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Brito 1

Frederick Brito

Leigh Moore

Composition I (ENGL-1301-01)

1 May 2019

Reflective essay

The Communication I’ve learned in the past few months have substantially benefited me

in helping me sound more professional with my work out of college and helped me looking into

things with a lot more detail. Looking back at the last months that I have been working on

college the real world is no joke compared to just being in High School. It’s a lot of hard work

but the results are pretty rewarding considering that you do a good job at it. From The beginning

of college my communication was pretty bland, I was real poor at trying to explain thing with the

proper words and expressive. Not only that, But i work on a YouTube Channel and sometimes I

make videos where I do a lot of explaining over something I like for example like a movie. It

often came out pretty dull and often I had comments that told me at some points I wasn’t making

a lot of sense which was pretty embarrassing. Over the course of a few months though taking

English college courses really do help me out with my communication methods and making me

more confident with my speech and writing which is something I really do want to improve on.

This semester I’ve learned about the MLA formats that provided me with the proper

organization I need to make a essay sound a lot more fluent and proper. Being in class also

helped me out a lot with my communication as group decisions about class work and hearing

how other people came out with results and answers for them allowed me to get some ideas that

will help me improve in future work or essays. Not that I’m not confident in my own

explanation, I felt that I was at least top 6 when it came to the group decisions over class work.
Brito 2

But sadly I definitely know I’m not the best and I could always use some improvements. One

problem I still currently have and still need to work on is having a good thesis. My professor and

tutors often tell me that my beginning statements for my essays would use some more work in

them. I try my best to do many different methods throughout the semester of each essays but then

there was always something else that got in the way the proper thesis. I understand the thesis

statement is suppose to support what the whole essay will be about but then there times I provide

too much in the thesis as well. Another mistakes I always use to forget which was really simple

and yet kinda embarrassing but it took me the whole semester to figure out that when adding a

header to a paper it need to be set to “change paper number” which caused my headers to be all

set to ones.

Hopefully though I’ve be able to improve myself as In the summer I still on planning

working with my communication as I will be doing advertising majority of the summer and

communication is definitely important which trying to make a advertisement sound good and

convincing. I’m also going to attempt to try to make scripts of my videos prematurely before

I begin discussing topics which is why I felt like my older videos were dull and didn’t make

sense from what I was told. Thanks to college as of now I feel a lot more confident in what I

do and say in public and when writing. I hope to someday sound real professional and not

stumble over my words.

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