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Phillips 1

Dorieder Phillips

Professor Cuddy

English 102

26 April 2019

Reflection Essay

To begin, I would like to add that this course has brought upon a lot of struggles (as any

other course would), but at the same rate, allowed and granted me the opportunity to improve on

a lot of my skills as a writer. I would like to break this essay up into three main points as follows;

Topics that I considered to be either easier or more difficult, Topics that I have improved upon or

become more aware of, and any goals of mine (as a writer) for the future.

Throughout the duration of the course, I ran into points that were easier than other as well

as some that seemed to be a bit more difficult. For example; the research paper was a bit difficult

and it showed in my grade, I could have done a lot better on it by putting more effort into it.

There was also a struggle with procrastination, this was more on my side. I believe my time

management and the out of class work days played a part in this as well. The class would have

out of class work days assigned within the syllabus, the purpose of these days were to spend the

class time, working on projects or papers. Oftentimes when these days were assigned, this would

not happen. The class times would end up being spent sleeping in or working on other work for

different classes. At the same time, these out of class work days were good in theory and

essentially did help throughout larger projects, when the time was spent wisely.
Phillips 2

I am most proud of making my infographics, because it gave me an outlet for my

creativity. I am also enjoying currently making my website portfolio. All of these projects gave

me time to improve on my vocabulary. Within the various documents we would prepare for

class, I would broaden my vocabulary, in order to create some type of variety for the audience.

With time, this became an easier concept than it was in the beginning. By broadening my

vocabulary, it made me more aware of how to use my words, to depict an image for my


My goals for the future as a writer could include pushing and encouraging myself to write

more, for personal reasons. I believe that writing is essential for expressional purposes, and

should not be something that is forced onto students as more of a task or job, but rather as as an

outlet. Writing would allow me to clear my mind at the end of the day, and gather all thoughts I

have accrued throughout the day. It is important for individuals to have free time, but more often

than not, the need for this “free time” goes unnoticed or underestimated.

College students spend all day within a classroom, more than likely writing essays or

reflections for a class they have little to no interest in. By encouraging students to begin writing

on their own merit, it will sort of change the thought behind writing in itself. It will have now

moved on from being a task or something forced, to an assignment students would be happy to

complete. By writing more and more everyday, I will have both improved my own writing skills,

and changed the connotation behind writing tasks from a negative one, to a more positive

Phillips 3

To come to a concluding point, this course has helped me improve as a writer and as a

student in general. I had some struggles throughout the semester, but it was nothing that could

not be overcome. This class has taught me to understand and appreciate the importance of

writing, and how to articulate in order to get words across to various audiences. English 102 has

changed the way I think about writing and has lead me to begin my writing journey.