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The Lord's Day Announcements/Matangazo


1. Those worshipping with us for the first time are Youth Corner
requested to spare a few minutes and meet in the
1ST CORINTHIANS 3 : 1 - 23
"Visitor's room" next to Church office after the service to
Youth Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m. kindly sign our visitors book.
Service Leader : L ei y a n 2. All are welcome to Weekly Prayer sessions on A CASE AGAINST OUR MINDS PT 1
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Charity Maina The drift of my mind on a Sunday Morning triggered this
In ter cessory Prayer : Charity Maina Mondays from 5.30 pm onwards. Please also note that
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Wanjiru Mbugua “Shee” the prayer room at the top of the KBA School article. Ashamed, it was during the sermon. The speaker of the
Main U shers : Steve Waithanji / Samuel Njoroge day was delivering God's word, cutting through to the core of
P reac her : Pst. Joel I njai ru
multipurpose block is open for prayers any time of the our inadequacies and revealing to us our incessant need for
English Service - 9. 00 - 10. 45 a .m. day. Christ's work on the cross. I was listening, keenly at that.
Service Leader
Deac o n I nc h arg e
J ohn Ki go chi
Eunice Muchai
3. Friday Evening Service: Our first Friday of the month Noting down points for my future reference until he mentioned
In ter cessory Prayer : Eunice Muchai evening service will be this Friday 3rd May 2019 led by 'avenge' and... Let me just say, Thanos will not be defeated in
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Eden Kaberere SALT department. Please purpose to attend. the Avengers Finale.
Main U shers : Ann Kimathi / Mercy Wachira At that moment, my mind took me down a path
P reac her : Pst Silas Otieno
4. The Church Choir accompanied by Dr Moses Mwangi is where the sermon was no longer relevant, the Word of God
Kisw ahili Servic e - 11 .00 - 12.45 p.m. ministering today at Kiarithaini PCEA, Karatina, Nyeri unattractive and hell inconceivable. To some degree, it is
Ki o n g o zi : J a mes Mu hu
Shemas i Msi ma mizi : Francis Kamau
County. The church is requested to pray for them possible to ponder away amid a Christ- Centered discussion and
Maombi : Francis Kamau 5. Love Sunday is next Sunday 5th May 2019. A second have your thoughts tamed, keeping you spiritually minded on
Kusoma Neno : J os ep h Wa mb ug u offering shall be collected towards the end of the service the works of the cross and meditating upon the Word of God
Wahud umu waku u : Josephine Wambua / Trevor Mwangi
that goes towards helping the needy among us. Clothes but unfortunately man's heart is wicked, deceitful above all
Mhubiri : Pst. Jo el I njai ru things.
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m and dry foods are also welcome and can be dropped in Let's remind ourselves what Christ said in Mathew
Service Leader : Joel To ny the office.
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Phaustine Khaoya 9:3-5. 'Certain scribes said within themselves, 'This man
In ter cessory Prayer : Phaustine Khaoya 6. Wedding Banns: We announce the wedding between blasphemes,'... (They were accusing Jesus of blasphemy because
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Amy Njeri Karanja Kimani of KWBC and Elizabeth S. Kilelo of He forgave sin, which only God can do) '...and Jesus KNOW-
P reac her : Pst. Sta nl ey Migwi ING their thoughts...' (He knows my thoughts. He knows your
Deliverance church, Kakamega to be held here at KWBC thoughts.) '...said, 'why are you thinking evil in your hearts?'
SUNDAY, 05 TH MAY 2019 this Saturday 4th May at 10.30am and thereafter a The heart can imagine, the heart can entertain itself
FOCU S: T H E CAL L T O H U MI LIT Y & O BE DI EN CE reception at the Church grounds. Anyone with a just with all thoughts of evil. Proverbs 24:9 KJV says 'The thought
1 CORINTH IANS 4: 1 - 21 reason why the two should not be wedded together should of foolishness is sin...' Therefore, any thought that is not God
Youth Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m.
Service Leader : A shl ey Mb ur u notify the pastor or forever hold your peace. This is the honoring, Christ exalting, representative of obedience to the
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Clement Miano 3rd and final announcement. Word of God is sin.
In ter cessory Prayer : Clement Miano The Book of Proverbs also tell us, guard your hearts
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Rh od ah Ju ma
7. Baptism Classes- Those who are born again and have with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. The heart is
Main U shers : Ruth Wanjiku / Ann Makeba not gone through believers' baptism by immersion are seen as the seat of thought and that is why David cried out to
P reac her : Pst. Jo el I njai ru requested to register in the church office. Baptism God for help at the very front line of defense. After he had
English Service - 9. 00 - 10. 45 a .m.
Service Leader : Ja mes Ki ma ni classes will begin early May 2019. been caught in the terrible sin of immorality and murder he
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Peter Mbugua 8. Men's department invites all men for bible study at the cried out and said this 'Not create in me a clean body, not clean
In ter cessory Prayer : Peter Mbugua up my act, but create in me...what?... a clean heart and renew a
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Faith Kaendo
KBA school complex top floor - boardroom immediately right spirit within me."
Main U shers : Mary Wairimu / Jacob Mwenda after the English service. We sin grievously against God when we please our thought life
P reac her : Dr. Mos es Mw an gi
Kisw ahili Servic e - 11 .00 - 12.45 p.m.
9. Ladies: with sin. In the next installment, we shall continue to discuss
Ki o n g o zi : Eric Nd irangu i. Young ladies fellowship is today 28th April 2019 how depraved our mental states can become if not continuously
Shemas i Msi ma mizi : Phaustine Khaoya immediately after Swahili service here at KWBC. Please connected to the things of God.
Maombi : Phaustine Khaoya
Kusoma Neno : Gra ce Mai ngi
Purpose to attend. Compiled by Dorina Ogutu
Wahud umu waku u : Joyce Njambi / Beth Juma ii. Ladies monthly fellowship will be a one-day outing
Mhubiri : Pst. Jo el Injai ru
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m
Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th May 2019. Registration is
Service Leader : A shl ey Mb ur u ongoing today after both services with any of your
Deac o n I nc h arg e : Charity Maina leaders.
In ter cessory Prayer : Charity Maina
Sc rip ture Readi ng : Anthony Kigochi iii. The leadership appreciates all those who attended the
P reac her : Pst. Silas Otieno NBWF Convention concluding today at Kariobagi Baptist MONDAY FELLOWSHIP
PASTORAL STAFF: church. God bless you
Joel Injairu Stanley Migwi Host: Leader: Speaker:
Pastoral Care & Leadership Dept Minister Children Minister Deacons:
Hillary Mulama
0721 - 417799 0712422642 Francis Kamau A. Mwangi P. Mbugua C. Miano J. Muhu J. Donge C. Maina E. Muchai P. Khaoya
Church Council Chairman
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…connecting with fellow Christ Followers in a Small Fellowship
To Become Rivers Of Living Waters
Group Deacon in Coordinator’s Meeting Meets on Activity/
Charge Name Place Preacher Flowing To The Nations (John 7:38).
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OJ Kiwanja
Maziwa/ F. Kamau Lucy Mwaura Maziwa Fridays YEAR 2019 THEME - “BECOMING A CHRIST CENTERED CHURCH "
Jacaranda (0722467207) Campus 1ST CORINTHIANS 2:2
ANNUAL THEME: Message of the Week Sun 28 th April 2019
Kongo/ J. Muhu Silvester Musyoki Wednesdays
J. Donge
Kigochi J
Apostle Paul preached and planted the Corinthian Church during
Jane G.
CENTERED CHURCH ! his 2nd missionary journey. He had spent 18 months in Corinth,
preaching and teaching the Word of God (Acts 18:1-18). The Corinthian
Kamiti A. Mwangi Naman Mugambi
Wednesdays : @
5:45- 6:45
Church was within a city that was full of idolatry, corruption and
Church ANNUAL THEME VERSE: 1ST COR 2:2 immorality. The Church was predominantly made of gentiles though
Prison there were Jews also. The gentiles would not have easily understood
Juakali East C. Maina Stella Wairimu Wednesdays: @
God's plan for salvation as Jews would since they were not schooled
(0723707970) 7:00 -8:30 pm
Juakali West H. Mulama Mrs. Kisala Wednesdays: @ on matters of the Law of Moses and the prophets. They therefore
(0722625509) 7:00 -8:30 pm depended much on the teachings they received either from Paul,
Kamae E. Muchai Veronicah Njoki Thursdays: @

Estate/ PNU
P. Khaoya Lucy Ayoyi
5:00 - 6:00 pm
Tuesdays: @
7:00 – 8:30 pm
KNOW NOTHING AMONG YOU Apollos and Cephas (Peter).
Without Paul's presence, the Corinthian Church had fallen into
divisiveness and disorder. In addressing the problem of divisiveness,
/ Quarry
P. Mbugua Jane Thirikwa
H. Mulama Lucy Misigo
Tuesdays: @
7:00 – 8:30
Sundays: @
(0727393438) EXCEPT Paul confronts the believers with the bitter truth; that when he was
with them, he addressed them not as spiritual people but "as people
of the flesh, as infants in Christ (1Cor 3:2). He tells them that many
Embakassi (0722849213) 3pm
SALT Jacob Mwenda Fridays@ 7 p.m
(Young (072658111) months after he left them, they had remained as spiritual babies; "I fed
Adults) you with milk, not with solid food, for you were not ready for it, and
CRUCIFIED. (ESV) even now you are not yet ready; For you are still of the flesh; For
while there is still jealousy and strife among you, are you not of the
flesh and behaving only in a human way?" (ICor 3:3-4).
Thus the fundamental issue that was causing strife and divisions
in the Church at Corinth was 'SPIRITUAL IMMATURITY'. These
believers had not grown. They had not quite understood who Jesus
Christ was, who Paul was, who Apollos was. They had not understood
BIBLE STUDIES that Jesus Christ is the son of God who died on the cross to save us
Department Time venue from sin and that Paul and Apollos were just but messengers of
Men After 1st service KBA Complex Christ. Until they understood the foundational truth that Jesus Christ
Ladies. After 1st service 2nd floor(std 3 knowledge) KBA building is the foundation on which other preachers/teachers including himself
SALT After 1st service KBA building, 2nd Floor(std 2 understanding) (Paul), Apollos, Cephas; built on; Any other teachings outside of this
Intaphase After 1st service KBA building, 2nd floor(std 3 wisdom) is a shaky ground that would not stand the test of time.
CBN KBA building, ground floor(middle wisdom) The Church in Kenya and the world today is faced with similar
issues as the Corinthian Church. There is strife and divisions in many
churches. Splits into parallel factions within the same denomination
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 28TH APRIL 2019 are a common feature. Manipulation of congregations by pastors,
Youth English Kiswahili bishops, for personal gain is a feature of today's Church. The solution
Samuel Njoroge Jacob Mwenda Liz Mwaura to Strife and divisions in the Church is for you to grow in your
Steve Waithanji Lillian Njuguna Eva Kimani knowledge and understanding of Scripture and of Christ. There is
Mary Wairimu Simon Waweru no short cut to spiritual growth; you have to be devoted to study
Carol Wairimu scripture through personal Bible study and/or by belonging to a
Bible Study group under mature leadership.
Are you a member of a Bible study group or is your spiritual
food only the Sunday Sermon? If so, you may remain a spiritual baby
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 5TH MAY 2019 and would be prone to manipulation and could be a source of strife
Youth English Kiswahili and divisions in the Church. Make a decision to stop being a spiritual
Ruth Wanjiku Ann Kimathi Janet Ntongai baby!
Ann Makeba Mercy Wachira Simon Waweru Dr Moses N Mwangi, associate pastor
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