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Petaling Street: 罗汉果龙眼雪 (Malaysia, KL, Selangor)

03. Wash e 罗汉果. Crack them. Put them into e pot together w/ rock sugar &
Sunday, July 21, 2013 let it continue to boil for another hr.
04. Strain e infusion. Pick up some winter melon flesh & candied melons fm e
This Petaling Street 罗汉果龙眼雪 may seems ordinary. Ingredients are easily strained remainder. You don't have to pick up all of them. Just abit will do.
available. No big deal. But this drink will makes you goes "Wooohooo!!!" & Chop ‘em into small piece, or into strips.
then making the 'slurp slurp' sounds when one is eating, & it gives you brain
freeze too! 05. Put dark 龙眼 flesh & chopped melon flesh into e strained infusion & boil
it for another 20mins. You should be getting about 1L of concentrated
I had this once, & that was about 9 to 10 years back then. I remembered I waited infusion at e end.
under e hot sun beside the air mata kucing stall (literally 龙眼 drink stall), 06. Let it cool down completely. Chill ‘em in e fridge if you’re making it for e
waiting for my turn to collect my bowl of ice cold drink. & when i savor it, I next day.
starts to "oohhh~ahhhs~woohh~!". It's so concentrated, so sweet, so cold, so 07. Take a FULL bowl of ice, scoop some infusion over. Let ‘em melt for
refreshing, so smooth & satisfying! It's under e hot sun, & my hand is holding 5mins & slowly savour it.
that metal bowl. My palm's heat melts e ice even faster. This kind of experience
is really priceless!
Note : There's still a lot of flavour on e strained remainder. You can add another
2L water to boil it again. It’ll give you flavourful 龙眼 drinks too. But it's just
not as concentrated as e infusion that we had earlier.

Since it is e effort of Petaling Street 罗汉果龙眼雪 replicating, I must make sure

it taste as close to e original as I could. & for it's originality sake, I intentionally
used a metal bowl.
This is e dark 龙眼 flesh that I got fm e Chinese medicine hall. They taste really
There's a way to savour this 龙眼 drink. e whole idea is to cook up a pot of 罗汉 sweet & smells good. If you’re replicating this 龙眼 drink, I'd highly encourage
果 & 龙眼 infused essence, w/ mad sweetness. & then, pour the infusion over to you to use this type of dark coloured 龙眼 flesh instead of the lighter colour 龙
a bowlful of ice. Let it melt away, & slowly savour. You could argue that it is 眼, which is usually dehydrated.
just too sweet, or it’s more convenient to just add more cold water in it to make
it faster instead of waiting the ice to melt away.

This 罗汉果 & 龙眼 infused essence is VERY concentrated & sweet. But when
it melts w/ e bowl of ice, e sweetness is just nice. I serve a bowl to my MIL. For
If I wanna dilute e infused essence w/ water, I might as well boil a big pot of 罗 e 1st sip, she complained. But after I explained, & ask her to drink it slowly
汉果龙眼雪. What makes it so special? Correct? This 1 is different. This is e instead of gulping e bowl of 龙眼 drink like a Garfield, she then slow down &
super "kaw" (thick & strong) version of 罗汉果龙眼雪. They’re much more let e ice melts away. & after she finished e 1st bowl, she asked if she could have
"kaw" than e Kopi-kaw selling at your neighbourhood kopitiam. They’re like... another bowl. Haha..
espresso shot! Woooh!!!
1 of the feature of this drink is e generous presence of 龙眼 flesh isn’t only
I discussed w/ my mother about this 龙眼 drink. She argued that there's candied making it a thirst quencher, but also a bowl of nice dessert too. When e ice
melons & melons flesh strips in there! I looked at her w/ my amazed look. Cos started to melt away & it's just nice to drink em'.
she usually doesn't even remember what she had last week! & now she tells me
she remember all these donkey years back thingy?! Hahaha..

So, to kill e curiosity of e cat, I decided to add a handful of candied melon in. Oh
well, it's a copycat version la. We can't be having e exact recipe from t stall.
Whatever they display at e stall & whatever can be found in the bowl of 龙眼
drink can be e possible ingredients. So, anything is possible!

Ingredients (Serves 8 to 10, with bowlful of ice)

 400g Fresh Winter Melon
So, do you prefer e metal bowl photo that gives more originality look? Or this
 100g Candied Melon tauhuay bowl that’s arguably better looking? No matter what, taste is still e most
 3 pcs 罗汉果 important. Do give it a try! :)

 100g Dark 龙眼 Flesh

 250g Rock Sugar
 2.2L Water

01. Discard e winter melon seeds, give e skin a good scrub. Cut ‘em into big
chunk (skin on), & set aside.
02. In a pot, bring water, winter melon chunks & candied melon to a boil.
Lower e fire (e lowest fire) & let it simmer for 2hrs. I'm lazy, I cooked
mine for 1.5hrs only. I just can't wait.
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