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Group : VI

Member :

1) Edisa Agustiananda
2) Hayatul Aini
3) Nur Ramadani

A Business Meeting

1) Mr. James is writing a report

2) A report is done at two PM
3) He is closing the notebook and tidy up his desk
4) He is living his office room
5) He is walking by several of his subordinates
6) He is entering the conference room
7) He is greeting his colleagues
8) The meeting is starting


1) Mr. James opens the pack and remove a cigarette

2) He puts the cigarette in his mouth
3) He takes a lighter
4) He lights up the lighter
5) He brings his lighter to the tip of the cigarette
6) He starts to smoke
7) Mr. James inhales the smoke. He holds the smoke in his mouth for a moment
8) He stubs it out the cigarette


1) Mr. James is starting his presentation

2) He is putting a chalk
3) He is writing material report on blackboard
4) He is starting to explain his report
5) He is taking an eraser
6) He is deleting a blackboard
7) He is putting an eraser
8) He is joining his colleagues to sit


1) Mr. James opens his notebook

2) He opens every page to find blank page
3) He takes a pen
4) He opens a pen
5) He is listening the presentation of his colleague
6) He is writing a material of the presentation
7) He closes the notebook
8) He leaves the conference room