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The booklet 1s intended to provide practical help for authors of mathematical papers. it will be useful both as a guide for beginners and as a reference book for expertenced writers. ‘The first part of the;booklet provides a useful collection of ready-made sentences and expressions occurring in mathematical papers. The examples are divided into sections according to their use (in introductions, to the literature, acknowledgments, al correspon- dence and referee's reports). Typical errors are also pointed out. The second par conga sete problems of Engh grammar and usage, most often encountered mathematical writers, Just as in the first part, an abundance of examples are presented, all of them taken from the actual mathematical texts. The index enables the reader to find many particular Pieces of information scattered throughout the text. Jerzy Treeciak, formerly of Polish Scientific Publishers, is now the ‘senlor copy editor at the Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences. He is responsible. for Journals including Studia Mathematica, Fundamenta Mathematicae, Acta Arithmetica and others, ISBN 83-85604-02-1 WRITING MATHEMATICAL PAPERS IN ENGLISH @ practical guide JERZY TRZECIAK Copy Editor Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences Gdarisk Teachers’ Press ‘Acknouiedsrents. The authors grateful to Profesor Zeta Denkowska, FrotescorZdssaw Skupen and Daniel Dawes for ther help etm. ‘hunks reals due to Adam Myo and Maren Adame for moet Seyral improvements, and to Henryka Walaa for her palnstaking J Fiypesettng te continuously varying maser Published by Gdariskie Wydawnictwo Oswiatowe (Gdarisk Teachers’ Press) P.0. Box 59, 80-876 Gdarisk 52, Poland Cover design by Agnieszka Polak ‘Typeset by Henryka Walas Printed in Poland by Drukarnia Orusiska, Gdarisk © Copyright by Gdanskte Wydawnictwo Oswatowe, 1988, ‘Ait eee No ar of upbeat may beeen any fom ‘ithout the por permission of We publisher ISBN 89-85694-02-1 CONTENTS Part A: Phrases Used in Mathematical Texts Abstract and introduction Definition Notation Property Assumption, condition, convention ‘Theorem: general remarks ‘Theorem: introductory phrase ‘Theorem formulation Proof: beginning Proof: arguments Proof: consecutive steps Proof: “it is sufficient to...” Proof: “it is easily seen that Proof: conclusion and remarks [References to the literature Acknowledgments How to shorten the paper Eaitorial correspondence Refere's report. Part B: Selected Problems of English Grammar Indefinite article (a, a, — Definite article (the). Article omission Infinitive form. Passive voice Quantities Number, quantity, size How to avoid repetition Word order Where to insert a comma Some typical eons Index cy 25 29 2 34 40 44 48 PART A: PHRASES USED IN MATHEMATICAL TEXTS ABSTRACT AND INTRODUCTION We prove that in some familie of eompactathere are no universal elements I i lo shown tht Some relevant counterexamples are indicated, I's of interest to know whether... We wis to investigate ‘Weare interested in nding Our purpoxe i fo Wistataral to ty toate 2 to This work was intended as an attempt to mtivate (at motivating) The aim of this paper i to bring together two areas in which review sme of the standard facts on ave compile some basic facts rummarie without proas the sean ne on ivea ef exponition Eric heed set up notation and terminology. iscae (otudy/tteat examine) the case tn] Section 3 introduce the notion of the third section |"* | develop the theory of . Note: paragraph wll lok more closely sé section) | [will be concerned with proceed with the study of Tndicate how these techuigucs— sr ae Sac ata Se acer a noe eer Se ed xine et mumay cence eis fistewmpay a Ee amma secon af neo ei ee ag pees elt ere eine a teh ony for pet he en Fe i at It is not our purpose to study No attempt has been mae heve to develop eis possible that... but we will not develop this point here PA more complete theory may be obtained by is apc eaceds the scope of his pape Fone ee ar Toe bai a) | eect he crucial ac in ate at ts sas au ocd on oan of The prot | la wis ine “This iden goes ek Ye an a We emphasize that Its worth pointing out that ‘The important point to note ere is the form of ‘The advantage of using lies n the fact that ‘The estimate we obtain inthe course of proof sts to be of independent (Qur theorem provides a natural and intrinsic characterization of uproot mats no appl fo nar viewpoint sheds some new fight on Our example demonstrates rather strikingly that ‘The choice of... seems tobe the best adapte! to our theory. ‘The problem is that ‘The main dificlty ia carrying out this construction is that In this case the method of. breaks down, This clase is not well adapted to Pointwise convergence presents a more delicate problem. ‘The results of this paper were announced without proofs in [8]. ‘The detailed proof will appear i (](elsewhere/it a fortheomting publication) For the proofs we refer the reader to (6 Its to be expected that One may conjectire that One may ask whether this i still true if One question = alfrmat ‘but we have not been able to do ‘These results are far fom being conclusive. This question is at present far from being solved,