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Political Law Political Law Reviewer- Primer on Political Law - Bernas I don't know why I bought 1. Okay as to Cruz. Go read Cruz pls! He is
Albano Outline in Political Law - Nachura Albano, probably the result of a must.
Philippine Political Law - my post-2013 bar depression 2. Again, Nachura is hard to read for me
Cruz but so many people were okay with
3. Get Bernas – the manipis Q&A version.

Labor Law Everyone's Labor Code - Azucena I prefer Azucena, but when I 1. What Azucena is this? The two
Labor Law Review - Chan talked to some of my volumes of red? Or just the green one?
upperclassmen,they advised Raffy, may I suggest you get the green
me to get Chan, I am not Azucena (which should serve as your
familiar with his work though codal already), then get an outline of
Professor Patricia Daway (Labor 1 and
2), then fill the outline? Prof. Disini
(God bless his soul) and Prof. Daway
have the best outlines.
2. Always read Labor Law updates that
you get from UP LAW CENTER,
especially as to Book II and
Civil Law Civil Law Reviewer-Jurado Person's and Family Relations - I took the Jurado - Codal track 1. Yes, do the same – Jurado + Sempio-
Partnership, Agency and Sempio-Diy the last time I took the bar, Diy + codal.
Trust - De Leon thinking of doing the same 2. LTD or any Land parts, no need to
now…yun nga lang di na ako spend for the Bar. Just photocopy the
ganoon kaconfident sa Civil Land parts on Albano reviewer and
Law. another thick civil law reviewer book
Any suggestions on LTD? and you shall be fine.
Taxation Taxation Vols. 1, 2, and 3 - Tax Digest - Co - Untian I relied on Mamalateo, 1. Definitely get Co-Untian the latest
Domondon Basic Taxation - Aban supplimented by Dimaampao version.
Tax Remedies - Dimaampao and Co - Unitan last time. 2. No Mamalateo please. Stay away from
Definitely not my strong suit. I him as to his books! Lectures – yes!
do fairly well with regards to 3. Streamline for tax – Aban, Co-Untian,
tax remedies, the concepts Domondon.
though…. 4. Do not do codal here.
Commercial Commercial Law Reviewer - Commercial Law Reviewer - Used Meravite (my 1. Perez + Sundiang + Catindig and you
Law Villanueva Sundiang mistake…feeler kasi ako dati sa are set. Do not get De Leon as you are
Negotiable Instruments Commercial Law (4Volumes) - Commercial Law) with some of okay with Perez already.
Law -De Leon Perez my textbooks. Any Advice on 2. Catindig you can ask from Blessings.
Insuance Law -De Leon this? There should be two parts – 2003 ba
CorporationCode - De Leon yun and a Catindig supplement in 2007
ba yun. Hehe I can print the latter one
for you if not available. Remind me
3. In Commercial Law, think of the big 4 –
Insurance, Transpo, Nego, and Corpo.
4. Do not do codal. Sayang lang.
5. Get the altest updates on Commercial
Law and read them. Ex: PDIC increased
from 250k to 500k as maximum
insured. For the 2010 Bar, most of us
didn’t know. (I did because I noticed in
the banks). It was asked.
Criminal Law Revised Penal Code V.1 - Revised Penal Code V. 2 - Reyes I'd like to go full Reyes for Crim, 1. Read Sandoval after you’ve read Reyes
Reyes Crimial LAw Conspectus - tulad nung ginawa ko before vol 1 and 2.
Notes and Cases on Special Regalado but I'm not sure if this is the 2. Yes, go for Reyes because he is
Penal Laws - Boado Criminal Law Pointers - Sandoval right way to go… comprehensive and you have alreaady
done that before. It actually is
advantageous to you.
3. Boado for the special penal laws – go!
Remmedial Remedial Law V.1 and 2 - Pre-Week in Remedial Law - Codal and Regalado yung 1. All your books – go read!
Law Regalado Bautista ginamit ko before, pero I agree 2. Take note of the additional rules –
Civil Procedure Vol. 1 & 2 - Feria with your books Rules on Envi, Child Witness, Adoption,
suggestions..kailangan ko etc. You can get them from UP LAW
talaga siyang isuppliment CENTER readings.
Legal Ethics Legal Ehics – Paño Codal lang talaga ginamit ko, as 1. Memorize only the lawyer’s oath and
Victoria Aguirre (available at UP in I tried to memorize yung CPR the four duties of the court.
Law Center BookROOM ata pa and CJC, di ko 2. Really? Yan ang highest ko in my two
rin) kinaya..pinakamababa kong takes!  Proud naman ako dun.
score ang legal ethics last time 3. Go get Aguirre. + Pano? You are good
to go.
4. Do not do codal. Useless and sayang.
5. Also, use the language of the SC
decisions meaning answer also how SC
decisions are written. Ex: I wrote in
their the definition of grossly immoral
conduct – an assault to the morals of
society, patently illegal, etc.


The ones in red are the materials I used the last time I took the bar.