output is good)

6) Rx of meningococcal meningitis (no ceftriaxone or vancomycin in the option)

7) child with SOB and cough,similar episodes before as well, vitals RR
40/min,wat is the ancillary investigation for this ( ABGs, CXR)

8)typical picture of Graves' disease

9)picture of heberdon nodes

10)child with UTI treated with ciprofloxacin develop cola colored urine and labs
showing fall in hematocrit and Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia reason?(sickle
cell,g6pd def,aplastic anemia,autoimmune hemolytic anemia)

11) Rx of anaphylaxis (Im epinephrine)

13)two questions on human bite and management

14)boy wid unprotected sex develop rash(syphillis)

15)woman multiparous with history of asthma & mitral stenosis in prolonged labor
since 12hrs,what conditions is of more concern (prolonged labor, mitral

16)About td(not contraindicated during pregnancy)

17)Pt with ho heart burns 3weeks Rx (omeprazole 20 4weeks,ranitidine 150 mg

for 4weeks, Metochlorpromide,acid suppressants)

18)pt treated for colon ca ,again develop new cancer ,wat to


19)Rx of Rosacea other than medical treatment (laser,derm abrasion )

20)Rx of acute glaucoma

21)questions about femoral anteversion,asking for diagnosis

22)post menopausal woman with strenuous exercise,she is at wat


23)hormonal assay of post menopausal state

24)pt with ovarian failure,given trial of progesterone for Rx,wat will happen
(withdrawal bleeding once only,withdrawal bleeding with resumption of regular
cycle,no bleeding at all)

25)pt wid wt loss and insomnia,RX for depression (answer mirtazapine)

26)Pt manager in the office c/o palpatition,chest pain,sleep disburbances,during
examination continuously scanning every object in the room(GAD

27)picture of neonatal toxicum

29)pt on antidepressant since two months,symptoms improved,for how long she

has to take medication (1month,2month,3 or 4month)

30)female right lower abd pain,Beta HCG negative,tenderness present,became

nauseatic on palpation,diagnosis(ovarian torsion,ruptured cyst,appendicitis )

31)Picture of gouty arthritis

woman multiparous wid h/o mitral stenosis ,asthma in labor since 12hours,which
condition is of more concern for you now(prolonged labor,mitral stenosis

Female in second stage of labour.cervix-6cm dilated, given 10mcg of fentanyl. Patient

complains of nausea, headache. On examination fetal heart tones not assessed from
past 2 mins. Nurse puts the patient to left lateral position and puts on O2mask and calls
you to help...what will you do next?
*Call nurse for forceps
*Give another 10mcg of fentanyl
*Give 10mg of Ephedrine
*put the patient in high fowlers position

2)Patient hit by Tennis ball on eye.On examinaton Blood in anterior chamber.What is

important to rule out?
*Foreign body

3)Meniere's disease history given and asked for treatment. (Low salt, no caffeine
vestibular sedatives-promethazine,prochlorperazine
intratympanic gentamycin therapy)

4)Sinusitis history given and organism responsible was meantioned h.influenzae asked
for treatment. Antibiotic-Amoxyclav for h influenza
Saline nasal irrigation
intranasal steroids
Please note both the qs 3,4 had 4 tabular colums with different treatment combinations
and u have to pick one.So please read treatment in detail.

5)Well baby clinic at 1 year what would you advice the mother
*put child to sleep on back
*put child safety seat belt

6)Saudi breast feeding guideline:

*1-5 months
*6-12 months
*12-24 months

Q)Advice to mother on how to hold baby? advice to hold baby-head on the inner elbow
and body on outer forearm

Q)Patient withsplinter haemorrhages in nail and petechial haemorrhages.deficiency of

which vitamin?
*vit C

Q)Atrial fibrilation ecg and asked to identify

Q)Patient with LBBB.it is associated with:

*pul edema
*pul stenosis

Q)Patient with syncope.ECG shows deep S in lead1 and V6.and tall R in V1.Seen in?
*RBBB (rabbit ear)
*Conduction delay

Q)Patient with hypertension,Dm,heart failure on medication brought with

unconsciousness.Which drug is most likely?

Q)Xray showed bowing of legs.History of child with short stature.Asking diagnosis:

*Osteogenesis imperfecta
Q)6 year old Female with normal height,weight was delivered at term by normal vaginal
delivery.Increased breast size,Assymetric dark pubic hair,Tall for height.Diagnosis?
*variation of normal development
*Due to exogenous estrogen
*McCune Albright syndrome-is the answer(Read it)

Q)Treatment of opthalmia neonatorum IV Ceftriaxone

Q)patient with testicular soreness. history of promiscuous relation 1 month ago.

*Radionucleotide scan of testis
*USG of testes
*Colour Doppler of Testes

Q)Retinoblastoma management Rx-external beam


Q)Management of finger prick from hep B positive patient. HBIG 0.06MI/Kg given
immediately and initiate HepatitisB vaccine series if not previously vaccinated

Q)Metabolic syndrome Obesity/waist circumference->102cm/40"(M),>88cm/35"(F)

Hyperglycemia-FBS>100mg/dl,Dyslipidemia-TG> OR=150mg/dl or HDL

Q)Which maternal infection need to be identified early in neonate to initiate treatment


Q)Picture of baby with candidal diaper rash asking for treatment:

*Zinc oxide+antifungal +steroid
*Zinc oxide+antibiotic+steroid

Q)Question about female 31 years old with black bluish macules on gingiva.Diagnosis?
Peutz jeghers syndrome-is the asnwer as it is associated with melanoma
Q)15 year old young girl constipated since 1 week was relieved yesterday with
complaint of dark coloured urine.On examination BP found to be high.What is the likey
*Autoimmune nephropathy

Q)Young girl with fever cough and sputum.IN Labs only proteinuria was an abnormal
finding. what is likely association?
*Anti sm antibodies
Antinuclear antibodies
Anti glomerularBM antibodies goodpasture

Q)baby pic with crusted lesion.organism responsible?

*group A beta hemolytic streptococci
*group B beta hemolytic streptococci

Q)Herpes zoster opthalmicus

Q)Male 50 year old with generalised fatigue,nausea,vitals stable.only lab finding was
increase in calcium.asking for diagnosis?

Q)pain management for labour? Epidural anaesthesia

Q)Female with hirsutism and coarsening of facial features.cause?

*Excess estrogen
*Androgen excess

Q)36weeks gestation with cervix 3cm dilatation with good uterine contractions every 3-4
mi lasting for 30-60 seconds.vitals stable.FHR-140-160.What would you do?
*Apply forceps
*NST non stress test
*Give tocolytics

Q)Child with non projectile vomiting,diarrhoea.Vomit consists of undigested food particle

with no blood.No history of travel in recent past.child takes only apple juice and
water.on examination rash present at perineum.What could it be due to?
*Viral gastroenteritis

Q)Lady walks into ER with daughter for scalp suturing.During the procedure mother felt
dizzy and fell down.She had similar episode one year ago when she was getting her
son sutured.what is diagnosis?
*Vasovagal attack
*Specific phobia

Q)Multiple sclerosis.Pathology responsible? Due to demyelination

Q)Glaucoma-Underlying pathology? obstruction of trabecular meshwork and closure of

iridocorneal angle

Q)Lithum best suitable for which type of mania?

*Rapid cyling

Q)40 year old male with pain in leg on activity.ABI-0.80.The affected limb is shiny with
no hair.diagnosis?
*Chronic venous insufficicency
*Chronic limb ischaemia

Q)What would you advice to patient of recurrent rosacea despite medical therapy?
*Green base tinted make up
Q)Human bite management

Q)H ducreyi infected patient...whom will you treat?

*All partners
*only symptomatic partners

Q)18 year old with polyp on colonoscopy.On enquiry one of maternal aunt also has
similar history.on histology it is found to be adenomatous.when to repeat colonoscopy?
*1 year
*3 months
Q)58 year old male with 6 weeks hoarseness and history of smoking 2 pack for 30
years.Pic of vocal cords given-it was polyp.please read.

Q)Drug of choice for HTN in gout patient? Losartan

Q)Drug of choice for Gout in patient with increase frequency of attacks and with renal
impairment? allopurinol

Q)New diabetic patient on antidiabetics.Only finding proteinuria.what to be added?


Q)17 year old girl with palpitations,flushing dizziness.On examination has orthostatic
hypertension.what is the appropriate investigation?

Q)Within how many hours maximum NAC can be given to prevent acetaminophen
induced hepatic damage?

Q)Trichomoniasis treatment?
*oral fluconazole
*oral metronidazole

Q)Flavivirus prevention?
*eradication of animal reservoir
*eating proper cooked food
*improving sanitation

Q)Patient with pain at flank.on examination lumbar mass is present.how to investigate?

*nuclear scan
*ct scan
Q)Child with fatigue,pale in appearnece.On eamination spleen enlarged.liver normal.lab
findings-increased indirect bilirubin
decreased reticuloctes.Diagnosis?
*Aplastic crisis
*Splenic crisis
*Splenic haemorrhage
*Hemolytic crisis

Q)Patient of IBS with excessive non propulsive contraction adn slow wave myoelectrical

Q)calculation of odds ratio and relative risk.