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Charli Winston

Artist Inspiration for New Lesson

Janet Fish

Interview with Janet Fish


This in an image from my PowerPoint I created for this lesson. Janet Fish is a
Contemporary Realist painter. She is known for her colorful still life paintings. Fish’s paintings
include reflective surfaces such as glass, mirrors, and fruit wrapped in plastic. Her work has
been exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, and the
Metropolitan Museum of Art just to name a few. I chose this artist because of her ability to
capture the essence of the objects with the use of color and reflective lighting, providing depth
in her still life paintings. For this lesson I would like my student to practice drawing from life to
help develops skills such as paying attention to detail and how to apply elements of during the
observation drawing process.

The PowerPoint I created for this lesson is located on my Weebly site under Procreate Lesson.