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TKM School of Architecture

The TKM School of Architecture, now into its fourth year since commencement has been
conceived as the place where young minds are trained in Design Excellence so as to live and
sustain in the changing global scenario. The design training imparted to the students of this
Institution will help them achieve excellence in their career, and be the design innovators of
tomorrow. TKM School of Architecture is the eighth educational institution established
by the TKM College Trust.

The School is governed by the Governing body with its Chairman as the head of the
institution. The Administrator and the Principal are the executive heads of the School along
with the Dean who is in charge of the academic affairs and he is assisted by the faculty. The
School of Architecture was set up in 2014, with an initial annual intake of 40 students. Of
the 40 students 20 are from the merit quote while the rest belongs to the management quota.
The programme offered at the School is the recognized under graduate B Arch (Bachelor
in Architecture) by CUSAT (Cochin University of Science & Technology) and is duly
approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi. At present there are 12 eminent faculty
including the Principal and Dean of the School and a total of 102 students comprising three

Into its fourth year the School has witnessed improved academic results with regards to their
University Examinations. At present the School is currently undergoing renovations and
construction to cater to the needs of a full fledged Academy to accommodate the full batch of
Architecture Students of the B Arch Programme.