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I believe the meme shown above encapsulates my overall learning experience throughout UWRT

1104, as I gradually came to understand how and why my writing process relied on many of the
ideas or perspectives that were prevalent in high-school writings. This class has helped me
recognize the uselessness of the “five-paragraph essay” format that we become so accustomed to
using in attempt to simply meet the page requirements of any particular assignment, as this
preconceived method of structuring that has been relevant for so long ultimately confines our
argument by limiting its presentation. As we continually began to dissect different aspects of a
good paper such as audience awareness or intended purpose, it became evident that the quality of
an essay is often determined by the choices of the writer which provides a stark contrast to the
template-based natures of high-school assignments. Throughout the semester, I believe the
concepts and techniques we examined helped me ease away from these previous tendencies by
encouraging the employment of a cohesive plan that can assist in guiding you throughout the
development of any paper, as this makes it much easier to convey the intended purpose to your
desired audience.

As I consider major strategies or concepts from this semester that will be important to me in the
future, I most immediately think of the times we were encouraged to work on the initial planning
and development of my essays throughout the semester. I initially placed much less emphasis on
this part of the writing process before this class, as I thought it was always best to focus your
time on the actual writing before gradually developing your argument throughout the paper. My
experiences this semester taught me that it is much more important to ensure a thorough plan is
in place before you worry about the amount of content in your essay, as a substantiated argument
is pointless without cohesive development and explanation. In the future, I will always allow
myself a period devoted to the planning of my argument and essay due to the advantage this
provides when considering the higher quality of its overall structure and composition.

Throughout this semester, my writing processes have also been continually influenced by the
various speakers we have heard or read from, as the introduction of a new perspective always
provokes new ideas and thoughts concerning my personal tendencies. I believe the piece of work
that has proved most influential to me would be Amy Poehler’s preface to her book entitled
“Writing is Hard”, as I found her opinions concerning the difficulty of writing to be relatable to
similar experiences I have had throughout my work. Though this would not be a surprise when
you consider Amy Poehler as the author, I thought it was surprising that writing could be so hard
for someone who is considered to be so spontaneous and creative. This subversion of expectation
shows how writing is not an easy process, though we can work to analyze our individual
practices or preferences to determine a way that makes it easier for us to articulate what we
intend to say while also doing so in an effective manner.

I still remember the first day of UWRT 1104, as the start of my first Spring semester signified
the end of the year which was even then quickly approaching, so I was anxious to finish my
Freshman year with good grades and a solid grasp on what the rest of college would look like.
As I entered what would be our classroom for the semester, I settled into the back corner among
a group of fellow male peers, assuming we were about to embark on a journey that involved lots
of individual research in order to write a paper that fulfilled a narrow set of topics that would
have little practical application. This skewed opinion represented a culmination of my writing
experience up to this point, as I was used to working on impractical topics that were simply
meant to fulfill or reiterate curriculum requiems that are largely representative of high-school
writing. Considering this initial preconception, I became very surprised to learn that UWRT
1104 could almost be classified as the polar opposite to this premature genre of writing due to
the fact that this class placed much more focus on ensuring that the works or techniques we
focused on could provide students with practical methods to improve their literacy skills while
also reinforcing previously acquired practices that further aid this development. Throughout the
semester, I found myself enjoying the process of completing many assignments for this class due
to their simplistic and straight-forward nature that assisted me in learning this new material while
also helping nature the evolution of concepts associated with these topics. The sense of
practicality associated with this class made me more interest and engaged in the topics we
discussed, providing a stark contrast to the initial knowledge or research that is essential for
high-school assessments. In the future, I believe I can surely benefit from the implementation of
the topics we have discussed throughout the semester throughout various aspects of my writing,
and I would recommend this class to anyone who enjoys writing in a practical sense.

Throughout this semester, I have learned that it is highly unlikely that two pieces of writing will
ever be the same, so the purpose and impact of your work is largely dependent on the choices
that you make during your time planning the argument. Considering this sense of variation
among writings, I believe the overall impact of my writing will always differentiate according to
the genre and prompts that preface the work due to the fact each of these assignments have
different intents which therefore require a wide range of flexibility within the writer. As I
consider my personal tendencies as a writer, I enjoy reflection or analysis that involves the
technical break-down of a particular subject, so I believe a majority of my writing will remain
informationally focused due to my preference of examining the straight-forward natures of a
topic. In order to best prepare myself for this general genre of composition, I think it would be
beneficial to continue taking classes that place some sort of individual emphasis on aspects of
writing or the process as a whole, as this will help ensure the continual development of skills
necessary to further yourself as a writer.

Though I have never personally considered myself to be an avid writer, I believe that everyone
who obtains formal education can be considered as a writer due to the fact that literacy skills are
ultimately essential for just about any task. As I consider my personal use of writing, I am
immediately reminded of my daily experiences with my online eBay business, as this
responsibility requires a thorough knowledge of the literary elements associated with properly
describing an item for a potential customer. To convey a sense of professionalism to the buyer, it
is also important to maintain a certain level of formality throughout your listings or
communications, as this choice of diction helps establish your credibility as a knowledgeable
seller who is focused on providing the customer with an informed offer or opinion. It is
important to be extremely careful when detailing item or purchase specifics, as any possible
mistake or miscommunication could result in the lost of a customer or even invoke someone to
leave a bad review, which gives our Seller Page a lessened reputation as compared to others. A
lack of these elements will ultimately contribute to the demise of the account and considering the
financial vitality of this source of income, it is safe to say that writing is an important part of
maintaining a successful eBay business. Though this demonstrates a sole aspect of how I utilize
writing throughout my daily life, I have also come to be aware of the various other routines that
are ultimately dependent on our literary skills and look forward to furthering the development of
my competence in these various facets of application.

As I reflect on my overall contributions towards this project, I can say I have put a substantial
amount of effort into the process of ensuring this portfolio represents a thorough collection of the
work we have completed throughout the semester, as I have truly enjoyed the experience I have
gained as a writer and think it is interesting to see the development that occurred throughout the
semester. I have previously developed a Weebly portfolio to showcase a similar compilation of
work for my high-school’s STEM distinction program, so I knew I would have to dedicate a fair
amount of time to develop a cohesive collection of work that truly displayed my progress in an
organized and readable format. As I reflect on the successes of my current portfolio design, I am
proud of the fact that I have displayed all of my class-work in a central location which is easily
accessible for all to see, as this accomplishment allows me to reflect on the achievements I have
reached throughout this semester as a writer. If I were to change something about my current
design, however, I think it would be extremely interesting to sort the included assignments by
chronological order to better observe the development that occurred throughout the class though
I am more than happy with my final product and am proud to offer it to those interest in my
personal accomplishments throughout the semester.