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Vastu Colours and how to use them properly in your house!

When it comes to designing a house, colours play a very important role. Colours
possess the power and ability to create illusions, inspire behaviour, or just set up an
atmosphere inside a house. Vastu colours for house have been used for centuries
for creating healthy and beautiful houses that bring in wealth and prosperity.

That being said, many people do not have the right idea about vastu colours. If you
are designing your new home and are confused about colours, read on this article
to find out the meaning of the different vastu colours and check where you can use
what colour in your house.

What do the vastu colours signify?

1. Green: Green signifies hope. It promotes harmony, healing, and an excellent


2. Blue: Blue is considered a mark of new beginnings. It is also the hue of the

3. Red: Red symbolizes bravery and power.

4. Orange: Orange signifies spirituality and power. This hue promotes healthy
relationships, optimism, and happiness.

5. Yellow: Yellow symbolizes patience and wisdom. It is considered an

auspicious colour.

6. Purple: Purple symbolizes trust. It helps in establishing a very soothing

7. Black: Black is considered as a negative colour that should not be used
when designing houses.

8. White: White symbolizes grace and usually looks very appealing when
combined with the other colours. The ceilings of the houses should always
be painted white.

9. Pink: Pink symbolizes purity, joy, and happiness.

Which vastu colours should be used where?

1. According to the Numerology, pink, light blue, or light green can be used
for the bedrooms.

2. Consider using yellow, tan, beige, blue, or green for the living room.

3. Chocolate, red, rose pink, yellow, orange, and white is best recommended
for the walls of the kitchen.

4. Pink, grey, a mixture of black and white, and white can be used for the
bathroom walls.

5. The walls of the dining room can feature blue, pink, or green colour.

6. According to the vastu remedies, avoid using black colour for designing
your house as this colour is usually known to cause despair.

The Final Words

Although many people do not consider colour, yet the various vastu colours have a
great significance in controlling and regulating the atmosphere within a house.
Using the right colour for the right space can even help in the effective and
successful management of Geostatic stress.

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