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Everything you need in the minimum footprint

Soldering and Rework equipment for Electronics

COMPACT stations
The best self-contained equipment for a successful hand soldering CD Soldering station 120V CS / CV Desoldering stations 120V
Basic specifications For desoldering jobs in precision electronic applications
· Temperature selection: 190 - 840ºF Basic specifications
· Output Peak power: 130W (CD-B), 40W (CD-S) · Temperature range: 356 - 840 ºF
The most exceptional technology · Output Voltage: 23,5V · Output Peak power: 40W
· Sleep power: 10W · Output Voltage: 23,5V
JBC’s Advanced Series has become the best choice for electronics profesionals.
· Hibernation power: 6W · Sleep power: 15W
See for yourself the JBC Exclusive Heating System and its outstanding thermal performance. · Hibernation power: 6W
CD-1BD Soldering station
For general electronic applications. CS-1D Desoldering station with Electric Pump
Supplied with T245-A Handpiece. Supplied with MS-A Electric Suction Module

SUIT POSITION CD-1SD Precision soldering station CV-1D Desoldering station with
JBC stations are designed to suit For precision electronic applications. Pneumatic Pump
the user’s work position. The tool Supplied with T210-A Precision Supplied with MV-A Pneumatic
stand and the cable collector are Handpiece. Suction Module fed
easily adjustable. INTELLIGENT HEAT MANAGEMENT by compressed
The stations incorporate the Sleep air max. 6 bar.
& Hibernation features that lower tip
temperature when the tool is placed
QUICK TIP CHANGER on the adjustable stand. As a result,
Save time and increase productivity a JBC’s tip life lasts up to 5 times
by using the quick cartridge changer. longer than other brands.
Simply insert the cartridge,
remove it and introduce
a new one without having
to turn off the station.
This allows you to work on
different soldering jobs.

CF-1D Solder Feed station 120V CP-1D Micro Tweezer station 120V
For intensive soldering jobs or when a free hand is required For soldering and desoldering small and medium SMD
COMMUNICATION Basic specifications components with Micro Tweezers
STATION-PC · Temperature selection: 190 - 840ºF Basic specifications
JBC wants to take you · Output Peak power: 130W · Temperature selection: 190 - 840ºF
beyond the station by means · Output Voltage: 23,5V · Output Peak power: 80W
of a USB connection · Sleep power: 10W · Output Voltage: 23,5V
to your computer. · Hibernation power: 6W · Sleep power: 10W
You can update station · Hibernation power: 6W
software, create graphs of
the soldering process and
manage or monitor
PROCESS CONTROL parameters via your PC.
The User Friendly Menu
allows you to personalize
over 20 parameters to help
manage the soldering
process. Set temperature
limits, check usage counters,
lock the station with a PIN
or program Sleep &
Hibernation features.
The most complete cleaning system allows you to choose
from 3 safe methods according to your needs: metallic wool,
sponge or metal brush. The integrated wiper also allows you to
remove excess solder from the tip single-handedly.
Why JBC ? + solutions

Other Top brand Exclusive Heating System

From 20 to 662 ºF in 2 seconds Quick temperature recovery

difference in The rmal Time

response: 8 sec. exceed
time 5,5 seg. time

2 4 6 8 10 2 4 6 8 10

JBC reaches 662 ºF in only 2 seconds. Comparative process of 3 solder joints.

The tip tempearture in JBC only drops 95 ºF.

The best choice

for the electronics professional

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