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Amanda Sandstrom

English 1201.B35

Professor Flores

24 March 2019

Research Proposal

What are the benefits of manufacturers keeping jobs in the United States as opposed to going


As someone who likes to shop, I constantly see clothing tags with “Made in China” or

“Made in Indonesia” on them and wondered why I rarely see anything that says “Made in the

United States” on it. I am someone who is passionate about the American economy and I am

interested in learning if there would be any benefits to bringing more jobs back to the United

States. My parents also told me about the times when they were younger and manufacturing

jobs seemed to be everywhere, and I know many people who have parents who worked

factory jobs that were eventually moved overseas. My grandparents always told me of a time

where the United States was a prosperous nation that produced a lot of its own goods. Even

since I have been alive, I have seen more businesses move their production overseas. As a

nation we’ve begun to do a lot more services than production and I want to know if there

would ever be a time where the United States would start producing more goods again.

I understand that manufacturing is cheaper in other countries. I want to know if

keeping manufacturing overseas is somehow more beneficial to the United States than having

the jobs here in the country. It is less expensive to have factories overseas, but i s having that
manufacturing overseas somehow more beneficial to the American economy? I currently

think that it would be beneficial to have more industries producing things in the United States.

I think that most employees that have manufacturing jobs in other countries work in very

harsh conditions just so American businesses can save money. I currently believe that we

should have more production in the United States so it will provide more job opportunities for

Americans, but I hope to see how my views may shift after doing this research project. I know

that car manufacturing and clothing are two major businesses that are produced outside of the

country. Many businesses cut costs of labor by having the jobs in other countries.

There are a multitude of topics that I would need more knowledge on and that I am

hoping to learn about. I want to know if there are any misconceptions about how many jobs

were actually moved to other countries. I also need to know how the manufacturing process

actually works overseas. The two main things I am hoping to learn are if it is actually more

prosperous to the American economy to keep manufacturing in other countries, and if

bringing jobs back to America would create a major boost to the economy. Why were jobs

moved to different countries in the first place? What really sparked this major change in the

industrial part of America? I will use the Sinclair library to find verified sources about the

topic I am learning more about.

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