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Name : APRIL S.


Course : EDAD 202





Internalization is a process by which individual members of a formal group

take on the attitudes, beliefs, perspectives and values held by other members. The
issues that teachers are facing difficulties towards the current curriculum of K-12 is
one of the trends that speaker spoke on. Another issue she discussed is about the
PPST that probably it is not common to some teachers and yet do I .

Let us focused first the current curriculum, yes K-12 is a spiral learning
process which anchored by the vision, mission and the four core values. However, as
the speaker said communication skills is lack on Filipino learners. They can
communicate in writing but in oral there is poor performance. I agree on what she
said, as I myself even though I’m already a teacher but I am not used to
communicate in English there is a difficulty for me to converse with the professors
and higher ranks. So if we would like our children to be a globally competitive why
does the curriculum change as MTB is the primary subject as you stepped in
elementary? So look at now with the Grade Six pupils as they are the pioneer of this
curriculum, they are poor in reading and comprehension. Yes thumbs up with the
innovation, they are advanced in manipulating computers but they cannot construct
even simple sentence. At old times, as the pupils stepped in the primary grade even
grade one can familiarize already the subject-verb agreement. As they steeped on
Grade Two, they can already construct sentences. Is it on a teacher factor or a pupil-
factor or worse the curriculum?

What is PPST? It is the acronym of Philippine Professional Standards for

Teachers. It is define teacher quality in the Philippines. It describes the expectations
of teachers’ increasing knowledge, practice and professional engagement across four
career stages (beginning, proficient, highly proficient and distinguished teachers). It
is not yet familiar to me because it was not yet released as memos or advisory as I
stepped on Department of Education. This just the current issuance that prescribed
in the agency. I acknowledge the speaker as she discussed to us the PPST.

Whatever trends and issues arises the important is we as teachers know how
to handle and go to the flow of change and innovation. As we teachers do the duties
and responsibilities of being a teacher not just in the four corners of the classroom
but definitely a good leader and a role model to our pupils so that our pupils would
be globally competitive citizens.