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University of Kansas Department of Special Education 1

SPED 775 Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan
Unit Title Civil Rights Movement
Subject Area US History
Lesson Title Discovery
Length of Lesson 30 minutes
Audience Description Number of students: 3
Race: Black and Hispanic
English Language Proficiency: Proficient
Gender: Male
Exceptionalities: Behavioral/Social Challenges
Cultural Considerations: Students have been experienced trauma in their environment, school,
and within content.
Other information: Students in the program are long term suspended from their home schools
and are at-risk for drop out.
IEP Goals (where Student will read grade level passage and answer comprehension questions with 80%
available) accuracy.
Students will write a five-paragraph essay with introduction, three supports, and conclusion
with 80% accuracy in spelling and punctuation.
Objectives The students will increase understanding online resources and discussions to discover facts and
main ideas about the Civil Rights Movement.

Standards D2.Civ.10: Analyze the impact and the appropriate roles of personal interest and perspectives
on the application of civic virtues, democratic principles, constitutional rights, and human rights.

Assessment (formative Writing prompts questions (Roll the dice)

and/or summative) Vocabulary worksheet, discussing the terminology (Think aloud)
Photo story (Expression through art)
Resources (texts, YouTube videos, graphic organizers, computer stations, text of speeches and timelines,
technology, materials, vocabulary worksheets.

Incorporation of other Reading comprehension

subject areas
Introduction # of minutes: 5
(anticipatory set, Teacher led discussion about the topic. The discussion will begin with a question to the
thinking device, advance student. “What do you know about the Civil Rights Movement?”
organizer, lesson

Description Rationale
UDL Engagement:
Students can benefit from the discussion by
All students in the class can communicate accepting prompts from the teacher and
verbally, however some struggle with peers.
composing. The open-ended question
enables the students to engage and help one
Lesson activities # of minute: 15
(content, methods, After the introduction talk, videos will be presented for the students about the civil rights
procedures, formative movement. Students will be asked to complete comprehension worksheets with assistance
from teacher or peers as necessary.
University of Kansas Department of Special Education 3
SPED 775 Lesson Plan Template

Description: Rationale:

UDL representation:
Students will have access to multiple Teacher and students can aid with
methods of engagement and assessment. prompting for all areas of the group activity.

UDL engagement: Students’ academic and social strengths

Students will engage with peers during the vary. Each student contribute to the lesson
discussion and receive prompts from in multiple ways.
teacher as needed. Multiple methods of
instruction will be provided through writing,
videos, and listening to encourage student
UDL action & expression: Students will be allowed to express
Students can work independently with themselves in multiple ways in the lesson,
support for the essay. They will adjust as using their strengths to guide them.
they choose during discussion and

Closure # of minutes:10
Students will write a reflective essay.

UDL principle & description (at least 1):

1. Refection: Offering alternatives to receive and process information being presented

3. Engagement: Increases value and relevance