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*Form 6

Due April 19​th

Boards Presentation Task Analysis & Outline

Name: Bella Thomas Date: ​April 10, 2019

1. Give an overview of your presentation. What do you hope to accomplish, to prove, or show your panel
(board)? Include main ideas and/or skills you have learned from both your research and your project.

I would like to show my board that my exchange year has benefited me greatly. I would like to prove that
I am now proficient in a second language, exemplify my understanding of a new culture, and explain how
this experience is going to benefit me in the future. I want to show the the importance of my research
subject and it’s relation to my project.

2. How are your Project and your Research Project related? What was your thesis to your research paper and
what interesting information did you learn from your research. Remember: You are required to show this
relationship to the board during your presentation.

My exchange has given me a chance to experience international politics and has given me perspective on
my own country and it’s policies. My research thesis was, ​“​The American immigration procedure is in
desperate need of reform in order to end family separation, admit asylum seekers, and expedite due
process.​” ​After witnessing a new culture and it’s accompanying worldviews, I have been reassured that
the United States is not alone in its exclusive legislative policies, and it is time for international change.
Learning more about other european countries’ immigration policies has shown that the United States is
firmly planted on the wrong side of history, and the future will not look back on us kindly unless we
immediately change our convoluted and hidebound ways.


Brainstorm and LIST​ (no complete sentences☺) at least ten things you plan to ​present/discuss​ to your
evaluating committee during your presentation.​ (See Form 7 for complete requirements). When listing
your items, consider (but you are not limited to) the following: What do you plan to use for an introduction
…HINT…. DQQBASH? What will you say about the research project and how it ties to your project?
What will you say about your mentor? What did you learn both about yourself & your project? How will
your experiences with your senior project impact your future? How will you conclude your presentation?
Will you be demonstrating or performing as part of your presentation? Explain. What type of visual/audio
aide/s (technology is required) do you plan to use?

1. Intro - Use weebly and show pictures

2. Talk about Rotary - Bring Jacket

3. Difference in school systems

4. Learning Italian and Italian lessons

5. Italian sports

6. Italian culture - meals, freetime, different schedules and times of day

7. Italian host family

8. Italian politics and how they tie into my paper

9. Traveling throughout Italy and things I have seen

10. Things I learned and how exchange changed me

4. What are you planning on using for your technology component & visual aide? This is A REQUIREMENT,
so think about it. What programs will you be using to develop your technological component? If you are
planning on using a school computer, please make sure whatever you are using can be played using
QuickTime or Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. See Mrs. Baker if you have concerns ASAP!! ​You will be
required to submit your Slides, Prezi, videos, etc. to Mrs. Powers via e-mail <bshsboards
@usd204.net> as an attachment by Wednesday, May 9​th​, so plan accordingly!

I will be presenting my exchange year through a video, and my portfolio is on a website.

5. Is there anything besides a table, podium and computer you will need for your presentation room? Are you
bringing someone or something with you that you need to use during your presentation that wouldn’t
already be in the room? Explain.

I will need to use the projector to present the website and my video.

6. What do you plan on wearing on Senior Boards Day? Remember, this is a ​formal presentation​, and you
should dress in “business casual” attire—​no jeans​.

​I will be wearing my Rotary button up that I was given for exchange.