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Sydney Dominique

Ms. Lilley
English 101
April 25, 2019

Why Beer Commercials are Making Consumers turn to Wine?

During this year’s Superbowl we had lots of commercials but two stuck to me because

one was effective, and one was ineffective in my opinion. The rhetor of the first commercial was

Michelob ultra, the audience were people who legally drink alcohol. Lastly the context in which

this commercial was the 2019 Superbowl, and the message of the rhetor was delivered in a

commercial. For the next commercial Yellowtail was the rhetor, the audience as people who

legally also drink alcohol, lastly the context of the advertisement was the 2019 Superbowl.

Michelob ultra-pure gold was less effective than the Yellowtail commercial because it focused

more on one group of people, whereas Yellowtail focuses on the everyday person.

Expanding on my thesis in the first paragraph the Michelob ultra-commercial didn’t have

much showing of the everyday person which to me is the first warning sign of a commercial if

you can’t relate to it or see yourself using it it’s pointless. The yellowtail wine commercials

showed different types of people and the things the everyday person goes through or

experiences. The start of the Michelob ultra-gold commercial places its setting in the mountain’s

thus being its background which was breathtaking, and it had her sitting in a chair pouring the

ultra-gold beer in a cup, focusing the sound on the pouring of the beer. While doing so she’s

whispering about the product and how crisp it was which was ASMR (Autonomous Sensory

Meridian Response) ASMR has been all the rage lately because it’s seen as relaxing for those
who like sounds that make you tingly and provide sensations. In this commercial the delivery of

this ad was in a commercial form and they had Zoe Kravitz who is a model/actress and daughter

of Musician Lenny Kravitz. The delivery of the message was in a simplistic form with the

setting being the mountains and the model whispering and the pouring the beer in a clear glass.

Style of the commercial, the style to me was kind of all over the place mainly because it didn’t

seem to focus on one thing but multiple and I didn’t see the product as the main point so I

couldn’t figure out what the rhetor was trying to make the style, and with this I feel it ties into

the Pathos, the way it made me feel was slightly uncomfortable because of the whispering and it

ultimately didn’t seem like it was getting the point across to buy the product, the only thing I

could remember was the whispering.

For a beer commercial I feel the purpose is to target anyone whose over 21 to be

interested in the product even if it’s not a brand they would normally purchase from, and I feel

the rhetor did a bad job at representing that. The last thing I want to focus on was the Audience

of the commercial. I feel it was only focusing on one group of people which were adults who

liked ASMR, with ASMR being a big thing in the social media world it only targets those who

watch those videos and enjoy them and with that being the only group they focus on that’s why I

felt it was an ineffective commercial. When you focus a commercial on one group of people and

only one group of people enjoy that commercial, what are the odds that they even buy your

product, I believe it’s pretty slim to none. I think doing that is limiting yourself and the actual

effectiveness your product can do and people it can target.

The Yellowtail wine commercial was more effective because of its use of Memory,

Delivery and Context. Within the commercial the way the rhetor accomplished memory was the

use of pathos and connecting with the emotion of the audience, and that’s what ultimately made
it a memorable commercial and effective. The second way the rhetor had a more effective

commercial was by the delivery of the commercial, the commercial had a bright yellow

background when it was talking about the product or had a clip of the yellowtail writing, that

automatically makes you think of yellowtail when you see a bright yellow background. The last

way yellowtail managed to have a more effective advertisement was the context in which the

commercial was aired. In my opinion when you put a commercial out during an event as big as

the Superbowl you target more people because they’re all watching the tv, and during the

commercials people focus more because they expect a commercial to connect to them.

This commercial was shorter than the Ultra gold commercial but in the 30 seconds I

watched It, it had immediately drawn me in. The beginning automatically starts with what

Yellowtail tastes like, in the sense of when people use yellowtail, engagement parties, weddings,

promotions. Ultimately any time in your life where your happy and celebrating, that’s a good

time to have Yellowtail as a beverage. Throughout the commercial it has clips of people during

the most memorable times in their life. Which is why I focused on the Memory, Delivery and

Context in which this commercial was illustrated. The memory I feel was spot on because I

remembered how it was focused on the everyday American or just on anyone who enjoys wine

during a celebratory moment in their life. I remembered the text at the end of the commercial

which said, “Yellowtail tastes like happy”. To have something so simple but effective that it

sticks with the viewer I feel that is what makes an advertisement effective and it’s what makes

the viewer buy your product.

I feel the rhetor did a good job at delivering the message in a way that the viewer could

connect with the ad and feel like it made, the memories and the promotions where all things

everyday people can relate to and feel like that can relate to. Even myself someone whose
underage and can’t legally drink alcohol, watching how people were so happy drinking that

specific wine, that’ll be the wine I buy first when I’m legal. The rhetor uses pathos to deliver the

message and make it relatable and make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside while watching it.

The rhetor uses 2 types of delivery, spoken and visual delivery which both are effective

in my opinion. The way the rhetor uses spoken delivery is by the smooth voice of the speaker

and how relaxed he is talking, that’s a good way to get the audience to be relaxed while watching

the ad. The 2nd way the rhetor uses delivery is visual delivery which was accomplished using the

bright yellow color of the bottle and the brand yellowtail and the scenic clips of everyday people

within the advertisement. The way the rhetor uses style by using the yellow brackets that went

around the couple or the person who was celebrating in the clips in the commercial. I feel the

rhetor used this method to draw attention to their whole reason for yellowtail, its around the

individual and the everyday of the average person.

The final thing that got from the Yellowtail commercial was the context in which the

rhetor created the commercial, which was the Superbowl, a time where everyone comes together

with family and friends and celebrates with snacks and drinks and cheers on their favorite tea.

This time is when you’re sitting with friends and family and you’re also talking about life and

what’s going on with everyone and what’s new in your life. You might hear of an engagement or

job promotion and watching this advertisement will make you consider having Yellowtail wine

and your celebration. When hearing about these exciting times in your life being able to relate to

a advertisement will catch your attention in the long run. Having someone who looks like your or

is experiencing the same thing your experiencing shows how relatable a company is and their

In conclusion, as said by Jef I. Richards “Creative without strategy is called 'art.' Creative

with strategy is called 'advertising.” Read more at:

https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/advertising in my opinion the Yellowtail commercial was

more effective than the Ultra-pure gold commercial for the simple fact that unlike the pure gold

commercial, it actually targeted a whole group of individuals instead of only one group of people

who in this case would have to like ASMR in order to relate to the commercial, if you’re not into

ASMR you can easily turn off the commercial and pay it no attention which would be just as

effective as how the rhetor portrayed the product, it was so distracting with the whispering most

individuals couldn’t focus on the actual product but the actress and the cringe voice. The purpose

of an advertisement for alcohol is to make all people want to buy it, not just a certain group of

people and that’s where I feel Ultra-pure gold failed with.

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