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Bordelon 1

Mark Bordelon

Professor Moore

English 1301

2 May 2019

Reflective Essay

I have never been a fan of writing. I have always dreaded having to write anything for

school and I would always procrastinate on my writing assignments. This semester was the first

time in my life I have actually kind of enjoyed writing and was interested in what I was writing

about. I have never been confident in writing abilities either but this semester I have changed and

I feel confident in my writing skills. I have learned many new techniques and helpful information

for writing from this composition 1 class.

In the beginning of the semester I was not confident in my writing and was scared about

taking this course. I thought we were going to have to write giant papers over complicated topics

and I was not prepared for that since I had not taken any sort of writing or english class since

High School. I was happy to find out our first assignments were just the short SAR assignments

because my writing was rusty. The first SAR about our writing space because my family and I

had just moved into our new house in Pearland and I did not have a designated writing spot. The

assignment forced me to find a comfortable spot where I would not be bothered and I could just

write. The SARs that forced us to use the online tutoring and going to the library were nice too

because I did not know much about the library and I did not know about ACCs online tutoring.

My favorite essay from this semester was the report essay which was surprising to me

since you had said it would be the hardest one we would write this semester. I personally thought
Bordelon 2

my “The Impact of American Football” essay was my best work from this semester. This was the

first time I had to write a non biased essay but it was not difficult for me because I can see both

sides from the topic I chose. Football is my all time favorite sport but I know the dangers that

come with it from my own personal experiences so that is why the report essay was not

challenging for me. The report essay was the first essay I had to do some research for in a long

time but I was able to get back in the groove of things pretty fast. I think I was able to write a

very educating and interesting paper about something I am passionate about and love.

I don't think I am a great writer but I think I have improved so much since the beginning

of the semester. This class was enjoyable to me and I have learned a lot this semester. I have

learned new writing skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I am now confident in

my writing and I feel like I can tackle any topic or any kind of paper that I will need to write in

the future without feeling unprepared and clueless. I have enjoyed this semester and I hope I will

be able to take composition 2 with you next semester.