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This piece of humble work would not have been possible without the help,

encouragement and support of several individuals who, in one way or another, supplied and

provided their valuable support in the organization and accomplishment of this thesis.

First of all, to the Almighty God for his love and guidance that served as our foundation

of strength to endure the trials that I encountered in pursuing the completion of this study;

To our Parents for their unwavering support and encouragement that enthused to keep

moving forward in the pursuit of our dreams and accomplishments of this humble work;

To our research coordinator, Mr. Felix M. Diano Jr. for giving suggestion and advices as

well as direction on the technical process that contributed for the improvement of the study and

for assisting to interpret and analyze the data of the study;

To my thesis adviser, Dr. Ian V. Rojas for her interminable extension of valuable knowledge,

information and expertise in organizing the context of this humble piece of work, and for

inspiring me to do better in this undertaking in the midst of all adversities.

To our instructor, Mr. Xandro R. Regudo for allowing us to conduct my study in his

class, and to my colleagues who have been always there to lend a hand in times of distress and

difficulties and for sharing their significant insights regarding our research;

To all those who, in one way or another, have contributed to make this study a reality,

thank you very much!

The Researchers