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 Background :

 Quality education Foundation :

 Board of trustees :
 Objectives of the Trust :
The major objectives of the Trust are as follows:
(1) To organize, establish and operate educational institutions of both English and Bengali
medium from pre-primary to college level at Districts and Upazila headquaters;
(2) To promote quality education in the rural areas, so as to reduce the gap between the
standard of education in the urban and rural areas;
(3) To promote quality education for the disadvantaged groups at an affordable price as part of
the poverty reduction strategy and integrated human development programme;
(4) To promote quality education for girls at pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary levels,
so as to reduce the gap between males and females in all sectors/stages of education;
(5) To impart training of teachers of non-government schools in order to ensure quality
education at school levels ;
(6) To develop innovative courses and curricula and produce quality text books and teaching
materials for pre primary, primary and secondary levels;
(7) To initiate, undertake and promote research on education and support relevant research
and training institutions ;
(8) To enter into partnership with relevant institutions, communities, organizations and
individuals for establishing/running education institutions who/which support the objectives
of the Trust ;
(9) To reduce pressure on the resources of the GOB by establishing quality schools in the
private sector which will not receive any salary subvention from the government;
(10)To develop each student physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually fit to face the
challenges ahead, committed to the religious values and aware of his/her duty to serve the
Society, the Nation and the World ;
(11)To ensure decentralized quality education for the children of field level executives/staffs of
public and private sectors who very often resists their postings outside Dhaka on the ground
the good educational institutions are available only in Dhaka city ;
(12)Promoting professionalism among teachers ;
(13)Providing quality education with special emphasis on Science, English, Mathematics,
Computer and Moral education;
(14)Facilitating the growth of performance based quality schools in the private sector ;
(15)Making teachers more and more accountable to the School Management Committee;
(16)Developing quality teachers as the backbone of quality education;

 Vision of QEF :
(17)Ensuring equity in education;
(18)Promoting value based education;
(19)Promoting holistic development of human resources;
(20)Promoting nationalism, patriotism and the culture of International friendship, fraternity and
peace among the students as well as the teachers;
(21)Developing each Quality School as an excellent centre of knowledge and a leading learning
institution of the locality;
(22)Achieving a true balance in developing the students in emotional, spiritual, physical,
intellectual and social terms.
 First Phase education institutions :
In the first phase (October, 2006-May,2007) the following education institutions were managed
by QEF :-

Sl.No Name of the Institutions Location Year of
01 BIAM Laboratory School, Dhaka 63, New Eskaton, Dhaka 2000
02 BIAM Laboratory School, , Nishindara, Bogra 2004
03 BIAM Laboratory School, Cox’s Sea Beach, Cox’s Bazar 2005
04 BIAM Model School and 63, New Eskaton, Dhaka 2005
College, Dhaka
05 BIAM Laboratory School, Lalkuthi, Rangpur 2005
06 BIAM Teacher’s Training 63, New Eskaton, Dhaka 2004
College, Dhaka
07 BIAM Model School and Lalkuthi, Rangpur 2005
College (Bengali Medium),
08 BIAM Model School and Nishindara, Bogra 2006
College (Bengali Medium),
09 PN-BIAM Laboratory School, PTI Road, Satkhira 2006
10 BIAM School and College Fulbari Upazila Parishad 2006
(Bengali Medium), Jaldhaka compound
11 BIAM Laboratory School, Domar upazila Parishad 2006
Shinga, Natore compound
12 Abdul Mannan Bhuyian Kasba Upazila Parishad compound 2006
Adarsha Bidyapith, Shibpur,
13 OASIS-BIAM Laboratory School, Alphadanga Upazila Parishad 2006
Netrakona compound
14 BIAM Laboratory School, Kalaroa, Satkhira 2006
15 BIAM Laboratory School, Nilphamari Town 2006
16 BIAM Laboratory School, Tanore Upazila Parishad 2006
Jaintapur, Sylhet compound
17 BIAM Laboratory School, WAPDA colony, thakurgaon 2006
18 BIAM Quality Laboratory Mukterpara, Netrakona 2006
School, Thakurgaon
19 BIAM Laboratory School, Pallabi, Mirpur 2006
Khaloo, Thakurgaon
20 BIAM Laboratory School, Upazila Parishad compound, 2006
Nandigram, Bogra
21 BIAM Laboratory School, Atr 2006
Bishwanath, Sylhet
22 BIAM Laboratory School, 2007
(Bengali Medium), Atrai,
23 BIAM Laboratory School, Dupchanchia Upazila Parishad 2006
Dupchanchia, Bogra compound
While most of the institutions received financial grants from QEF till October 2008, some of the
institution were being funded by QEF up to the end of 2009.

 QEF Schools (Second Phase) :

Based on the success of the 23 educational institutions of first phase, QEF established the
following schools in 2008 and 2009 under the banner of QEF :-

Sl.No Year of
01 Prashadpur Bazar, Manda, 2007
02 Kalaroa Town Taken over in
03 Golapganj Upazila Parishad 2008
04 Sajjankanda, Rajbari 2008
05 Old Court Road, Netrakona 2008
06 Pirgaccha Upazila Parishad 2008
07 Tangibari Upazila Parishad 2008
08 Darirampur, Nazrul Academy 2008
09 Chahagalniya Upazila Parishad 2008
10 Fulbari Upazila Parishad 2008
11 Domar upazila Parishad 2008
12 Kasba Upazila Parishad 2008
13 Alphadanga Upazila Parishad 2008
14 Kalaroa, Satkhira 2008
15 Nilphamari Town 2008
16 Tanore Upazila Parishad 2008
17 WAPDA colony, thakurgaon Taken over in
18 Mukterpara, Netrakona Taken over in
19 Pallabi, Mirpur 2008
20 Upazila Parishad compound, 2009
21 Upazila Parishad compound, Taken over in
Sribordi 2009
22 Upazila Parishad compound, Taken over in
Lohagara 2009
23 Fulbari Upazila Parishad Taken over in
compound 2009
24 Kumirmara, Borguna 2009

 Partner Schools :
Besides the schools mentioned above, QEF extended support to the following educational
institutions by providing them qualified and experience English and Math teachers for three
years (2009-2011) :
Sl. No Name of the Institution Location
01 Shatani Bhadra and College, Satkhira Satkhira Sadar Upazilla. Satkhira
02 Chaoaradangi High School, Jaldhaka Jaldhaka Upazila, Nilphamari
03 Sonar Bangla Degree College, Satkhira Satkhira Sadar Upazila, Satkhira
04 Paramount Child Academy, Savar, Dhaka Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka

 Existing Schools :
Due to the reduction of income from the Endowment Fund, QEF is funding in the following 11
schools during 2014:-
Sl. No. Name of the institutions Location
01 Kabi Nazrul Quality School, Trishal Trishal, Mymensing.
02 Quality School, Netrakona Nagra, Netrakona
03 Quality School, Alfadanga, Faridpur Upzila Parishad compound, Alfadanga
04 Quality School, Chapanihat, Nilphamari Sajjankanda, Rajbari
05 Quality School, Chapanihat, Dimla Sadar Hospital Road, Nilphamari
06 Quality School, Chapanihat, Dimla Mathabhanga, Jaldhaka
07 Quality School, Golapganj, Sylhet Upzila Parishad Compund, Golapganj
08 Upazila Parshad Quality School, Upzila Parishad Compund, Pirgachha
Pirgachha, Rangpur
09 Quality School, Chapanihat, Dimla Upzila Parishad Compund, Fulbari
10 Quality School, Chapanihat, Dimla Upzila Parishad Compund, Chhagalnaiya
11 Quality School, Chapanihat, Dimla Dimla, Nilphamari
 Special features :
 Teacher’s Training :
QEF has so far imparted training in Pedagogy to about 800 teachers of about 50 schools during
the last 12 years. QEF schools at the district headquarters act as resource centers for the
training of teachers of the Quality Schools at the Upazila/village level.
 Mission Statement :
QEF promotes a mission statement: “Quality teacher is the backbone of quality education.”
 Academic Programmes :
The strategy of QEF is to make available quality education outside Dhaka city at an affordable
cost by providing the opportunities of comparatively lower admission/tuition fees and trained
teachers. So that children from low-income families can have access to better education. QEF
schools follow the curricula of the National Curriculum and Text Book Board (NCTB) from
Standard I to X in both Bengali medium and English version. The courses of Pre-school (From
Play Group to K.G) are however, based on ‘O’ level curriculum in English medium.
 Source of Finance :
QEF received an initial allocation of Tk. 100m from the Government of the Peoples Republic of
Bangladesh in 2006 as Endowment Fund. Much more funds need to be allocated to extend the
program to more Upzilas and Districts.
QEF expects active support of the development partners in its mission to promote quality
education in Bangladesh. QEF also expects donations/contribution from the private sector and
philanthropists to its programmee for the holistic development of human beings.
 Creating Change Makers :
Education aims at the fullest development of human mind, body and soul. Based on this
philosophy, QEF aims at creating a set of self-motivated and dedicated citizens who will play a
leading role as change makers of Bangladesh society for years to come.