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The entitled research "Village Political Conflict and Self-Governing Community Case
Study of the Opposition of the Wirapraja Association against Regional Regulation No. 3 Year
2016 in Purbalingga Regency" aims to identify and describe the process and the causes of conflict
between the district government and the Wirapraja association. This research uses constructivism
paradigm and structuralism perspective with qualitative research methods. The approach used is a
case study approach. The informant selection method used purposive sampling and the possibility
of using snowball sampling. The Data collected by interviews, observation, and documentation.
Data analysis method by interactive analysis method. The validity of the data uses the source
triangulation method.
The results of this study explain the process of conflict and the factors that causes of
conflict related to Regional Regulation No. 3 Year 2016. The political conflict between the
Purbalingga Regency Government and the village government that joined in the Wirapraja
Association especially motivated by the implementation of regional regulation No. 3 Year 2016
about nomination procedures, appointment and dismissal of village apparatus. The problems have
started with a denial for involving the academic authorities in village apparatus filling committee,
which it is supposed to be the authority of the village government. Its purpose is to be as a neutral
side and to minimize KKN in the village. However, the way had been taken by The Regent for
solving this problem is revised Regional Regulation without involves a special committees. The
special committees thinks there is political ties between village government and The Regent for
steps taken by The Regent. After that, disunity between The Regent and special committees for
handling the Regional Regulation who caused the internal conflict in the Regency Government. In
this research also found some the actors interests involved like village government political
interests and the mayor of Purbalingga political interests.

Keywords: Political Conflict, Regional Regulations, Political Actors, Village Apparatus