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LESSON 9:  Lure people to misuse and abuse

Current & Future Trends of Media & their skills when accessing the
Information internet.(obscene and libelous)
Wearable Technology –it can be worn like  It can entice people to download
an accessory as they are small and and share copyrighted materials
lightweight,but durable enoughto be put in such as music and movies.
the pockets of your pants and bags.  Misspent messages through email
Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) –can that might strain/ruin relationships.
create special effects that look like an actual  can distract people from doing
footage .it can enhance an image to make it important task because of to much
more realistic through the use of width time using the internet.
height and depth .
Hologram – is an intangible and In Education
transparent ,it can also project 3d objects Advantages
through laser beam.  Can improve quality education
3-D Environment –is a virtual location through the use of different media
created by game or graphic designers to platforms
make players feel like they are the actual  It motivates people to learn (eye
characters in the game they are playing. catchy)
Ubiquitous Learning - is often simply  It makes teaching easier for the
defined as learning anywhere, anytime and educators.
is therefore closely associated with mobile Disadvantages
technologies.  Can tempt online shoppers to buy to
MOOC- (massive open online content ) much on children’s play things
learning takes place through interactive  Learning how to operate or
users forums where students and teachers assemble new gadget may be
can discuss and share information .learning difficult for someone who is not
materials like handouts ,lecture notes and adpt w/ technology.
videos can be accessed and downloaded in
no time .it also promotes independent In Politics
learning. Advantages
LESSON 10: Advantages & Disadvantages
 Keeps the public well informed on
of Media & Information
political issues and current events
To the Individual
 Educates the public in field of
 Makes studying convenient because
 It allows ordinary citizens to express
students can easily access and
their opinion on certain political
assess information.
issues using the web.
 It builds professional network .
 It strengthen communication.
 Can adversely affect politics because
 It can be a form of leisure. it can used by some people to
Disadvantages : manipulate the news through social
media ,used for black propaganda  It exposes people to the concept of
for a political rival . materialism and worldliness because
 Can cause panic and confusion of variety of ad posted .
among the citizen if false reports  Lose their allegiance to our nation
about political instability due to criticisms online.
 Can insite the public to rebel against LESSON 11: People Media
the government and engage in People in Media
violent acts PRINT MEDIA –wherein information is
For the Economy disseminated and circulated through paper
Advantages publications.
 Can promote tourism Journalist –makes a thorough research of
 Educate people to try other forms of the assigned topic or beat ,and writes the
investments and look for business news.
opportunities. Writers –employs creative and literary style
Disadvantages .
 If wrongful use of information Authors-write papers more scholarly and
carried out. if grounded and academic natures,like textbook or novels .
inaccurate reports about the status Editors-responsibility to ensure that the
of economy ,itcan cause panic or authors work is worth publishing.
chaos. Layout artist or graphic artist- responsible
 Used to take advantage of the for overall presentation of printed material,
people who have inadequate from text to image.
knowledge about economic policies Photographer- a photographer artistically
and programs. captures image that will accompany a
written material or to visually represent a
In Society concept or idea.
Advantages Art directors –in charge for overall concept
 Allows people with the same of materials in terms of design ,art and
interest to develop camaraderie and graphics .
interaction. Publishers –responsible for financing and
 It encourage people to have more handling the cost of productions in order to
productive hobby. print materials .
 It updates people about the latest
fashion,lifestyle and the like . BROADCAST MEDIA – is the most widely
 Build support groups engaging in used form of information dissemination
various advocacies. ,airing programs for television and radio.
 Distracts users because they are Reporter –he is incharge of delivering news
always preoccupied updating or in the public
viewing their social media site . News anchor – similar to reporter but
delivrs news at the studio,either tv,radio or
in real time .
TV or program host –incharge of facilitating Classifications of Text Information
or managing the flow of a tv program. Fiction –stories that are imagined and not
Scriptwriter-in charge of writing script for tv true.
and raio show . Non fiction-based on facts and reality .
Director -instructs
Producer –finances shows Genre of Text Information
 Comedy humor –light and funny
People as Media  Tragedy /drama-make people cry.
People are form of medium as they touch  Suspense thriller
the audience through the role they play.  Horror-fear and leave the reader
 Dedicated and passionate  Science fiction-imaginative used of
 Sociable and outgoing scientific knowledge or discoveries.
 Respectable and trustworthy  Historical-elements about historical
 Creative and dynamic accounts
 Autobiography-accounts of a
LESSON 12: Text Information & Media persons life which the author rights
Text Information about himself
-can be written in script using roman  Biography or memoir-detailed
alphabet or different script that is description of life written by another
appropriate to language of the reader. person .
Creators of Text Information  Inspirational and self help-based on
 Author true stories that is inspirational
 Writer  Religious-about god and spirituality.
 Contributor –submits article
 Columnist-write his opinion insight Criteria in Assessing & Evaluating Text
and commentaries about political Information
issues  Accuracy and factuality
 Blogger –writes personal  Objectivity
opinionsabout issues or topic that  Language appropriateness
interest him  Curriculum alignment
 Data encoder-encodes the  House style format
handwritten text into soft copy
 Layout graphic artist –text Advantages
corrections  Text information covers wide range
 Editor –content and format of the topics .
manuscript  It is easy to access
 Publisher preparing acquiring and  It should be well researched and
managing a publication . discuss comprehensively.
Limitations of Text Information Kinds of Music
 The book has to be updated  Classical
regularly for accuracy and timeliness  Opera
 Can be lengthly and tiresome  Broadway
 Finding information can mean  Folk or traditional
browsing over several materials  Inspirational,gospel or religious
which can be time consuming.  Ballad
 Soul
LESSON 13: Visual Information & Media  Reggae
Types of Visual Information  Hiphop
Painting –is an art form that creates picture  Rock or punk
using flat mediums.  Asian pop
 Lansdscape –outdoor scene  OPM
 Portrait –person or animal People Who Make Audio Information
 Still life –inanimate objects as  Commentator
subject.  Emcee
 Icon-religious figures  Disk jockey
Photo images  Narrator
Sculptures –three dimensional artwork that
 Voice over
can be made using clay stone metal or other
 Music artist
materials .
 Musician
Cartoon or comic strips –shows illustrations
or drawing arranged sequentially in boxes
Devices Which Deliver Audio Information
Graphs and charts –diagram points lines
 radio
line segments curves and areas
Billboard and poster  Walkman
 Discman
LESSON 14: Audio Information & Media  Mp3 player
-pertains to any sound or auditory  Ipod
impression perceived by the ears and  Itunes
processed by the brain .
Types of Audio & Information Evaluating & Rating Audio Information
 Dialogue or conversation –exchange  Sound quality
of ideas between people who are  Voice quality
talking  Type content
 Lecture or talk- participants are able
to acquire information through the
 News –public learn informations
about current events
 Podcast-digital audio file
 Audio book-is talking book
 Music -Vocal or instrumental sounds