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Spring 2019

High School Placement

Background Project: Student A
The first student I decided to observe at the high school level was quite unique from
the rest of the students in several ways. This student, Student A, is a first-year student at this
high school, has taken a significant interest in music, and seems to have good chemistry with
the other students. If I had not stumbled across his IEP, I would not have known that Student A
faces challenges outside of the band room.
According to the IEP, Student A has been diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. Because
of these diagnoses, he is in all Self-Contained classrooms except for Health & PE, band, and
chorus. Student A was also found to have difficulty sustaining his attention, staying on task,
and controlling his impulses. Student A also has trouble reading social cues, understanding
others’ viewpoints, and conversational skills. In the IEP, his English teacher notes that Student
A often completes most classwork assignments but requires numerous reminders to get
Student A to focus on the tasks at hand. It was also noted in the IEP that Student A was
previously on medication for his ADHD but has not been taking it.
As I stated earlier, if I had not stumbled across his IEP, I don’t think I would have
known that he had trouble concentrating or unwilling to complete tasks in class. From my
observations, Student A was attentive during class and was one of few students who were
willing to answer questions. Student A was also observed talking to friends before and after
class and seemed excited to be in class. There were a few instances however where I thought
I heard Student A make a few inappropriate comments. At the time, I didn’t say anything to
him because I wasn’t 100% sure if I had heard the right things but knowing what I know now,
Student A needs to be reminded of what is appropriate and inappropriate in the school
I also believe that Student A has been able to succeed in the music class because it is
a class that is heavily dependant on aural skills. Student A’s English teacher wrote how he
has below-grade-level reading comprehension and has trouble inferring from his readings. In
the music classroom, Student A is able hear the other students and the teacher and easily
understands how to manipulate his sound to match. Student A will need continued work to
improve on his music literacy, I believe that Student A has found a class that he enjoys and
enjoys improving.