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Abortion in Mexico:

Still a Polemical Topic

By: Mauricio Uribe

September 3rd, 2017

T he abortion is the interruption of the pregnancy in an intentional way; as a social state free of

rights Mexico is present in this article about the abortion.

There are many reasons why a women

would commit this act:

One of the most common are the lack

of money to sustain the coming
children, the pressure of her couple or
her parents, or, in some other cases,
when is confirmed a distortion with
the baby and the doctors proceed to
perform it. This last one, in my opinion
should be permitted because of the
sake of the parents and the baby
itself; another case where it should be

completely legal is when the women has been raped; she must be
able to decide if she wants to continue with her pregnancy or not,
and in case she does not want it, it must be allowed for her to
perform the abortion.

But this topic can’t be treated so simply, it has been polemical in

many countries all around the world, this happens because there
are many opinions and sides due to all the implications that this
has; Don´t come to Mexico only by abortion, thinking of you.

Mexico is a country where must people are catholic so the polemic

grows because this church has been one of the first and strongest
opponents of the legality of the abortions. They claim that this practice deprives an innocent
being to have the opportunity to live, but there are less radical parts like the Feminist Groups of
Mexico, that believe that a women should have the control on her own body and that nobody can
tell her what to do with a baby that grows inside her.

This kind of opinions have led to a polarization around

the matter, nevertheless, in order to stop the polemic
and to find the best solution, it is necessary to study all
the possible cases in which an abortion should be
practiced, like the mentioned before, and when this act
should be punished; also is important to revise all the
possible consequences that can bring the complete
legality of the abortions, Many times this may not be so

Some woman thinks that a person’s life is sacred, but in

some cases is imperative to perform actions that may
not seem good at the beginning but someday the scars
that it left will heal. Finally ¿ Are you agree or disagree?
The decision is in you as a women or in both as parents.