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The world’s finest

Microprocessor Elevator Controllers!

Reliable rov en,
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Affordable pro ntrolle

Easy To Maintain

DC SCR Drive Controller Vector Drive Controller

Mid-American Elevator
Mid-American Microprocessor Control Systems—
the most advanced technology in the industry!
• Our systems are particularly suited for elevator renova-
Affordable And Cost Effective tions of any type.
• The initial cost of Mid-American equipment is always • Freight elevator controllers with integrated power freight
competitive with equivalent systems from other control door controls minimize installation time and improve
manufacturers. We let the expert engineers at GE Fanuc system reliability.
or Allen-Bradley do the expensive microprocessor and • Prison elevators with special security features
motor-drive R&D and pass the savings on to you! • High-rise, high-speed or automatic load/unload dumb-
• The use of all commercially available components ensures waiters
that you can buy replacement parts at low open market • Extra large elevator systems
prices, not high single-source prices. • Automated people mover systems
• Highly reliable industrial-duty programmable controllers
ensure that expensive downtime, callbacks, replacements
and repairs are kept to an absolute minimum. High Performance Speed Control
• Your installed cost of our new Vector drive controller And Dispatching Logic
and motors is less than similar systems using DC SCR
drives or Generator Field Control and motor generator sets. • Car speeds to 1,000 FPM (5.0 meters/second)
• Any possible load capacity—we’ve done systems to
500,000 lbs. capacity
Available With A Wide Variety • Closed loop speed and position control for “direct
Of Motor Control Systems approach” and excellent floor-to-floor times
• Up to 12 car groups with efficient real time analysis
• Variable Frequency “Vector” using both multiple-dynamic zoning and estimated time
AC drives—the “hot set-up” of arrival algorithms
for geared elevators!
• DC SCR drives—excellent for
retrofit of high-speed Fully Documented, Open Systems
gearless cars
• Generator Field Control— • Unlike MCE or Swift, we provide complete annotated
retain motor-generators in program ladder logic listings to our customers. You
good condition and reduce can have access to, and an understanding of, the actual
your renovation cost computer control program.
• Hydraulic elevators • Complete programmable controller, motor drive and
overall control system installation, maintenance, trouble-
shooting and programming information is included with
all systems.
• An easy-to-learn programming system allows you to
Generator learn, in a very short time, to access the PLC program
Field Control Vector Drive with a laptop computer to monitor and troubleshoot the
elevator control system.
• Based on standard industrial programmable logic
Custom Designed For Your Project controllers (PLCs) from GE Fanuc or Allen-Bradley. Other
brands are available on special request.
• We double-check our design against your specifications,
layouts and engineering data to ensure that you’re
getting exactly the system that’s required. Introducing The “Vector” Drive
• Unique color-coded CAD generated drawings for every
project • We highly recommend consideration of our new “Vector”
• Our specialty is production of control systems with drive for new and retrofit installations. This latest tech-
special or unusual features—explosion proof, rack & nology flux vector, variable voltage, variable frequency
pinion, escalators and people movers. drive can be utilized on almost any AC motor, new or

CAD Generated Color Schematic

old, single or two speed. • All panel components are easily accessible and replace-
• The Vector drive will provide performance equivalent to able from the front of the controller.
the best DC systems. Digital speed and position feedback • Every panel is completely tested before shipment.
provides excellent operation to 500 FPM. • Concerned and comprehensive after sale service and
• Unlike the Dynalift or similar variable voltage AC support that is unmatched in the industry.
systems, the Vector drive does not require a two-speed
motor, does not generate large amounts of excess motor
heat, and does not require a loud, high maintenance Available Options
blower fan on the motor.
• The Vector drive’s digital electronics provide fast • NEMA 12, 4, 4X hazardous location systems available
adjustment and its high switching frequency generates • Cartop selectors, terminal limit switches, solid-state load-
almost no audible noise. weighing devices available
• Mid-American can provide matching motors and geared • Special security systems or operation
elevator machines with our Vector drive control systems. • Microsoft Windows-based Machine Room and Remote
Diagnostics and Monitoring Systems
• AC or DC hoist motors and geared machines
Loaded With Features • Mid-American can provide partial or complete elevator
• CAD generated, color-coded, electrical schematics equipment packages for export.
• Simple PLC program modification in the field with a
standard IBM compatible laptop computer
Proven On A Wide Variety
• Heavy-duty NEMA 12 enclosures with lifting hooks, Of Projects
locking doors and airtight gasketing
• Extensive use of resettable circuit breakers to isolate • VA hospitals
circuits for easy troubleshooting • Government and private high-rise office buildings
• All input and output points have separate, clearly • US Post Office
marked LED indicators. • Transit stations and public housing projects
• Clearly marked terminal blocks are accessible and easy to • Major elevator renovation projects
• All relays and contacts are DIN rail mounted for easy
inspection and replacement.

The Mid-American Advantage
Practical Programmable Elevator Controllers
Like other independent elevator
contractors, we realize that to
remain competitive with Otis,
Schindler, Kone and Thyssen, we
The Heart of the System
must offer our customers more What makes our control systems superior to others on the
market today is the use of highly advanced and versatile
innovative products and services. “Programmable Logic Controllers” (PLCs) from GE Fanuc
One area that was particularly and Allen-Bradley as the main logic element of all of our
necessary for our installation elevator control systems. Programmable logic controllers
and renovation business during are industrial-duty general purpose microcomputers,
the past 15 years was having originally developed for the machine tool industry. The
a good microprocessor-based use of PLCs offers independent elevator contractors a
control system. number of important advantages…
Proven Performance—Each of these PLC brands has literally
Our experience with several thousands of successful industrial installations throughout
microprocessor systems purchased the United States in factory automation, machine tools
from other controller manufactur- and process control applications. Mid-American has sold or
ers for our new elevator installa- installed hundreds of PLC control systems.
tions and in the renovation Reliability—Designed to have high tolerance to heat,
of geared and gearless elevators humidity, dirt and electrical interference, our control systems
in mid-rise buildings was not operate trouble-free in the worst possible machine room
satisfactory. The systems were environment. They are hardened for temperature tolerance,
single source proprietary comput- power line noise, radio frequency interference, high humidity
Controller with GFC and physical abuse. They are designed for rapid troubleshooting
ers designed as dedicated elevator and parts replacement.
controllers, offering limited flexibility. We found that repairs Easy To Maintain—Troubleshooting and start-up are greatly
or modifications to the microcomputer hardware or software simplified with our programmable controller systems. All
could only be made by the manufacturer. This was often inputs to the computer system from buttons and switches,
expensive and generally had a three or four day turnaround and outputs from the system to lights, relays and the motor
time, frequently causing excessive downtime on our eleva- drive, are individually monitored with a clearly marked
tors. The systems were sometimes impossible to troubleshoot, LED. Modular design of the PLC allows replacement of any
and our maintenance mechanics, adjusters and engineers got component in only a few minutes.
tired of working with a “black box” whose operation they Access To The Control Program—While understanding
would never fully understand. of or access to the program is not necessary to install or
troubleshoot the system, the control program is completely
As an alternative, we decided to design and build our available to our customers. Written in an easy-to-understand
own controllers. We began by selecting as the main element “Relay Ladder Logic,” a language that is very similar to
of the control system, a general purpose industrial-duty contact and coil hardwired
microcomputer made by the Square D Company. When we relay schematics, it can be
started in 1984, the Square D Symax 300 programmable learned in only a couple
controller offered an excellent combination of features and of days by your elevator
mechanics or engineers.
cost. After three years of research, development and on-site Upon execution of a license
testing on a wide variety of elevator installations in Chicago, Programmable Logic Controller agreement, Mid-American
our new control systems performed beyond our expectations. will provide a fully docu-
At that time, we felt that this “open system” controller mented copy of the program to the purchaser.
would be equally valuable to other independent contractors, Easy To Monitor—Real time logical power flow from the inputs,
and we began to sell our systems to other independent through the program logic to the outputs can be graphically
elevator companies nationwide. monitored on a laptop computer. The program can actually be
In the succeeding years we have utilized other brands “watched” while it’s running the elevator.
of programmable controllers as various manufacturers have Field Reprogrammable—All of these programmable
improved their PLC’s price/performance ratio and added controllers have the flexibility to be quickly and easily field
reprogrammed to meet specific job requirements. With our
features that have proven valuable in specific applications. systems, it is never necessary to wait weeks or even days for a
Programmable controller brands we support include GE Fanuc new “chip” to arrive from the factory to make a small change
and Allen-Bradley. These systems have proven reliable and in the operation of the elevator.
maintainable. Parts Availability—GE and Allen-Bradley distributors are
We recently installed these controllers with GE PLCs on located in every major U.S. city and numerous locations
the Space Shuttle launch tower at the Kennedy Space Center worldwide. These distributors carry a complete stock of
where the PLCs are recognized for reliability and maintain- PLC components.
Machine Room and Remote Elevator
Diagnostics & Monitoring Systems
Mid-American Elevator now offers an elevator diagnostic and monitoring system that utilizes
a standard IBM compatible computer in the elevator machine room and, optionally, additional
central station or display computers located in the elevator contractor’s office, the building
manager’s office, and/or the elevator lobby. The system provides instantaneous notification

of elevator malfunctions. Sophisticated diagnostics allows immediate identification of the

problem and rapid repair. Advanced traffic analysis ensures that your system is tuned and
serving the building with optimum efficiency.
The system includes the following features:

Complete graphical displays of the status of each elevator group.

An overview screen showing Screens from Remote Monitoring System

the status of all elevators in
the system.

Detection of up to 64 different
elevator faults.

Faults are logged to screen,

printer and hard disk.

Historical fault reports

selected/sorted by elevator
number, date, time, fault or

When there is a system fault,

the machine room computer
will notify the central station

Central station operators can

call any machine room in the
system to check the status of
elevator and view graphical
display of group operation.

Troubleshooting help for

Mid-American systems.

Electrical schematics on screen


PLC programming software installed for monitoring or

modifying PLC programs in that machine room (optional).

Utilizes standard commercially available control and computer


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VOLTAGE __________ AMPS ____________ VDC _________ FL DC AMPS ___________
BUILDING FEEDER VOLTAGE ______________ VAC _____________________________________




Special Introductory Offer
On your initial order for a complete traction system, our engineers will provide two
days training on adjustment and troubleshooting of our systems at your job site.
As an added bonus, on your first order for at least two traction elevator controllers,
we will include an IBM compatible laptop computer with installed programming
software at no additional charge.

For all the details or a job quotation contact Rob Bailey or Peter Pold at:

Mid-American Elevator Equipment Co., Inc.

820 N. Wolcott Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60622
Phone: 773/486-6900 • Fax: 773/486-2438
e-mail: sales@mid-americanelevator.com • www.mid-americanelevator.com
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