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Recto- fought for Rizal Bill - JESUS PAREDES: radio commentator

- Believes that reading of Rizal’s novels would : some parts of novels are “objectionable
strengthen Filipinism of youth and patriotism matter”
- Original author of Rizal Bill : catholics have right to refuse to read them so
- Makes Rizal’s Noli and El Fili compulsory as not to endanger their salvation
reading in all universities and colleges
NARCISIO PIMENTEL: radio commentator
Rizal Bill- sponsored by Sen. Laurel : the bill was Recto’s revenge
- Opposed by Catholic Hierarchy by against catholic voters bcos he had poor showing
o Sen. Decoroso Rosales(Cardinal now) in 1955 senatorial elections
o Mariano S. Cuenco (Brother of archbishop
Cuenco) RECTO 3HR SPEECH- attacked the catholic
o Frncisco Rodrigo (Former president of hierarchy and their pastoral letter
Catholic Action) - Pastoral letter has been more severe than the
findings of committee of Spanish Dominican
Opposition of catholic hierarchy- priests (result to Rizal’s execution)
- Bill violate freedom of conscience and religion - It’s difficult to understand how Filipino
- Catholic hierarchy issued a PASTORAL LETTER Bishops (thanks to Rizal) have that stand when
rizal praised Filipino priests in his novels
Pastoral Letter- detailing their objections to the
bill and encouraging the catholics to oppose too. OPENING PARAGRAPH- praised rizal as our
greatest hero
Closed Conference - Recto: it is used to hide the real intention of
- There are public hearings but Rodrio proposed the pastoral, to separate people from Rizal
closed conference with Education Committee
to solve the dispute THREATS
- Supporters of Rizal Bill did not agree - Catholic schools will close if Rizal Bill is passed
- The public hearing already gave an opportunity Recto: they can’t give up as they make profit
to the catholic hierarchy to be heard fully - Bishop Manuel Yap: warned that legislators
- This proposal obviously hoped to give pressure will be ‘punished’ on next election if they vote for
against the bill Rizal Bill
- Catholic hierarchy are very active in public
hearing so no need for closed conference PASSING OF THE BILL

Catholic Action of Manila - Clearly accommodated objection of catholic

- Symposium and open forum hierarchy and Laurel
- 2 announcements - Though texts should be unexpurgated edition
o Sentinel would be published daily of the novels, it is now possible for studens to
(instead of weekly) be exempted from using unexpurgated edition
o Filipino Catholics would be urged to on grounds of religious beliefs
write their congressmen and senators - Catholic claimed complete victory
asking them to ‘kill’ Rizal Bill
- FR. JESUS CAVANNA: Rizal’s novels belong to
: it is harmful to read bcos it presented false
picture of Ph at that time
: Noli is an attack to the clergy
: novel is NOT PATRIOTIC
333 pages (25 contains patiotic passages) (120
were attacks to the catholics)

RIZAL LAW- RA NO. 1425 Sen. Lim: students must be exempted

from requirements of bill for reason of
ORIGINAL BILL- SENATE BILL 438 religious beliefs

Sec1. Jose Rizal’s noli me tangere and el  Substitute bill (by laurel) was
filibusterismo are hereby declared compulsory amended (by Lim)
reading matter in all public and private colleges
and universities and for other purposes
Sec2. It should be original, unexpurgated English
and Filipino language

Sen. Laurel: the object of Rizal bill is to

disseminate the ideas and ideals of great Filipino
patriot thru readings of his work

Catholics: it discredits their religion

- Compulsory nature of the bill is
contrary to religious freedom
Recto: as to police power and under Art.14, state
can require the novels to be read by univ and
- Rizal didn’t intend to teach religion or
theology in writing this
- He aimed to bring Filipino
consciousness, national dignity and
national patriotism
- He only narrates the conditions
during those time
- While rizal criticized the unworthy
behaviour of ministers of church, he UNCLEAR – LATTER PART!!!!!!
excepted in favour of worthy ones
( Padre Fernandez, Padre FLorentino)

Congressman JACOBO GONZALES introduces

HOUSE BILL NO. 5561 (identical copy of
senate bill)

- Conflict reached house of

 No agreement could be reached on
original version of the bill

Laurel proposed an amendment

- Include not only noli and el fili but

also other writings/works of rizal
- Eliminated the compulsory idea
- Rizal’s works must be read in
unexpurgated, original form.