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Internship Report


Submitted by:
Hamna Rohail
Intern: People Excellence (HR)

Supervisor: Sir Yilmaz Dar (Assistant Manager PE)

People Excellence (HR)

Vision Mission
To be a Company that
Position ourselves to be a regional continuously enhances its superior
player of quality packaging and technological competence to provide
consumer products. innovative solutions to
customer needs.

Packages Limited was established in 1957 as a joint venture between the Ali Group of Pakistan
and Akerlund & Rausing of Sweden, to convert paper and paperboard into packaging for
consumer industry. Over the years, Packages has continued to enhance its facilities to meet the
growing demand of packaging products. They are only packaging facility in Pakistan providing a
wide range of packaging solution including offset printed cartons, shipping containers and
flexible packaging materials to all over the world. Unilever, Nestle and Pakistan Tobacco
Company were their customers for over 50 years.

I feel spirited to complete my 2 months (8 weeks) internship at Peoples Excellence
Department (HR). This department deals with daily basis work related to its employees and other
HR operations that plays an important role in maintaining the employee’s record. The core
purviews of PE (People Excellence) department are:
» Attendance
» Employees filing work
» On-boarding of new hiring's
» Transfers
» Payroll
» updating data of employees
» Data management
» Retirements
» Documentation

My Internship Description
I worked under the supervision of Sir. Yilmaz Dar (Assistant manager PE). My learning here
was multifold; the tasks I was assigned to do were as follows:

» Management of internship
» Documentation
» Other Daily Tasks
Management of Internship
» Receiving the internees resumes
» Entering their Data on the Excel sheet
» Making appointment letter and entry card of the internees
» Managing the extensions, reductions or transfers of the interns
» Issuing them evaluation letter
» Explaining the ending procedure of internship
» Filing the documents of the internees
» Issuing experience letter to interns at the end of their internship
This task was explained briefly to me by my old fellow Interns Fahad Rajput, Huda Nadeem and
Hasnaa Abid and they made it much easier for me by giving each and every detail of different
cases that I might had to deal with. My supervisor also guided me how to deal with special cases.
Sir Hassan Farooq (PE Executive) helped me by his guidance to accomplish the daily tasks of the
office that I didn't know how to deal with.

Other than managing the internships, I was assigned to updates the files in the record room by
attaching the increment and promotion letters of the employees according to their employee
code. The letters were confidential and were attached with great care and responsibility.

Other Tasks
My other tasks include the following:
» Worked on Organogram
» Sorting out the gate passes and sick leaves.
» Making employee card and entering data in excel sheet
» Worked on making the Abbreviations of the designation of employees

My Activities & Learning's

Here is the brief description of the various activities; I performed during my internship at
Packages Pakistan Limited. I learned to use effective communication, self-management, process
learning and punctuality and hoe to develop professional attitude in renowned organization.
My internship at packages was the first one I ever did and I cannot deny the learning that I have
had. Keeping the task aside, I have also learnt soft skills through observing the organization’s
culture and especially my mentor at work. I have become well acquainted with the decorum that
needs to be followed at a workplace and I can differentiate between the right and wrong
practices. These learning are essential and will go a long way.

Thank you.