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The Colombians are enthusiastic people. We make jokes of everything.

Depending on the places in Colombia, they wear different clothes. For example,
somewhere on the coast, they tend to wear shorts, t-shirts and sandals. This
happens because of the weather. People do not want to wear too many clothes
here. In Bogotá, people generally wear more sweaters, jackets, among others,
due to the cold they make in that city.

The Colombians are so passionate about football. Every time there is a soccer,
match where the Colombian team plays, we put on our Colombian jersey and
support the team. We tend to demonstrate our happiness all the time. Some
Colombians also like to have parties and dance. We often like to help people in
everything they need. In general, we welcome foreign people as if they were
from here. Well, enough things describe Colombians.

Nowhere in Colombia will you find people who are not happy to be Colombians.
You will find many Colombians wearing bracelets, earrings and other jewelry. In
Colombia, the national anthem is played every day at 6:00 a. METER.

Lastly, we are very creative. We solve difficult problems with easy solutions.