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‘Sheikh Bayoud Secondary School. Guerrara- Ghardai April 2016 Be le pS ph A Ls ‘Year Three- English: Summary ‘By Mr AMAL. PIS Dal So) 2A Al Sy 1. Grammar (3-212 Die | Hel Tana Ra wean ait eae eae et eof gous ifs (udeg pail etd Wad we ii th rein tines ntjcheloge geet > Serer i Before sah were, hat pp ‘amet waren egies saeco Aate Ue adl S vas aad Bsa Dende bilan = Peter (to Finish) his work before he (1 leave) home. mienyaieteate Ha ot efi: (10 leave) en gated Will-can-shall-may, Would-could-should-might had ished (oni) Artal + ve iad + Pera hs work seh tho Eames + Por hada swt of som ay tise int” martes i en Ee me heii woke 1 Altiepgaad ae say ory was pet el oe "dal sayesaysedecale-sadize gtd A Vial IS) 6 Case ee at Aut Ae Gn 31 lb decalres- tell- tells-testify-testifies. 4 - says Soe +) Se dy ottistory importer on achcoogs ss pela gh Say YA 9 gal gH yi Age ell ata = Anarchaeologist says that the study of history is importar used tr infinitive. Lis Same ae ol at didn't use tof used not to never used to ES A had better should ought to SAT SSEAl DY apa ge yal Bp ae i ea sand Mat aE UA a play tennis when he was at school ~ He didn't use to’ used not to! never used to play tennis. Esme: AEN ce pee dak "A. You had beter sce doctor; you dt Iook wel. = Example: You should/ ought to see a doctor, you don't look: well He could swim when he was young B. Its betterf Wis adsisable if you see a doctor, you dont ook well. = + Bawas lala evin abet liaeas yous = You had better! should/ ough to see a docx, you don't Look wel emumseged So prin whenles vee Homan ©. If were you, Vrould see a doctor because you dont ook 80 well. = Reported specch. You had better should/ ough to see a docx, you don't Look wel TI, Mosphology, (2401 4-014) eh pc pu asd ‘Unfnvim/misfaisivir SAUD Cnt Jai ca ST 6 Sp ad is isfityfen abuts Sud tp cet te one ty / ot oofaton/ menting ace oem SUEES | Tank ines seen) ances al/ic/ive/ful/less/able/ible/y//ed/ing 42825 Gai,8 - Mess! ges Sl Lal fal! etd SL ain : sag cata Te | ea a a RS uy Ty__[ Fsh-ecey- singh. pr. cay 2 Tor | _—epparite eB te A TS a SET tate [whet rN Nowa tr ‘tar | WE Wo oe SORE, TS vesewany | ameronary Tao Conprr- cao omc cola Toot | “thot ‘ment _| Enjoyment, achievement, advancement, replacement, development Via oH ig — [dg tg ving stig ie _| Tas Tos [ Sete pls wate, sar poem Pane 1N Ty [ Mo en cpa iy ner ey ‘Word | — appt ages | ees a a ‘comt | ince [ap RST TNA RT RT TAT Comite | incomplete Tex_—| gst sec, aie eve tsp eee | eee Tern [espa sa sae aah HE a cae | ase [Dito ies eo go cogs Satie | iat a [Caste eat ope Sore he Sa ime | “hae fe Es ag aa ea ™ sa Wort — [appt Wea ps ise Jape « Peet | spit Ting anv sant a> Rien | laptc ee eg a | Mae | nme toes | ims MIS Word ‘opposite Behave | misbehave esd isiad Treat risret Understand | mistoderstand Conduct | “misconduct, ie rishi Word ‘opposite Relevant] —inelevant Regular inegular Raticnal | rational Recoverble | imecoverable Responsible | imesponsible ‘esiaible | _iesiuble ‘opposite gible logical tegitiate | tegtimate Tiere lgerte pis Ful vs Less Word] opposite [word [opposite ‘Order —|~ disorder | Hopeful | Hopeess Qualified | disqualified | Useful | Useless ‘Agee | disagree | Thought | Thoupiles Approve | disapprove | Ci Careless CContine | discontinue Fears Satsied | dissatisfied | Lawful | Lawless ‘Alcs | “diaffest | Harmfat | Harmless Atlow | disallow | Tasteful | Tascless Appear | disappear | Painful | Painles Respect | disrespect | Moaningfl | Mounigless ‘Abie | diablo | doyful | Tosless Gnce | dagnce | colourtu | colcuress Lie | “diske Honest | dishonest Mt. Pronunciation (skies) Pe aD RET Mala 9) ge ed? 00 gh wa AIST us GAM Jey Reid all Suse dade =a Tal i Peopsceu the] Salaear eda koh, sh 2 Final We gi gS capa AO alae” ap ied eNO GG universities, Zh" a "2" Sat est Get CLS ASTD Gs IEAM feels Kell past Beall deel 6 Sw TT W7 PePah Reet | Sais] sce x ch, Shae Be Jad hi (aves 9 (jets us) he rs syllable J jpn (es “MOther in) ‘Balny (od) ‘QUICK Iy (adv) ge od cha (stress) as Wes « nine colar» SU (VETS) Jee cooNEET LAX ies, ion, tion, sion, ssion, alive." oie et Se eM jn geal GT Ad gi gna qualif'Cation “coo'Nomies fica, iy, 1, gy, my, c9, my, Hse," Geib eps bubs 4sinkt Otis « RASH op SD pl il eB Ay apy, ment ats "MBmorize = ge YE lop mem