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Lesson Plan – Traveling

Date: 3/17/05
Teacher: Laura Estill and Kelly McIntosh
School: Auburn Early Education Center
Grade: Kindergarten

Focus (Skill Theme): Traveling

Sub-Focus (Movement Concepts): Locomotor movement, Spatial Awareness
Objective: At the end of this lesson the students will be able to:
 Travel in general space with out bumping into others.
 Perform different locomotor skills such as walking, hopping, skipping, and galloping.

Cues: 1. personal space

2. run
3. skip
4. gallop
5. hop

Equipment: masking tape, cones

Protocols: 1. Green Light- begin activity

2. Red Light- stop activity
3. criss-cross applesauce

Set Induction:
Good morning boys and girls! Tell me, what are some different ways that we can move
around? Do we always walk? No, that’s right, sometimes we hop, or skip, or gallop! Who can
show me how to skip? Gallop? Hop? Great! I think that you are already professional

Content Development:
 Ok friends, when I say green light, I want you to hop up and down along the tape line on
the floor. GREEN LIGHT! Great job, Red light!
 Now, let’s see your best skipping! Green light! Fantastic!
 Alright, I think you know what is next. Its time to gallop, just like a horse. Green light!
 You all were great, I think that you’re ready for a challenge.
 We’re going to travel along this zig-zag on the floor. Each time you zig or zag, we are
going to change the way we travel…Everyone get in a line behind the zigzag!
 First let’s walk. Now hop! Gallop! And Skip! Wonderful!
 Now let me see you do that one more time! Fantastic! Criss-cross applesauce!
Culminating Activity:
Today we are going to practice these different ways to travel by pretending that we are
cars! Let’s talk about some rules of the road. If we are cars, do we want to crash into each
other? NO, that’s right, so we will want to move around, but stay away from the other cars.
I am going to be the police officer and I don’t want to have to give you a ticket for crashing,
alright? Now, turn your car on!
 Here we go, I want you to walk slowly, the speed limit is only 25mph!
 Great, I think that you’re ready to turn down another road, but careful because this one
is bumpy, so we’ll have to skip!
 Here’s another road, this one is not very wide, so we’ll have to gallop! Perfect.
 Oh no! You have a flat tire! So you’ll have to hop!
 Ok, you’re out of gas! Criss-cross applesauce!

Great job today everyone! Tell me, what did we learn about today? What are some of the
different ways that we can travel?