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Client: Sri Lanka Tourism

Agency: Michael Matheny and Jalil Woodward

Brand: Sri Lanka
Campaign deadline: April 10, 2019

1. Why are we embarking on this campaign?

Learn: Our audience will learn about “Sri Lanka” as a perfect travel destination for young adults, blending culture, outdoor adventure.
Through this, we will also reshape the reputation of Sri Lanka as a hip and exciting travel destination.
Feel: We will convince 22-35 year old adults in suburban America to want to experience a global melting pot of culture and experiences
in an exotic yet peaceful, romantic location. Our audience will feel that a trip to Sri Lanka will be a fun, safe, and enriching experience.
Do: Our audience will utilize our travel agency website, and will be influenced to purchase travel tickets or do further research. This will
spread brand awareness. Our consumers will then travel to Sri Lanka, spending money on food and activities to increase the tourism
economy. Upon return, they will share their experiences, enticing others to follow their footsteps.

2. Who is our target audience?

Young adults ages 22-35 with an average income of $60,000 per household, or $40,000 per individual. This includes unmarried working
professionals, young families, and newlyweds. Generally, this group travels on a tighter budget than their higher income, older peers.
● Trip examples include: bachelor/bachelorette getaways, honeymoons, romantic getaways, business trips, friend trips.

3. What is the key consumer insight?

Young adults are thrill seekers and/or laid back. Young adults will find many thrilling opportunities or relaxation in Sri Lanka, making it
extremely appealing to this consumer.

4. What is/are the main propositions/offers?

● On a vacation in Sri Lanka, you can experience the whole world in one place.

5. What is the convincing support for the claim?

● $1,431 round trip flights available from CLT, $1,038 from NYC, $1,061 ATL. (flights are comparably priced when compared
to flights to similar locations; $1,724 from CLT to Madagascar, $1,226 from CLT to New Zealand).
● The geography of the island, various wildlife, historic cities, and location along a British trade route give validity to the claims
of “a world of experiences on one island.”
● One U.S. dollar is equal to 184 Sri Lanka rupees, showing that the U.S. dollar holds a little bit more weight.
● Climb mountains, explore caves, relax on the beach, and dive into history. You can even catch a safari ride to see the incredible
amount of elephants inhabiting the island. Sri Lanka offers the benefits of several vacations all in one trip, meaning you get the
biggest bang for your buck, and allowing for the ability to be spontaneous.

6. What is the core brand positioning?

a) Brand Statement
At the essence of Sri Lanka Tourism is all-encompassing adventure. You can do anything and everything in one trip, thanks to the
diverse, extensive and youthful Sri Lanka. This is a place for relaxation, adventure, urban nights, and mountain top views.
b) Personality
Sri Lanka is hip. curious, adventurous, spontaneous, rich in culture, and full of energy.
The color palette reflects the flag; colors of green, maroon, yellow, and orange reflects a jungle/tropical element that will be
used in visual identity materials.
c) Tone of voice of the campaign?
Our tone reflects the knowledge that you're on a vacation. The primary tone is mischievous, in a way that provokes adventure and
exploration. Sri Lanka knows that you're there to treat yourself, and wants you to “live your best life.” The tone of Sri Lanka can
also be peaceful, although there are many adventures waiting for you, relaxation is also a key component of the trip.

7. Any mandatories?
● As a primarily Buddhist nation, we will need to be conscious of our approach so as not to offend locals.
● We will need to avoid using RED and YELLOW alone together, as these represent the flag of Tamil Eelam, a remnant of the
recent Civil War.

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