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Activity – “We are community”

Expected Outcomes –

1. To show the interdependence that exists in our society

2. To make students aware about the interdependence and its importance in their own life

Materials: 10 balls of string or yarn, preferably multi colored, chart paper, name tags

Process –

Planning –

1. Explain the group about the activity, don’t disclose the outcome/purpose of the activity at the beginning.

2. Ask the students to make a list of people they see as a part of their society: farmers, children, teachers, parents, drivers, maids,
grandparents, construction workers etc.

3. Give each child one of the roles and have them write it onto a name tag.

4. Students stand in a circle with the end of their ball of yarn tied around their waists.

5. Students must now try to discover links between themselves and other players. For example, the farmer might depend on the
construction worker to build her a new house or farm and the construction worker might depend on the farmer to produce food for him
to eat. Students must figure out how each is dependent upon the other.

6. Once they have agreed on this dependence, they should pass their balls of wool to each other, showing the connection.

7. While throwing the yarn they need to say loudly, I am a student and I depend on my teacher for learning (By throwing yarn ball to
teacher) and so on.

8. Try not to exchange the yarn balls more than 2 times between 2 players to make and realise more connections in social circle
Note for Teacher -

1. Try to create as many connections as possible in this web. Support the group to be creative to come up with some of the links.

2. Help the students to list down as many roles as possible from their day to day life, like mother, father, teacher, barber, milkman, farmer,
vendor, maid, driver, businessman, police, politician, lawyer etc.

3. Take a few moments at the end to discuss which of the players had the most connections, why it is important to know that we are
connected and dependent on others in our home, school, society, and city and in our country.

Follow up discussion –

1. Now we have identified the importance of individuals around us who help us in satisfying our daily needs.

2. Are all players same in age, caste, race, religion, socio economic status? (Answer – No)

3. Can you re-open the connection now? How difficult is it now?

4. Imagine, if we remove one or two players in between. What will happen? (Yarn will be broken, chaos, some needs will remain
unsatisfied etc.)

5. We live in a society, where our needs are interconnected and no one is out of the system.

6. For living in society, we need to respect each other and also perform our duties to fulfil other’s need.

7. This exercise is a live example of our interdependence in society and importance of unity in diversified group.

Sum up the discussion and ask the students to fill in the reflection sheet.
Reflection Sheet
List down the name/ role of people who help you to fulfil your needs -




My Responsibility
Now mention your roles or responsibilities towards people involved in above circles