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1. Short Note TLS (Transponder Landing System). {2} The TLS facility interrogates the transponder of the aircraft. After
receiving a response, it determines the aircraft's location using two sets of direction finding antenna arrays: one for horizontal
position, the other for vertical. It then calculates the signal that the aircraft would "see" if they were located at that location
and approaching a conventional ILS system, and then broadcasts that signal to the aircraft. The aircraft's ILS receivers
receive a signal that is indistinguishable from a normal ILS signal, and displays this information on their glide slope and
localizer displays. Certain TLS configurations can also produce marker beacon like audio to indicate distance at appropriate
times during the approach. All the aircraft has to do is tune in the TLS system as if it were an ILS, and tune its transponder to
a predetermined channel. A TLS can be installed in areas where a conventional ILS would not fit or would not function
properly, like, for example, an airport that doesn't have a proper reflecting surface for an ILS glide slope because of uneven
terrain like steep hills or mountains, or airports that have large buildings like hangars or parking garages that create
disruptive reflections that would prevent an ILS localizer from being used. TLS does not even have to be installed at a
particular location relative to the runway, but can "offset" its signals from wherever it is installed to appear as if it were at the
end of the runway. This makes it much less expensive to install while still providing ILS-class blind-landing approaches. As
of 2001, TLS was certified by the FAA for Category I ILS usage.

2. Lara dutta runs first 50 mts with acceleration and thereafter next 150 mts with a constant velocity. Now time taken for
complete 200 mts is 20 secs. Find the speed at the end of race and time taken for first 50 mts 12.5 m/s & 8 sec

3. AHRS? Attitude and Heading Reference Systems or better known as Attitude Heading Reference System
(AHRS) are 3-axis sensors that provide heading, attitude and yaw information for aircraft. AHRS are designed to replace
traditional mechanical gyroscopic flight instruments and provide superior reliability and accuracy.

AHRS consist of either solid-state or MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers on all three axes. Some AHRS
use GPS receivers to improve long-term stability of the gyroscopes. A Kalman filter is typically used to compute the solution
from these multiple sources. AHRS differ from traditional inertial navigation systems by using magnetometer and/or GPS
data to correct the raw gyroscopic data.

AHRS have proven themselves to be highly reliable and are in common use in commercial and business aircraft. Recent
advances in MEMS manufacturing have brought the price of FAA certified AHRS down to below $15,000. AHRS are typically
integrated into Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS), which are the central part of so-called glass cockpits. AHRS are
often combined with air data computers to form an "air data, attitude and heading reference systems" (ADAHRS), which
provide additional information such as airspeed, altitude and outside air temperature.

1. A/c flies from A to B at 400 Kts, B to A at 500 Kts calculate average speed. (444Kts) Formula 2AB/A+B
2. What is the clearance from a 100feet bldng at 2 Nm on 3.2 º glide.(548 feet)
3. find out G/S when Doppler shift is 2 Khz Doppler freq is 8800 Mhz Deppresion angle is 60º.(132 Kts)
4. Sulur to Baroda dist 800 Nm winds till CP are 60 Kts head wind after CP are 40 Kts tail both engine TAS is 300 Kts
single TAS is 200 Kts. Calculate the dist and time to CP.Dist 416 nm, time 106 min
5. Change in lift due to circulation of airflow is called Magnus effect.
6. Winds are calculated at height of 10 m for reporting surface winds.
7. Delhi is class ‘G’ airspace. False.
8. White cross on maneuvering area means area unusable.
9. ELR> DALR the condition is Absolute instability.
10. Icing is more due to (mcq) ans Size of water droplets and temperature
11. Maximum safe deflection on ILS is 2.5 dot on 5 dot G/S & 2 dot on 4 dot.indicator
12. Aero elastic tailoring is used for (mcq) .ans all of the above.
13. Max pressure recovery in a compressor is possible when flow impinges at 0.4 M on intake.True
14. A geared tab is linked to fixed surface ahead of the control surface and is geared to move at a set ratio in opposite
direction to the movement control tab.--True
15. Max flying permitted in 12 months is – 850 Hrs.
16. Authority required to carry restricted load is –no authority required.
17. Patients who can move on their own in case of emergency ----- Class II B.
18. Notam class applicable for less than 2 hrs—Class B(mcq)
19. An A/c rolls with AOB .2deg/ sec feeling when rolling out. The effect is termed as - Leans.
20. Centrifugal compressor is fitted behind axial flow compressor to ans (mcq) help axial compressor work beyond
the operating limits.
21. Diffuser converts KE for air into PE(mcq).
22. Angular Moment is a product ans (mcq) moments of inertia x angular velocity.
23. T.P is 7.8 Kg/cm2 . Hydro planning speed is 60under root tyre pressure=167.5 kmph.
24. The gross gradient of climb in IIseg is min ans (mcq) 2.4%.
25. Crew detailed for ferry flight is ans (mcq) supernumary crew.
26. Accumulator & cut out values are must in ans (mcq) constant delivery hydraulic system.
27. Question on restrain factor of loading..ans F4 U2 R&S 1.5.
28. Decompression sickness dose not occur below 25000’
29. Flights below basic stalling speed are possible at ans (mcq) Load Factor below1.
30. In a wind milling prop direction of torque is (mcq)
Ans same as direction of engine
a. Opposite direction of engine.
31. Transport A./c are safe life and fighter A/c are fail safe. False (its other way)
32. Halazole table is used for water purification.
33. After exposure to bright light, time taken for dark adaptation is _35-40 min
34. If operating on wet R/W Tires of High Pressure tyre should be used.
35. With increase in V1, TORR dec & ASDR inc (mcq)
36. Wave used for VHF comm. is space wave. (mcq)
37. Winds are caused by pressure diff. (mcq) other options temp
38. Short dist between two points on earth is GC track.
39. Density Altitue is pressure altitude corrected for temp .
40. A proximity of land during sea survival is indicated by
a. inc in no of birds
b. Presence of driftwood & seaweed.
c. Appearance of small broken cumulous cloud
d. All of the above.
41. A fail operation auto landing system requires at least ans (mcq) 3 independent auto pliot.& 2 independent
monitoring system.
42. In DME ground beacon uses diff freq from that used by A/c to prevent Self triggering.
43. Servo altimetr is more sensitive because it uses a) E-I bars b) dashpots c) accelerometer.
44. The RH at 0600 is 60% the Rh at 1200 will be a) 60% b) less than 60% c) more than 60% d)insufficient data.
45. In a VOR the error due to ground propagation is 7º the error in equipment is 4.5º find the aggregate error.(8.4) ans
under root of (7)square +(4.5)square
46. If A/c flies from 60N 90W to a ground dist of 60 Nm east then 60Nm south then 60Nm west the final position of a/c is
east of original position.
47. ROD req to stay on ILS glide slope must be decreased if Ground speed is dec.
48. Inbound on radial 090 if the pilot rotates the OBS 10º right and turns the A/c Heading 10º rt and notes time while
maintaining const heading the pilot determines that the elapsed time for CDI to centralize is 8 min then time taken to
beacon is.a)8min b)10min etc
49. Scale on mercator chart is 1:2400,000 at 30N, Scale at 60 N is a)1:13856640.ans calculate by new denominator/old
denominator=new cos Lat/old cos Lat
50. Definition of various class of airspace given find the correct definition ans (mcq) class D airspace
51. TACS II give no TA below a) 400 feet b)200 c)1000 d)
52. Endurance on Jet A/c to be max flown at what height /
53. Dist from TH is 4 Nm while A/c reports on final. True
54. Loop aerial in ADF gives. A) maxima b) minima
55. When brought to rest the incompressible fluid generates more pressure as compared to compressible fluid. false
56. On a Jeppesen chart VNKT Kathmandu 4390-100 in blue color signifies what? Ans. Elevation 4390 r/w length
10000 feet.
57. An aircrew found fit in higher category but required hrs are less and is awarded recommended for higher cat is to
complete the requisite hrs in. a) 6 months b)3 month c).
58. TCASII a)Tx 1090MHz Rx 1030.b) Tx 1030 MHz, Rx 1090 MHz c)1030,1030 d)1090,1090
59. Nautical Twilight is when it is a) 6-12º below horizon.
60. 7th mode EGPWS gives wind shear warning below 1500ft
61. Th time in ETOP operation is (mcq)60 min CAT A 120min CATB/C?
62. The rising of moist wind in mountain causes what type of clouds?
63. The best time to travel during survival is ans (mcq) day time in jungle night in desert survival
64. Longitudinal separation between two A/c using DME is___20 NM_____
65. ___10 minutes_____ Min longitudinal separation on mach No.
66. When dynamic pressure increases and in order to keep Pressures Energy constant the static pressure should be
67. Wear & tear of tyre is caused by.
a. Very High Tyre pressure
b. Very Low Tyre pressure
c. Keeping Parking Brake on over night
d. Due to corrosion of break unit.
68. A/c weight acts trough a) CG b) CP c) centroid d)
69. G/S is 300kts KIAS, In order to gain time by 20 sec change in speed should be increase speed by 20kts for 05 min
‘bells method’
70. A system which converts pilots’ requirement into rate of roll & pitch is called as fly by wire (active control system).
71. (white box) on a met chart indicates what a) Sun never sets b)civil twilight exist all the time c) Sun never rises

72. Fire extinguisher applied on tyre burning is a)water b)CO2 c) Dry Chemical Powder
73. THP=100,Prop Efficiency=80, CalBHP a)80 b)100 c) 125 d)120 ans %Prop Eff=Thp/Bhp
ie 80/100=100/Bhp ie Bhp=100into100/80=125.
74. Elliptical planform is most efficient because
a) Local Cl is 1.0 throughout
b) Tip stall never occurs
d) All of the above
75. The responsibility of search n rescue over sea for military operation lies with
a) Indian Army b)IN c)IAF d) Indian coast guard
76. 00N070W to 00N090W distance is 9cm on a chart. Cal scale at 60N. 1:12354560
77. Pt A (----N,120’31”) Pt B (----N,77’21”). Pt A LMT 1100 hrs, Cal LMT at B. 08:07:20 or 13:52:40
78 Aircraft DI corrected for 45 Deg N. Cal Drift
a) Flying at 45 Deg N Hdg 090 , G/S 240 Kts
b) Hdg 270deg, G/S 240 Kts, at 45 Deg N
c) Hdg 090 deg, G/S 240 Kts, at 60 Deg N
a) App. wander at 45 Deg N = 15° sin 45 = 15x0.7071 = 10.6°/h dec
Convergency =dep Tan Lat = 240/60 x Tan 45 = +4°/h dec (easterly)
Total = 14.6°/h dec
Correction/Real Wander = 10.6 °/h inc
Total Drift = 4°/h dec
b) App. wander at 45 Deg N = 15° sin 45 = 15x0.7071 = 10.6°/h dec
Convergency =dep Tan Lat = 240/60 x Tan 45 = -4°/h dec (westerly)
Total = 6.6°/h dec
Correction/Real Wander = 10.6 °/h inc
Total Drift = 4°/h inc
c) App. wander at 45 Deg N = 15° sin 60 = 15x0.866 = 13°/h dec
Convergency =dep Tan Lat = 240/60 x Tan 60 = +6.9°/h dec (easterly)
Total = 19.9°/h dec
Correction/Real Wander = 10.6 °/h inc
Total Drift = 9.3°/h dec
Fill in the blanks
79 Lateral offset that is applied, 1-2nm, stbd of track in the oceanic flt is called SLOP) Strategic Lateral offset
80 When there is no communication and instruction is passed between pilot and controller in data form is called
81 Limits of usability of Aerodrome in respect of T/O, Ldg, Vis, RVR, MDA, DH is called AOM (Aerodrome
Operating minima)
82. Altitude dysbarism is the name given to the effects on the human body of reduced barometric pressure at
altitude. Although hypoxia also results from reduced barometric pressure, it is not included under the term altitude
dysbarism. Reduced barometric pressure at altitude produces its effects in two main ways:
(a) Effects due to the evolution of gases dissolved in the body fluids.
(b) Effects due to expansion of certain gases contained in the body such as in the stomach and intestines,
middle ear cavity, sinuses - frontal and maxillary and improperly filled teeth.


1. Lara dutta runs first 50 mts with acceleration and thereafter next 150 mts with a constant velocity. Now
time taken for complete 200 mts is 20 secs. Find the speed at the end of race and time taken for first 50
mts.(3 marks)
2. An ac turns with a speed of 280 kmph and It deaccelerates from 280 to 250 kmph during the turn. If
acceleration experienced was 4.5 g , calculate the bank angle of ac during the turn.(2marks)
3. hazards of sea survival(2marks)
4. Transponder landing system(3 marks)


1. Simple numerical on LMT (2 marks)

2. Scale at 30N is 1:100000. what is the scale at 60N(2marks)
3. Total distance from Pt A TO B is 800 nm. TAS is 240kts and reduced TAS is 200 kts. Winds at CP are
headwind of 40 kts towards base and 40 kts of tailwind outwards . find cp and time to CP.(3 marks)
4. Gyro is compensated for 30N. find:(3 marks)
i. Actual drift at 30N
ii. Drift at 30N when ac is travelling 270(m) with a speed of 240kts.
iii. Drift at 60N when ac is travelling 090(m) at 240kts.

OBJECTIVE : ( multiple choice 35*2 = 70, fill in the blanks 5*2 = 10, true /false 5*2 =10 for both CAT and
Objective (misc)
1. FBW is active/passive/rate/linear type control system.
2. Fail operational system needs _______________(3 autopilot system,2 monitoring sys0
3. The time at which ac is expected to leave hold and proceed for iap is ______(EAT)
4. ETOPS timings are ____________(60A, 120B, 120C)
5. Gradient of climb during missed approach_______
6. IHP = 100, propeller efficiency 80%, bhp is __________
7. Max efficiency of turbojet is where service ceiling/ min power speed/?/?
8. Kathmandu - what does that mean?
ITMN 439-100
9. Distance between two ac on same track using same dme _____
10. question on class 2b patient, flying restriction in 12 months (850 hours), grade I diversion(who can
11. question on leans, altitude dysbarism
12. earth gyro is _______
13. accelerometer measures velocity/rate/accelerations
14. tcasii transponder transmit interrogating signal on ___________ and responds on _________________
15. □ symbol means _________(sun above horizon 24 hours ) (gsp navigation 26 chapter.plz glance)
16. simple numerical on wavelength , frequency
17. numerical on vor aggregate error
18. numerical on janus aerial where rest all parameters given find out dip. ( imp catch was speed given in kts )
19. decompression sickness is insignificant below________(25000’)
20. lift due to circulation is called ______________(magnus effect)
21. ac slightly left of localizer to prevent wake of preceding ac is called __________(SLOP-Standard localizer
offset procedure)
22. when temp is -40 c temp is _____0f.
23. _cpdlc___________provides communication between controller and pilot via datalink.
24. flight with ifr followed by vfr is represented by ___________(y)
25. inner marker transmits ________( 6 high pitch dots) and is ________ in colour.
26. question on type d airspace
27. when atc asks confirm squawk , the pilot should squak ident/ say affirm/ ???—ans( verify mode A and
say affirmative squawking -----)geppson glossary.
(Imp to do well in objective type. Generally repetition of old question papers. Solve as many as
possible in group of two or three we solved atleast more than 50 questions from end portion of gsp sixth
edition atleast 10came. Study sixth edition. Particularly radio aids and flight instruments. Small formulas imp
as atleast 7-8 questions ie janus aerial, vor aggregate error, ils height clearance,bhp/ihp, rule of five etc, )
Modern development imp topics : tcas, eicas,eicam, autolanding, fds,fms,fans etops. The question(one of three
marks) will be either from sixth edition flight instrument or geppson glossary.

Numericals : I did first shibu sirs numerical book(cp,pnr,obs,lmt gmt,scale). Ankur or rishi sir is having.
therafter third edition instruments for gyro wander problems, INS error. plz practice this s,v, u, a,t problems. they
require practice and majority not able to solve.

IMP topics :

1. geppson glossary, flip part i and mato very imp.

2. MET: behind portion of sixth edition gsp, station model, metar/speci decode(given beautifully in sixth
edition flight planning), types of fog. Rest in flip part1(all by heart) and must know will suffice.
3. airmanship, atc , av med ( plz don’t neglect ) fis precis and must know will suffice.questions very easy and
take less time to study. Eg. Grade 1, grade2 diversion, meaning of x at end of r/w,sim symbols,varios types
of illusions occulogyral,occulogravic,leans etc . Repetition in geppson glossary and flip part i.
Aeb guwahati 2007

1 during taxing if lvp is announced then what should be done?

2 at 25000 what is the percentage of ras?

3 emp and ap problem.

4 control effectiveness depends on?

5 noise of aeroengine comes from, compressor, exhaust and turbine.

6 comfort zone temp and humidity?

7 prop of gas turbine fuel?

8 requirement of turbine element material?

9 ar and co-effiecent of lift graphs.

10 full form…..fadec, awop, panops, rpl, adsb.

11 rot calculation, angle of bank and cpf given.

12 drag tas problem . drag and ias given.

13 decoding of metar. 180v100 is what?

14 staff and supernummery crew?

15 duties of captain.

16 contra-rotating prop.

17 cp ahead of ac. T/f.

18 morphine can be use in……

19 cat…..change in temp is…….intiation when…….

20 log sheets and map are to be updated every……..

21 synchronisation of DI is done how?

22 cp and pnr problem.

23 type of flat screen displays and its adv over crt?

24 supercharger ouput……with inc in ht….

25 auw 2000, max l/d spd is 100, find the best glide speed, when auw is 2500.

26 dimen of r/w c/l and distance between them.

27 bl.ack out phenomena?

28 in reheat inc in sfc then the prop efficiency?

29 tcas-2, ra is co-ordinated and mode s related question?

30 airbrake numerical.

31 skip distance.

32 highest isolation in which layer.

33 engine with contant rpm if supercharged, what will happen.

34 quality of good hydraulic fuel.

35 vapourisors and automisers can be used with same engine?

36 fuselage is unstable if ……is ahead of…..

37 hypoxia affinity to co and nightvission. T/f.

38 jet pipe lagging is done in………

39 rad alt principle,,,,,

40 freq and critical angle relation in the wave propogation……….

41 phase diff is in ………..type of frequency(same)

42 vhf modulation is ……..and gps it is……..

43 errors in machmeter……….

44 radar uses……..beam in rad and map mode.

45 fms is interactive. True.

46 rigidity depends on……

47 hozontal temp for cat………….

48 mode s representatin in flt plan.

49 flaps after t/o……what hapeens to c/l……..

50 active is protection question.

51 principle of adf with respect to QDM AND QDR

52 during desent pilot gets blocked asi will…….

53 a/c on backcourse of ils steering……..left of c/l which sector and what is the indication.

54 2microsec, prf 2000, min range resolution?

55 gc A TO B………..B TO A…….., find hemisphere.